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SRC Retractable Folding Stock w/ Large Battery Compartment For G36 Series Airsoft AEG

12 Customer Reviews

by Eric M. on 12/18/2013
"This is a great purchase for any G36 owner!

- durable construction
-can hold almost any battery (i have a valken 9.6v 2000mah)
-no wobbling
-fully adjustable
-fits perfectly

-paint color is slightly off (sort of a dark grey color)
cant fold when battery is in the stock (unless you get a custom battery)

Overall it was a pretty good investment for my G36 RIS
by tim r. on 09/02/2011
"I recently got this stock for my JG G36 full size model (509 mm and six vent holes on the handguard). I intended to turn it into a DMR, with great success. (look up airsoft g36 dmr on youtube)
I got this part so that I could wire my gun to the rear. I did, and it turns out I only had to modify one thing...the little black piece on top of the gearbox was cut off. I used the existing wiring to wire to the back and I can now house a 9.6v 1600 mah battery.

the stock does its job well. Very comfortable, still folds over, and the four positions are very useful.

Overall, I'll give this a 5/5.
by Adam B. on 06/04/2009
"This stock is great!!

I ordered this with the intent of rewiring my battery to the rear of my JG G36C to help offset some of the weight of having a light, laser, and huge battery in the front of my gun.

I originally was running a large type 9.6v 4500mah battery in a large hand guard similar to this one:
It fit perfectly but made the weapon very front heavy.

This stock feels very solid and clicks into the various length settings very nicely. It also fits my large battery (listed above) perfectly, almost. The battery slides in snuggly so there is zero rattle or movement and it slides all the way in so the stock can be used at it's shortest setting.

However, what you don't see in the picture is a square opening on the right side of the stock that is used to secure it when folded to the side. You can fold the stock and lock it in place just like the original at either it's shortest setting or some of the longer ones, but not the medium settings.

I mentioned how snug my battery fit earlier, the only downside is that the battery fills the square hole used to secure the stock when folded. So if you fold your stock alot, you want to look into a battery that has a gap in it like this one:
The stock still folds fine but it doesn't secure itself, so you have to hold it folded with your front hand if you have a huge battery that fills that square.

The stock required no modification to fit on my JG G36C. However, the hinge pin would slide out by itself for some reason. A problem I didn't have with the original stock. I solved this by wrapping one layer of scotch tape around the hinge pin and haven't had any problems since.

In Summery,

This stock is great for a battery compartment (even if you don't re-wire your gun, it's great for an extra battery or other storage) or if you just want a different look than all the other G36's out there. It's better than the original stock because it's adjustable, and it's better than an M4 Stock conversion because it still folds. As a G36 series freak, I highly recommend it!
by Randall N. on 04/09/2009
"Bought this for my TM G36C because I was tired of the shorter stock. The color is just slightly lighter than the rest of the gun, hardly noticeable. The stock fits really well and locks into place quite firmly. The release button for folding the stock is a little stiff at the moment and required a little muscle to depress it but hopefully as it wears in it'll become as easy as the old stock. A large type 8.4V battery will fit and allow you to fully compress the stock but with a large type 9.6V you are limited to the last two positions on the stock. This stock WILL fit a large type 12V but you will only have the last position available. So far there are no squeaks from the stock. If you are concerned about the stock being a burden or too cumbersome in a CQB environment, just fold the stock.
by Bernard P. on 01/17/2009
"The stock is black, the color matches the CA color ALMOST perfectly--just a little darker. Texture does match perfectly, though.

I put this on my CA36[e]. You can tell that the stock was made for SRC, as it's a bit of a tight fit--some sanding is required where the stock meets the gun. The button on this is made of metal; it was made of plastic on the G&P version.
There's NO wobble whatsoever! Fits my CA36 pretty snug!

To get the stock to fold, you need to sand down the top part of the hole on the inner piece of the stock, or else it won't lock into place.

The stock doesn't come apart easily out of the box-- the screw that holds the adjustment lever on needs to be tightened. i.e. you need to unscrew it by hand at first (poke a finger through the hole for the folding stock to hold one end of the screw) then you need to reasemble it (there's a hole at the top part.)

The G&P version has logos, and din connectors--the SRC version does not. Though I never did care about the real-steal logos, and I can get dins pretty easy myself. :P

The different lenghts are great--they make the gun more versatile in my opinion. It has 4 postitions.

Position 1-- CQB as it is the shortest lenght. Also good for leaving covering fire to get your enemie's heads down whilst you or your team moves. (My AK-loving friends seem to like this length!)

Position 2-- standard G36 stock length. Good for general assault, not really special beyond that...?

Postion 3-- DMR/Sniper. If you have a carry handle, it provides the PERFECT eye relief for that tiny little scope. Just set your head down comfortably, and--bam! There it is!

Postion 4-- Sniper/Prone. Provides perfect eye relief when fully prone (lying down on the ground). At that length it has just a wee bit of wobble, but with a large-type battery I think it'd go away. You probably won't use this position on the stock unless fully prone anyways.

+Looks SEXY!!
+Lager battery space
+snug fit
+texture match!

-sanding/grinding =/
-color (Very, VERY minor)
-No logo

I strongly suggest you get this if you have a G36--at the very least it looks awesome!
by nathen s. on 12/22/2008
"how would i run the large type battery to hook it up from the back?

Webmaster: Disassemble the gun, rewire the gearbox so the wire that connects to the battery goes to the back instead of the front.
by Matt V. on 11/01/2008
"Yes it will fit it is made for a G36c. So it will work on your JG G36c
by Rocco V. on 10/23/2008
"You could just put it on there, but I would add a weight to it then because the back would be pretty light if it were hollow.
by sawyer b. on 10/23/2008
"i have a question.
do u have to use the battery compartment or can u just put it on there.
by Jacob V. on 11/05/2010
"Like others here the hinge pin that keeps the stock on the gun was falling out for me as well, remedied in my case with a short length of electrical tape. It's a plastic stock, and the stock tube bows in slightly on the right and left sides. It isn't noticeable without removing the shoulder piece and looking down the tube lengthwise, but that along with its light weight bugged me a little. Since my gun is front-wired, I machined a counter-weight out of solid aluminum (didn't have steel on hand) and muscled it into the tube where you would normally keep a battery to help balance it out, with some success; this also flattened out the bowing while keeping the length adjustment just as smooth. My 36 has a PSG-1 tight-bore and the barrel extensions to cover it up so it's still pretty front-heavy, though.

For being plastic, it's a sturdy piece. The folding and unfolding operation is near identical to the that of the conventional stock and the length adjustment is that of an M4 LE. The butt-pad is rubberized and pretty tall, fits nicely into the shoulder.

My only gripe is that the screw for the lever that allows length adjustment fell out along with the lever itself during my first game using it, apparently while carrying the gun. It was likely loosened at some point during my fiddling with the stock and simply disappeared into the mud, but even without it the stock is adjustable if you're not wearing gloves and have leather fingertips. Luckily, it locked in my preferred position, though it's still not as cosmetically sound.

4/5 because, all things considered, it could stand to be cheaper.
by Chris W. on 10/25/2008
"would it work with a jg g36c?????????????????????????????
by Tristan S. on 11/16/2008
"Is this stock a different color?
Thanks,Tristan Simpson