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Model: AEG-KART-M668-S

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by Mitch H. on 2010-09-19 10:54:28
"This seems like an amazing gun, does anyone know when will this be back in stock? I'm planning on buying it.
by Chris L. on 2010-05-02 06:40:02
"im am incredibly surpised

ive had thsi gun for a year now and it still is kciking just as hard, its very durable, the gearbox (which i heard was crappy) is working just fine, and its still in one peice after alot of abuse

the battery is good stock, wont need a new one, and it never misfeeds, i do however recomend shooting it either in bursts or in semi, becuase it wont cycle fully, jsut dont hold the trigger down for more than 5 seconds

5 stars

Good for a Stock
Low Price
Makes you feel badass

Can get a little wiggly, you need to take it apart and put it back together to tighten it all the way
Wont cycle fully after a couple rounds on automatic
by anthony v. on 2010-03-11 18:14:24
"this airsoft gun is great and possibly the best gun i own but... the magazine it came with keeps misfeeding and jamming... would i just have to buy a new one or who would i talk to about that?
by Scott D. on 2010-01-31 10:28:12
"this gun is pretty badass, it shoots at 381fps, and has acceptable range, i recommened a 4x32 scope, just for the looks XD.
a bipod wouldnt be a bad idea either, because of the weight. since the stock weighs nothing compared to the rest of the gun, its very front heavy. i thought a forward grip would help, but the rail is too far out. youll need some very long arms to hold it with a grip comfortably. and yes, the gun does run out of ammo quick on full-auto, because the rom is insane XD. i got myself a few 160rd mid caps to bring the rain, but thats just me.

this gun is very nice, for the first two months.... the screws on the stock fell out, and the sokets were stripped so they were impossible to put back in, and trust me it wasnt my fault. also the small rail on the right side became loose, and its hard to fix because the screw is on the inside. and the flashhider doesnt come off...
but anyways... this gun is very nice, these are all just small problems i had without even putting the gun through a lot of abuse 4/5
by Zak K. on 2010-01-07 16:08:24
"Just got this gun today. The first thing I would like to point out is the aesthetics. When I first ordered this gun and saw the picture, I didn't actually think it would look that nice. I was going to paint it myself. However when I got it, it seemed to look a lot better in person. Lots of metal parts, the silver and black looks nice on it. The RIS rails are great, scope, flashlight, laser, bipod, foregrip.. you can put a lot of things on this gun. The adjustable cheek rest is a very nice addition. I prefer not to have it up but it still adds to the aesthetics. The gun is VERY heavy.. not sure of the exact weight but definitely seemed to be at least 15 pounds. The gun shoots very hard, I really like it. Mine DID NOT come with an instruction manual, and that's my only real complaint.
by Charlie G. on 2009-12-18 21:10:58
"Very, very good gun. Looks beautiful, shoots great, hits hard. It's quite heavy, but it grows on you after awhile. Unfortunately, the batteries have a tendency to freeze in the winter, but you can easily rectify that with some hand warmers. Definitely a great choice for a gun.
by Christin S. on 2009-11-25 13:24:48
"Upon my first use of this gun, I am adequately impressed. It has long range, is accurate at that range, has a fairy decent rate of fire with the standard battery pack. Its FPS is decent also.

Some have complained that this gun is heavy, and indeed it is (twice the weight of the military issue M-16A1) it is in no way unmanageable. Perhaps for younger players it is to heavy, but I, 18, have no problems with it. Use the strap when moving to conserve strength.

The clip does fall out fairly easily. When jouncing it around, try not to hit it, and you should be fine.

It works good as a sniper, but i recommend a good scope and a bipod. The front bottom rail is a bit loose on mine, but not to bad.

But yea, I think this AEG is worth it.
by ryan m. on 2009-04-09 18:23:19
"This thing is "Stupid heavy" But is nothing short of awesome...It shoots straighter,farther,and faster than any other stock AEG I've owned. I Have a Modded M14 complete with all the goodies and The Cart EBR(Stock) still out performs it. One of the most important things about this AEG is ,it is very quiet for all it's power and speed....Which gives you Stealth on the battle field...
This gun is worth every red cent..and you don't have to spend an money or time modding it.....
No wonder why they put it out in limited production.....
by George C. on 2009-02-19 16:04:01
"EBR does no stand for evil black rifle... it stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle.... the evil black rifle is just evike's custom stuff... but still this gun is awesome
by Nate D. on 2009-01-10 21:59:12
"This was my first airsoft gun that i mostly use for backyard scrimmages. My friend got a D-Boys metal M4-s system and it is by-far an inferior gun. This gun is affordable, has EXCELLENT range, and great durability. It weighs about as much as a real rifle, and in my opinion, it is better to have a gun that is heavier than a light-metal gun. A heavy metal gun means it is made of higher quality dense steel and will be more durable. The accuracy is amazing and it can truly be used in a sniper position. If you don't feel like sniping, charge right in and show them who is boss! I would suggest this to new and veteran airsofters alike. Excellent buy and totally worth the money. Also shipping is not too bad at all. I thought it would be about double. Ground shipping from California to Minnesota was about 15 bucks! and i also bought a bi-pod and two smaller pistols, so this is definantly a great deal.
by Brayden M. on 2008-12-29 20:57:15
"The fire selector switch is located at the top right side near the ejection port, its a small rectangular knob.
by zack p. on 2008-12-14 20:20:47
"i have had this gun for about a month and it is a absolute monster. i had an M14 before this one and this is by far the better one. it has good power and range and is very accurate.

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