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Matrix PDW Type Side Folding Stock for Mod5 / MP5K and MP5 PDW Series AEG

6 Customer Reviews

by Walter T. on 02/06/2013
"A very well built item at a very affordable price. I purchased this folding stock for my Tokyo Marui MP5K. I had to grind down the two small metal tabs inside the endplate so I could line up the holes for the body pin. It has a very solid feel and the weight helped balanced out the weight of my AEG.
by Ji Su L. on 02/26/2012
"This stock is definitely worth the money. Its a great deal considering how solidly it is built. The spring for folding is very stiff so you don't have to worry about it folding with simple movement.

I modified this stick on to my Well G-55 gbb and it works perfectly. Definite purchase this well built stock. Its a great value.
by jeremy s. on 09/25/2010
"can anybody tell me if this will fit on the well g55 i need to know quick
by Matt J. on 10/12/2008
"Comes with the MP5 PDW and man is it nice for when you need to really sight up the gun. Foldable yet VERY sturdy either folded up or extended and comes with a sling mount built in. If you have a TM or other brand MP5k and want a stock, this thing is a real winner, sturdy, cheap, won't break without extreme force, and overal excelent quality.
by Mason L. on 04/14/2017
"This will not fit on a Tokyo Marui MP5k without heavy modification. I had to mill down the upper lug (was not radiused properly), the lower lug (was too long) and the two tabs that fit into the slots for a collapsible stock. Otherwise, the stock is solidly built and deploys very nicely, has excellent retention and lockup when folded or deployed. Grab it when it is in stock because it goes out of stock very quickly.
by John N. on 08/08/2013
"I typed a long detailed review on how to mod this stock to fit on a MP5k Galaxy and other MP5k models but once again, evike didn't post it... for I don't know what reasons.

First off, the end cap on this retractable stock is different from the one on evike's picture. It is their fault for posting the wrong picture even if it is just the end cap. This WILL NOT fit the MP5K Galaxy or other MP5K models with the same end cap as the one in the picture. Look at the end cap on your MP5k, if it matches the one in the picture, this stock will not fit without modification. (If you don't know what an end cap is, search up "MP5k end cap" to get an idea.)

The end cap that comes with the retractable stock is way more bulky and has two flat slides sticking out on both sides that isn't shown in the picture. (hard to explain unless you have this stock in front of you.)

It's a nice, sturdy stock IF you can mod it yourself. The spring is extremely strong to the point where I thought it wasn't even retractable because it was extremely hard to push upwards. It takes a little breaking in to be able to fold the stock. (To fold the stock you have to push upwards and into the folding direction.)

4 Stars: If you can get it to fit, it is a very nice stock that enhances comfort when aiming, Down side is the spring is extremely strong and the picture evike posted was different. For those who don't know how to modify, your pretty much stuck with it unless you want to lose a decent amount of money due to evike's bad return policy. Hope this information helped you guys.