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AIM Top Hell-Fire High Speed Piston w/ Metal Teeth Strip for Airsoft AEG Gearbox

33 Customer Reviews

by Chad L. on 02/12/2016
"So far I own 5 of these pistons. I bought two back in 2008 and the remaining three in 2015. They haven't let me down yet and the 2008 two are still top notch shape after of the use they been through.
by Eugene P. on 06/22/2014
"First off, this is THE best piston I've ever owned, I have had it in many different setups and I'm currently running it on a 360 fps 28 rps setup and the only wear that I've seen was the black paint in the teeth has only just started to come off and this has been through over 20,000 rounds with no problems. It is pre lightened already but Swiss cheesing it will make even lighter. all in all, 100/10 and if it strips I can just buy a replacement tooth rack from instead of buying a new piston

Extremely durable (as durable as SHS blue piston which are the strongest)
Cheap replacement piston rack (8$)

Somewhat expensive
You don't have this piston
by Mark Benedict S. on 03/27/2014
"This pistonbody is what they call the "Forever Pistonbody" for its durability whether you use it with a strong torque set-up or high ROF setup or even combined Super torque up + Lightning speed. It's worth the price.
by Dave N. on 01/24/2014
"Great piston, and three of them are currently powering my KWA M4, Matrix SR-16 and JG G36C gearbox. The piston teeth strip being available is a plus because it is inevitable that the piston teeth and gears grind against each other. The body of the piston are holding up over 20000 rounds without a sign of wear and tear.

The teeth strip is wider than deep fire and other similar pistons which gave my gun a much better seal and appears to grip on my CNC steel gears sets better with more surface.

All and all, great buy and I highly recommend this piston.
by Alex P. on 11/28/2012
"I have had this piston for 3 years and I play very consistently. I am a tech and from my viewpoint this is the greatest piston ever. Literally I have put this thing through 300,000 rounds, most likely more. It has withstood my crazy RPS setups along with my high FPS setups. I recently purchased a matrix turbo motor, (greatest motor ever to live) and I am shooting 430 FPS, with .28 gram BBs, and yes I mean .28, while shooting 32 RPS. You'd say it's not possible, it's all in the compression, and tight bore barrels and the right bucking and nubs. This Piston has withstood my monster setup. It has more than exceeded my expectations. Tonight, it finally broke, not the piston it's self, but just the first tooth on the teeth rack. That's it. I can not describe how much I would recommend this piston. Please stop questioning yourself and buy it.



by Jeff V. on 08/19/2012
"This piston is absolutely great. The piston does slightly increase the rof, the metal teeth a very good quality, the only problem i had with the teeth was that they needed to be sanded so it had the same angle of engagement as my stock piston. Since the metal teeth are such good quality, it was hard to sand but it works great now. I'm going to buy another one for my other gun
by mckee c. on 02/08/2012
"If you're choosing this over the devil storm piston (the blue one by matrix), definitely get this one. It's cheaper, almost as strong, AND it comes with pre-cut sections which in case you're wondering results in higher fps. The best part in my opinion is that the teeth are removable, so you don't have to buy the whole piston again. This was definitely built for some of the stronger gearboxes, high torque AND high speed. For the price of $20 you CANNOT go wrong. Thanks evike, you pulled through again!
by alex c. on 01/05/2012
"i have had great experiences with this piston. ill tell you one thing, it will NEVER strip. i had this in a high speed setup that was having some problems with premature engagement and it showed NO signs of wear. i tried to put the stock piston in this setup (before i fixed the PE of course) and it was shredded in minutes.

one problem i had though is that it was engaging the inside of my cylinder and it carved a pretty sizable groove. now i have this piston in 2 of my guns, one is fine and the other had this problem. it is an easy fix though, all you have to do is sand off the corners of the teeth on the side that is engaging your cylinder. (some pistons come this way)
by Dalton S. on 09/12/2011
"love this piston, i got one for a lipo m4 and it works beautifully. teeth are in what looks like perfect condition even after about 15k-20k rounds through it. even tho i will never need to change the teeth its great to know that if you had too you could intead of getting a whole other piston.
by Dustin F. on 05/28/2011
"i have had this piston for about 10-15k shots and no wear wat so ever is evident. plus my gun used to eat pistons for a snack. i went through 2 pistons in one week and this has lasted perfectly. So definately going to use in my m170 setup soon.
by David N. on 03/07/2011
"Good quality piston. I run these in all of my guns and they are really flawless, they can really take a beating duirng an all day game. Definately worth the money and the in-game security of knowing your piston has steel teeth.
by Andrew C. on 10/07/2010
"Awesome piston, the metal teeth are great to have. my stock marui m16 piston was garbage, great buy!
by Benjamin W. on 10/04/2010
"Bought this from a local store. Awesome piston able to handle some serious abuse.

-light weight
-true reinforced steel teeth
-cheaper then comparable pistons made by other manafacturers

-will damage your gears before the piston will ever get damaged (I recommend reinforced gears with this piston)
by Erika A. on 10/03/2010
"I bought this for my v7 gearbox and it's perfect. Very tough and durable and like the previous poster said, the fact that the teeth are replaceable makes it that much better. I would definitely recommend this if you're upgrading your gearbox or replacing a stripped piston.
by William H. on 01/27/2010
"Great piston. I've run these from ultra-high speed setups to using an M170 spring, none have shown any damage. Will continue to get these pistons for all purposes.