Reviews: Airsoft Innovations "Tornado" Airsoft Gas Powered BB Grenade - Timer / Blue


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Model: GNDE-Tornado-Blue
Location: U12-212

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by Matt B. on 2010-05-31 13:48:59
"First off, I would like to say that i actually own this grenade, in the same color. Ill start with the looks: The grenade is actually smaller than i expected, and can fit in a smoke grenade or double m16 pouch. The UN blue looks great, its a great compromise between black for its tacticalness and yellow for its visibility. It looks like it is coated in rubber, but is actually a strong polymer.
Performence: The grenade works really well and you can use it almost forever if you remember to oil it and take good care of it. It spins around and unleashes 180 bbs, easily clearing out a room or bunker. It can be used in the field as well as indoors, I got a kill yesterday during an operation in the woods on a path. The next time I used it, the guy ran for his life.
Value for money: It may be too expensive for some, but if you can save for it it is well worth it. I would buy it again. No regrets.
Problems: The only thing I can think of that I don't like is the fact that you have to oil it every 2 throws, but this is so minor that its almost nothing. Oh and you really can't reload it during a battle, but that is the same with most airsoft things.
Reccomendation: buy it now!
by mike g. on 2008-12-31 16:21:18
"this is a beast i dont own one but i was playing in my friends basement and i made a pill box out of his closet but he threw this thing in there
i started laughing because it was yellow but when the thing blew up it hurt it stung soo bad and when i looked back not one part of that closet didnt have small indents in it evike this thing is a beast
by Susan W. on 2008-10-08 17:49:47
"finnaly! evike has the tornado granade! i cant wait to get it! first review :)

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)