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Airsoft Innovations "Tornado" Airsoft Gas Powered BB Grenade - Timer / Black

11 Customer Reviews

by Ryan R. on 03/21/2015
"This device is by all means awesome it works well I was skeptical about airsoft grenades and about their durability. I was silenced when I purchased this beauty and put it to the test, it performed so well that I cried a little. I put this grenade through some harsh conditions and it stuck with me, only makes me wish that I had purchased more, as well as having more space on my gear to carry them.
by commander c. on 03/05/2011
"this thing is awesome and i let my friend throw it at me and it doesnt hurt that much but the person will call hit!

_/ ____ |
; |_(_|----
/ |
by Matthew g. on 02/17/2011
"i originaly purchased the impact grenade but they sent me this one insead. BUT THANK YOU EVIKE FOR THAT this grenade turned out alot better than i thought. This thing is strong and it holds alot. the field i play at has a building called the kill house and in there the only rickoshays that count are from grenades, grenade launchers and claymores. This thing is so good for throwing around corners. No madder where it hits or what it hits it will still work again. When you first pick it up it has a really good feel to it and when it is gas up it is omewhat hard to pull the pin out the first few times. I would reccomend no using it in temperatures under 45 degrees or else it will lose out on power if you use green gas. i am not sure if you can use co2 but i dont want to try. this grenade only has 2 time settings 1.5 and 3 there is also an added delay so if you get it expect that. This is a really good grenade so worth $100 buy this one and not the impact one.
by Joseph G. on 01/22/2009
"After having friends spend so much money on various (and inconvenient) airsoft grenades, these are the only ones ive ever seen that actually work. As for the price, hell your paying for an indestructible, reusable and working grenade.
by Joseph G. on 12/19/2008
"Seen em in action, and after years of using various airsoft grenades, These are the only ones that work. Sure its pricy, but its also virtually indestructible as well, and for that 100 bucks this investment will last you probably until you put your guns away for good. Did i also mention its the only airsoft grenade that gets the job done quick and reliable? (unlike dozens of other airsoft grenades)
by Michael S. on 10/10/2008
"well if there so hidden how do you know where they
by D. L. on 10/10/2008
"Finally!!!. . .a solution for those players who just run & post up in those hidden corners!!
by Michael S. on 10/09/2008
"honestly it took Evike long enough to get these in....i almost had to go to redwolf and get one...not that redwolf is bad...they just dont have free shipping :)
by Nicholas D. on 12/23/2012
"Great product. Great material.
One thing though, the directions were all in spanish. Everything els was in english except for directions.
Please fix so yall dont do that to someone els.
by Laird B. on 02/10/2010
"I forgot exactly where I bought my own from, but all in all they're an okay grenade. They hold enough gas and plenty of bb's and do the job MOST of the time. The only finicky thing on them is the timer plunger. If you don't lube them with the silicon oil provided on a regular basis it makes the timer all sorts of bad. If at times they don't go off in your hand, other times they wont fire at all. That being said, ALWAYS KEEP THIS GUYS LUBED! also if you can get the spoon kits for them do it, they look better and I've heard they perform better with them as well.
by Connor H. on 01/16/2009
"its a pretty good grenade. i mean it works and all but its pretty weak. my freind threw one like 3 feet away from me and i hardly felt anything and i was just in jeans and a t shirt. i cant imagine how little it would hurt with all that tactical stuff on. you wouldnt even feel it. not worth the 100 bucks in my opinion, but it is almost indestructible

Webmaster: Airsoft "hand grenades" are generally for simulation purpose. Imagine a powerful one, it will be a liability/hazard. They are NOT suppose to be very strong.