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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) R-Custom Fiberglass "Army" Full Face Mask (Color: Orange Flame / Mesh Lens)

12 Customer Reviews

by Jerath H. on 01/04/2012
"those imperfections mentioned in the video are the bullet dents from the game so technically the masks have the battle scarring from the game
by Louie J. on 03/17/2010
"This mask is totally bad*ss, plus it offers maximum protection

p.s. in the review video you say that you notice little imperfections, that is on the mask in the game and shows how detailed the guys who made this are.
by Tanya W. on 01/18/2010
"Very good and fits great! good visibility! i would recommend a head wrap of some sort to get the full use out of the mask.
by jordan W. on 11/02/2009
"great mask, very easy to use optics/iron sights with this mask. also if you don't want to wear saftey glasses and are afraid of cheap or bio bbs, just make sure that the people you go to play with aren't using cheap or bio bbs.

I wish i could give this mask 6 stars. it's very comfortable and durable.

P.S. The green with orange flames looks awesome with woodland type camo.
by Tony A. on 03/21/2009
"This mask is easilly the BEST airsoft purchase ive made. the outside is very hard... hard enough to get hit in the face with a lead pipe and not break. and the fit is EXTREMELY comfertable. As for looks it is the coolest peice of kit out there. I almost never want to take it off because it looks so amazing. all in all i say this is the best thing you could buy in light of tactical gear. 5 out of 5.
by Derek H. on 01/29/2009
"I had really been wanting to make one of these once i started getting into airsoft. I found this on here and so had to shell out the 90$. Came in a few days ago and i love it, fits great and i can still snipe with my M14 no problem.
by trey t. on 01/27/2009
"i just got the mask its the coolist thing ever, its fully adjustable. IT IS AWESOME!!! buy it
by KeAndre W. on 01/18/2009
"awesome mask but for all those who say dont put your eyes in the hands of others bioderadebale or cheap pellets all you do is wear ye protetion its very unconfterable and inconveint but you can thats why i gave a 4/5 the mesh doesnt protect you
by Matthew J. on 12/10/2008
"Sweet!!!!!!!!!! This mask is the coolest thing I have ever bought. Looks amazing, feels great, very durable. The only thing I was worried was being able to see through the mesh. But its no problem, the mesh virtually disappears. If you are an army of two fan at all, this mask is a must. Thank you for making it available.
by Matthew O. on 12/01/2008
"i bought this way back when they were still on pre-order, and its amazing, i only have one problem with it, and its totally my own fault. CORRECTIVE PRESCRIPTION GLASSES cannot be worn under this mask, there just isn't enough room. If you have contacts more power to you, but if you have glasses i'm afraid this product could be a little disappointing. I am currently trying to custom mount a spare pair of lenses directly to the mesh, i don't have very high hopes for it. In a couple days I will repost with the results
by John B. on 09/29/2008
"coolest/best airsoft mask on the market. great mask looks great, very comfortable. i love this mask and couldn't be happier with it. i'll give some basic info that may answere some questions for people.
-it is large, i have a big head 7&3/4 hat size, and it fits me fine.
-you can wear low profile shooting glasses under it, but they press against it and your face.
-if you don't like mesh dont get it. some people just cant seem to make their eyes not focus on the mesh.
-it DOES impare ironsight aiming. it will block you from bringing your gun to your cheek, not a big deal if you use a scope or anything that sits a bit higher off the gun.
-looking through a scope works fine, there is a little bit of tinting and interference from the mesh, but nothing significant.

I'd recommend this mask to anyone who wants a full face mask and likes mesh rather than goggles.
by Enrique G. on 09/30/2008
"looks good feels comfortable, but looking down a scope is not that great, it works but its kinda compersome