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Matrix CIRAS Style Assault Platewith Pouches - Tan

51 Customer Reviews

by Neil T. on 02/15/2012
"Overall this is a good vest, only reason I didn't give it 5 stars out of 5 is that AK mags don't exactly fit in the pouches, at least not 2 in the same pouch. I bought it being informed that it holds 2 AK mags in 1 pouch, which is all baloney. It does holds 2 M4/M16 mags though, but its a little bit tight. I doubt it could hold 2 M14 mags in one pouch though. Otherwise it a really good vest for the price, but if you're getting it for an AK or other big mag type then get something else. The vest feels really durable and will probably hold up to a lot of abuse.

-Tan color
-Hydration Bladder pouch in the back
-Relatively easy to adjust
-Can hold up to 8 M4/M16 and similar mags

-Can't fit AK mags
-No holes or straps for hydration bladder tubing
-Can't take off pouches or anything

Overall a pretty good vest for the price, and an additional AK chest rig is only about $20-25.
by Crew K. on 05/19/2010
"This vest has a great quality although after receiving the vest I found that the pouches that come with it are not MOLLE. This was not posted in the specifications. It is rather small, I am six foot two and this vest rides just a little higher than my preference. It is a very modifiable vest when it comes to sizes. It's fitting is very comfortable and the vest overall is lightweight yet very durable. It does not have much room for extra MOLLE pouches that you may be wishing to add. I will be buying a new MOLLE vest soon because of the disability to say that the vest does indeed have fixed pouches and not MOLLE pouches. This vest would be a great addition to a beginners stockpile of gear, but for an advanced player such as me, (I do feel slightly immature by not researching the vest more in the past but there is no turning back) this vest does not meet my needs. I will, however wear this vest in the future because of it's sleek and professional look. The pouches are very nice. I can fit a whole tool kit in the utility pouch (monkey wrench, hammer, utility knife, and a 40 piece screwdriver set), M4 or one AK-47 magazine in the mag pouch, two M1911 magazines in the pistol mag pouch, and multiple maps and papers in the admin pouch, and the velcro section of the admin pouch is very nice, I can hold a shot shell holster and a U.S. ARMY patch on it at the same time. Overall the vest is decent (beginner-intermediate) and durable, I have indeed played many swamp/heavy rain skirmishes using this replica CIRAS.
by Owen N. on 05/11/2010
"This vest is nearly perfect in every way except for two.

1. The vest can not be customized. If your going to get this vest, you best be prepared to stick with that set-up for a good long while because the pouches are sewn in. There also isn't really much MOLLE for which to add anything to the vest, so a dump pouch is probably going to have to go on your belt or something.

2. I use P-MAGS and for the most part, you can't really double stack them in the pouches very well. I'm still trying to find a way that allows you to double stack them, close the pouches and be able to remove the P-MAGS without having to tug on them.

Other than my complaints above, this vest is a steal. Its far more form fitting than a standard plate carrier. My old one would bounce around on my shoulders every time i ran, this vest doesn't. It stays tight and is very comfortable even in extreme heat.
by Jonathan w. on 02/11/2010
"Currently I am sitting in my computer room holding this vest in my hand.
My Review
*Disclaimer: This is not the $500 Ciras vest used by US Marines and not the vest the video game character is wearing. (QUOTE FROM EVIKE)

1st Glances/Pick up
The vest itself is very durable. Everything is well stitched and fit together. You can feel the quality build from the moment you pick it up. The color of the vest was a tad bit darker than the picture provided by Evike (making it more tan.)

Looking at the back
On the back you will find PLENTY of M.O.L.L.E. space to put...well...whatever you wish to put on it. However, the built in water hydration pouch ( hydration bladder is equipped) jets out from the vest itself, making some M.O.L.L.E. attachments unable to be attached due to their size. (a dump pouch will work) On the top of the vest their is a large Velcro patch as well as a nice pull handle (clothe)

Looking at the front.
EVERYTHING IS BUILT IN AND UNABLE TO BE TAKEN OFF! Which modifying...AT How you see it is how you will get it.
All the mag pouch covers ARE very stiff! But with a lot of wear n tear they will soften up.
There is very little M.O.L.L.E. space on the front...majority has been taken up...

=) It is very comfortable...coming from a 5'10'' 210 built football player.
My brother..who is 5'9'' and round..fits him fine as well (this will fit MOST builds)
It is adjustable in every aspect besides the neck.

This is a decent vest for those that are not pure MILSIM. This does not remind my of CIRAS too much either. This is an amazing vest non the less. If you do not mind the fact that pouches can not be adjusted/personalized. This will go the distance for any player. No matter how serious or playful (watch the grab handle you MILSIMists)
Great buy for the money.
by Donovan C. on 02/02/2017
"fits great but i'm positive it does not have "Secured plate compartment with pull down flaps / hook & loop closure." because i can't find them anywhere, wasted money on dummy plates
by michael p. on 07/30/2014
"First off, this vest can pretty much fit anyone because it's velcro. It has pouches for everything you need (except for a holster). It has plenty of space for mags in the mag pouches, even though the pouches aren't removable.
The reasons I give this vest a 3/5 is because it has NO space on the front for anything. The vest is also very thick (which could be a pro because you cant feel BBs though it), and doesnt breathe at all. It feels very similar to wearing a winter coat without the sleeves.
If you're the type of person that sweats a lot, do not get this vest. Get something a lot lighter.

Looks tactical
Has a lot of pouches
Lots of MOLLE space on the back

No MOLLE space on the front
Not breathable at all
Pouches aren't removable

Overall, good vest for the dead of winter!