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Matrix CIRAS Style Assault Vest with Pouches - OD Green

43 Customer Reviews

by bob m. on 03/08/2010
"ok im gonna make this quick. this vest is great! even tho its like a comparison of the other plate carriers on ebay. this is the best 1 i wore so far. it is very comfy. holds alottof ammo and molle is very well made. just a note the thing u see on the vest is not detatchable and also the pocket on the very inside is sepose to be fo fake plates s odont but anything in there. its gonna be quite un comftarble


-feels great to wear
- pockets pocket pockets everywhere!
- strong and sturdy
-molle compatable
- adjustable
- pouches arent removable

if u wanted a better plate carrier or just ciras clones i suggest u look on ebay
by Laurie t. on 04/23/2009
"This vest is truely amazing! it has extremely strong mag pouches and the velcro all over is incredible! also the blatterpack in the back is very nice not only for holding a camelback but for carrying extra guns etc. I'm about 5'7 130 pounds and this vest fits perfectly! I would highly suggest this to anyone! gooooo evike!
by Hunter M. on 04/13/2009
"Vest is awesome! Got it about a week ago and have worn and used it a lot since. Made of heavy duty material, mag pouches are easy to access, and has room on the back for molle compatible gear. i'm 5'10" and it fits me snuggly and if i want i can make it extremely tight around my chest. Nice color to it and the rescue pull is sewn in nice and strong, friend can pull me across my gravel driveway no problem. The accessory pouch on the right side can hold two tornado airsoft grenades and still have some wiggle room and a little room in the top. Mag pouches hold 2 m4 mags snuggly but AK mags look weird and it is a pain for the velcro covers to close. Only thing i dislike about the vest is if you're a righty and wear a belt with a holster underneath the accessory pouch it is a pain in the butt to draw quickly because it gets in the way. Overall this vest is great besides the pistol flaw, would definitely recommend for all.
by mark w. on 04/10/2009
"this vest is amazing! wow i never wanna take it of. i'm 5ft 10in and fits perfectly. anybody smaller is gonna have a hard time in it. its really nice im gonna use for a long time.
great vest
mags easy to get to
has place for camelpac
spare pouch
molle isnt vary good if your looking into putting them on good luck.
by Koty L. on 03/18/2009
"this vest is great
i used it in my first skirmish Sunday and it functioned great
holds everything i need on the field, spare mags, hydration bladder, smoke grenades, tools
and even has MOLLE loops to add anything you need. good weight. great vest 5/5
by Karl V. on 03/10/2009
"Will the mag pouches in this vest fit g36 mags? pls help
by Christoffer A. on 03/03/2009
"Just got it :D
It is realy cool, mad you have space for every thing :D

the best vest ever!!!
by mark p. on 03/02/2009
"This vest is excellent! can fit plenty of rifle mags (i fit up to 8 m4 mags on mine but i use 1 for 3 pistol mags) accessory pouch on the right side for anything you might need on the field. m.o.l.l.e system on the back for med kits and such. cannot switch front mag pouches in front but no worries. light weight design for fast movement from cover to cover with excellent fit. good color but i may also get other colors as well.

great game, great vest, great buy!
by Adam L. on 01/04/2009
"I do not own this vest but my friend does and he bought is just a little bit ago. I tried it on and it truly is a really nice vest. BB's don't hurt when wearing this and it has plenty of room in the pouches. I made this post to say that AK magazines do not fit in those mag pouches. They fit 2 M4 mags but AK mags are just too long. My friend has an AK and his magazines have to stick out of the vest looking pretty weird. Overall a good vest but I am not buying it because I would have to use it with my AK. Get the vest if you have a M4 or M16 because it is nice. Also in the pictures here the OD seems to look pretty bluish. Don't worry though it looks a lot more OD in person.
by Tyler V. on 01/03/2009
"Just got mine the other day, and I love it! I'm 6'3 with about a 36-38 waist size and it fits just fine (its adjustable). The material is great quality, and the OD color is nice. The sewn on camelback pouch is a huge plus. A heads up; the pouches are sewn on as well and can not be moved. For the price these vest is a huge plus.
by darcy m. on 12/29/2008
"This vest is sick, i have a worn black hawk and 5.11 and this definitely measures up, the mag pouches aren't MOLLE but rather hard mounted on, that's not a problem, there's a big pouch on the back for a hydration bladder, and three pockets under the spot for the patch on the chest. Overall, this vest is a great buy.
by Eduardo J M. on 12/09/2008
"Just got one for me and my brother... feels great and comfortable compare to my other two vests. The OD is a little darker than other OD in the market... Fits all my eight M4 mags perfectly... Just need to add a leg drop dump pouch or something...
by karen m. on 12/03/2008
plenty of mag space, can fit 2 m4 mags per pouch snugly.
nice od color
able to put more pouches on
great for woodland games

a bit on the heavy side

over all i would defantly get this vest over any other for the price.
by Raphael P. on 11/22/2008
"does anyone kno how this vest looks in real life in the OD cuz my concern is that it looks very dark and un OD like and considering my load out is OD i would like to stay matching
by Matt S. on 11/18/2008
"Joseph, thanks for your comment, im 5'8'' and i was wondering how the vest would fit, AND I also have an M14 and i was wondering about how the mags would fit in. I wish i could get it now but since its holiday season so i gotta buy gifts