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ICS Full Metal M4 CXP Concept Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black

16 Customer Reviews

by Luke D. on 02/24/2017
"(this is a review of a modified used version)
I got it for $100 on ebay in about the worst shape possible. couple bits of JB weld and some re-soldering of the gearbox (which was very easy to access) as well as some re-routing of the wires and i got a split-gearbox ics m4 with a standard top rail, awesome for-end as well as very good internals. after modifying it to make it work, i shot about a 1 foot group at 100 yards (with the occasional double load and hop-up underhop) and i was amazed as the barrel was only about 7 inches long. the stock is terribly amazing in a way that you wouldn't believe, and fits me (6' 4"). the only thing that broke on it is the top piece that holds on the rail because the previous owner smacked it against a tree. otherwise as far as i can see everything is made of steel and won't break any time soon. the only part i don't like is the front-wired battery, but it's the best way i can see to put it (to actually have a sizable enough battery to keep you going) the little things like the forward assist that pushes the piston forward, or how the upper-gearbox pulls out just like a real bolt carrier makes the gun is just about perfect. I highly recommend buying one, and if you manage to find someone who is willing to give it up, you won't have a problem fixing it.
by Mark O. on 01/11/2016
"I got this gun used but fixed and upgraded for Christmas and I have to say that its really great and I love it. Mine has upgraded internals, extended inner barrel with a suppressor for much longer range. As the description says it does shoot 395 w/ .20s, with the 11.1v Lipo battery I use .25s (don't use .20 w/ lipo , you'll regret it its much less accurate) and it shoots 388-392 and it has great range and accuracy to it and I do not regret getting this gun and its good for close-mid range and some long range to but nothing like a sniper lol.

Full Metal(could be a con for some people)
Deadly Accurate
Very Unique


If you'd like to check out the gun with some spray paint I have on it check my instagram @cheitocheito
by Patrick S. on 10/01/2013
"Owned for about a year now, and it still performs excellent. I loved the unique design. 400 fps out of the box, yes, with decent range even for a short barrel. Full Metal. Installed a Mad Bull 363mm 6.01 inner barrel, Matrix 11.1 Lipo and it shot 445 FPS, 23 ROF. Also, you can hide the Matrix Lipo comfortably in the hand guard (I hate peq boxes). The rail system accommodates a site, laser and flashlight, so I don't know what that other guy was talking about. I STILL haven't had to break down the upper gearbox, (maybe I'm lucky), but it comes with the ICS upgraded upper unit, and it's doing fine. What I like about their split gearboxes in general is that it gives you the flexibility to instantly switch upper gearboxes due to field regulations. For instance, for CQB fields, I remove the stock, 363mm barrel and silencer, and drop in the stock inner barrel and an m100 spring upper, which drops the fps to spec and transforms the CXP into what we call the "space pistol." As an aside, note that you will have a proprietary hop-up unit, AR lever, buffer tube, and bevel/pinion gear mesh that will take some careful shimming if you wish to change.

All this said. why this gun doesn't cost $300+, I haven't a clue.
by Scott R. on 12/09/2012
"Very happy with the performance of this impressive gun. Shoots over 400 fps out of the box and has the beefed up upper gearbox. Amazing long distance accuracy for only a 200mm barrel. The peq box will only handle a small Lipo so I swapped in a bigger one. The stock looks funky but is really comfortable. This is a pretty heavy little gun, especially when you add the battery up front. Don't plan on running optics because of the unique upper rail design. One of my favorite things by far is the fact you can have a unique looking gun in the sea of m4's at the field. Would definitely buy again!
by Felix S. on 11/12/2012
"Own this gun for about 2 years now and performs beautifully. I have made a lot of changes from the battery, the barrel, but even out of the box it was awesome just the same.

Very accurate
349 to363 FPS
With Lipo 14.6 rate of fire
I converted mine to a sniper and it works like a charm
Full metal, yet light and easy to carry around for a full day at the field
Easy to take apart and clean

Some internals are plastic and will break.
Hop and feeder are one piece and plastic.
(Both are easy to replace thou)

The only problem I have had is that the feed broke off but, not only was it easy to replace Evike has the part. Itís a great gun for the price and will not let you down on the field.
by Brendan s. on 10/19/2012
"So I have to say this gun is amazing solid metal body and the internals are solid and wont break easly like other aegs.With a 7.6 lipo I'm pumpin out over 25 rps and don't think this guns for cqb I have engaged targets over 250 feet with 25s and it's dead on. This out performs my friends systema hands down I would recommend it to everyone.
by Laura M. on 07/15/2012

Looks cool
Great fps
Shoots great

When I opened up the box I only received one magazine when I was expecting to get two

Great gun would recommend it to everyone
by Connor B. on 02/04/2012
"This gun is amazing!! The range is amazing for a stubby and the velocity is very high, i have had this gun for 3 years and it still shoots close to 400 without upgrades.
by Dustin T. on 11/02/2011
"If your looking to buy a new AEG, this one would be a great choice! I just got mine in the mail and it's amazing. Its appearance is wicked awesome and the out of the box performance is great! It shoots and hits hard.
-full metal
-great FPS

-doesn't come with a battery or charger
by Fernando C. on 07/24/2011
"This AEG takes Dboy & other Marui compatible M4 type magazines.
by Lany Z. on 11/06/2010
"This gun is one of the best guns I have ever owned. The barrel is counter clockwise thread and it takes all small type batteries. This gun shoots 395 fps and is very accurate if you upgrade with a tight bore barrel and also get a silencer. This gun is BEASTTTTTT!!!!! I can snipe out the other snipers before they even see me.

Pros- Very accurate, high fps, amazing gear box, small battery type, amazing rail system
Cons- Safety broke, but other than that it owns
by Eris C. on 02/03/2009
"Overall one of the greatest guns I have ever used. Worth every penny, especially since it's above par to those that are more expensive

Ultra accurate sights, both back and front adjustable
400 FPS
High rate of fire
Great sniper gun if properly equipped
No wobbles
Spring unwind button
Accepts common M4 mags, consequently drum mags
Full metal yet lighter than most rifles
Easy access internals
split gearbox design
ICS laser can be adapted unto PEQ box
Extremely stable

Lame birdcage flashhider
Requires special formation batteries that no one sells
Since default battery is hard to find, a PEQ box is a must
Dust cover is a bit too fragile but I think that's an ICS thing
A complete nightmare to uninstall and install the handguard
Requires a high set scope
by refraef a. on 10/26/2008
"How long is the barrel?
Always say please and thank you
by Calvin H. on 10/17/2008
"I would like to know what type of battery does this gun use, before I buy it. I was thinking of get a small to large battery wire, if it uses a small battery. It looks sweet and the specs sound awsome.
by Pierre M. on 09/25/2008
"This is not just a regular M4. The rail system is uniquely raised over the receiver (no wobbling AT ALL). The retractable stock system is something totally new and I love how it works! Just need some time to get used to it from the LE stock. It will definately turn heads. This AEG is compact yet packed with features. Very reliable and the ICS system is still the easiest to upgrade gearbox out there next to the $1500 systema.

Full metal and reliability give you another reason to buy one too over the $150 clones.