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Echo 1 / Craft Apple Work Full Size Airsoft M134 Mini Gun (Short Version)

20 Customer Reviews

by austin h. on 12/21/2008
"wow i wouldnt mount it in a truck id put it in a big golf cart
that has big tires
by Michael F. on 12/19/2008
"Um it's actually 35.273962 lbs. Not getting technical or anything.
by Daniel R. on 12/18/2008
"I've actually had the privilage to hold and shoot one of these. you can only hold the trigger down for 5 seconds at a time which really doesn't give you that much of an advantage to using it in a match. It's amazing to shoot its pretty heavy though and you have to figure out what you are going to do with fuse box and the battery if you want to carry it around. There's only something like 118 of these, the one i shot was number 32. It comes in a nice wood crate too painted OD green and is labeled and has the serial number of the gun on the side of it. the magazine is nice but you can only shoot it until you reach the line on the mag (which you can see in the picture).
by Vladislav K. on 11/19/2008
"LOL 32lbs damn what a pain in the ass to carry it. next of all this should be mounted on a 4x4 truck and should be used to mow the people and the grass down. 1300 round clip. and it shoulds 3000 give or take a few rounds. so like wtf you cant even shoot the thing for like a solid min. you need like those 25 kilo airsoft bb bags.
by andrew k. on 10/21/2008
"Mike, I hope you realize that the thing weighs 32 pounds. I doubt you'll be able to carry that into a battle field, especially with one hand.
by Ethan S. on 10/19/2008
"lmfao at Mikes comment haha
this thing is ridiculous!!!!!!
in a good way haha
i can only imagine what people will do with this...
by Jeff M. on 10/16/2008
"jesus i would be scared as hell if i went against you. thats crazy though dual weilding this thing.

Any ways good gun.
by Mike S. on 10/15/2008
"I'm saving up for this. I'm already making a holster for it to carry it as a backup. I plan on putting two small car batteries in a rucksack when I get two of these so I can duel wield them in cqb. For outdoors I'll probably stand in one corner of the field and just hold both triggers down and clear the field. I'm going to buy a couple rice bags of ammo too.
by keith h. on 10/12/2008
"holy dam this thing is beast if i was fighting a guy this i'd be scared shit less! YAY!
by Chris K. on 10/09/2008
"yes it does come with a battery, i saw it on youtube. Echo 1 has an account.
by Blake O. on 09/22/2008
"Hey pierre- it's called a hueY H-U-E-Y
i used to fly in the army =)
by nathan r. on 09/20/2008
"does it come with a battery? if you answer this how did you find out?
by Pierre M. on 09/20/2008
"This mini gun has a high ticket price, but it is not EXPENSIVE. Things do have a value and considering that Classic Army used to sell the M249 for $1000, this thing that is ten times better was retailed for $7000+ everywhere for the past few years if you ever wanted to get one.

So, the pricing is literally half off. A few of us in the movie production are going to grab a few of these to mount on our hue helicopters as prop, and I seen these in games, and it is proven to be intimidating.

It is not like this thing costs $100 to make, and importing this 50 lb item into the USA will probably cost a grand. Since it is made in Japan, it is also not massively produced, and being a limited edition mini gun, this price is very fair.

For those that never shot it, or will never buy it simply because of the price, there is really no need to "complain about it" on a review. It doesn't help when someone with the money is considering purchasing this.
by D. L. on 09/18/2008
"I'm going to have somewhat agree w/ Kelly. It's a $$$ guzzler!!!!. . .Just think about it . . . you just bought a bag of 5000 rds of BB's. . . I now it's gone in a " SNEEZE !!" . . .But, then again which Squad weapon is gona get that " OH S**T-FACTOR!!!!". . .This is the ultimate squad support weapon!!!!

1. $$$$
2. You need a S**T load of BB's
3. You must be truly built to be a HEAVY gunner. . .These beast are
+/- 45lbs. So you better have a tri-pod handy!!

1. You have the kudos to say, " WHAT NOW, BITCHES!!!!"

Conclusion. If you can afford & carry it, . . . more power to yah!!!. I personally carried this & squeezed the trigger and all I can say is, . .. . This is pure EVIL!!!!
by shane b. on 09/18/2008
"Dude This thing is awsome no matter what anyone else says. I look at it like this. Why do rich people buy really expensive stuff? Cause there rich. So if your rich and you are willing to spend money on unesecary stuff like this than BUY IT! hahaha
And yes it is very unecisary, but I mean cmon! IT'S A FRIEKEN MINI GUN!!!!!! haha No ones gonna mess with you if you got this baby!