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Echo1 / Craft Apple Work Full Size Airsoft M134 Mini Gun w/ Long & Short Barrel

31 Customer Reviews

by Ryry A. on 10/06/2013
"My team ordered one, we each threw in $100 each. This gun is some really cool! We have a two man team use it and provide our cover fire. Most people call themselves out so they don't have to face this! Definietly worth my team's money. If your team can scrape up $3,500, buy it. Quality is good and who cares about range and accuracy, when its a freakin minigun!
by Issak P. on 06/17/2013
"So, when the mailman came to deliver my minigun, he had to call me out to help him. That was the very first indication that what I bought was the REAL DEAL. SO. When I opened it and loaded it with BBs, and took it to my first airsoft match with it, I didn't really have any opposition. I just held the trigger pressed and walked to the building where all the snipers were perched. Never in my life have I spent a better $3900. If you're a diehard fan like me, then GET THIS THING. I've heard of people mounting this on their vehicles .. maybe I shall do so myself for the ultimate raging machine.
by Tim S. on 12/13/2011
"I own 2 of these. I have them mounted (1 at a time) on my Airsoft Attack Vehicle (AAV). The build quality is amazing. Everything is metal except for the pistol grip. They really are built to last, but do NOT use soft or Bio BB's in them. The barrels WILL clog and jamb the gun within 5 minutes of use. I made this mistake with BOTH of them, but the good news is the internals are all steel and NOTHING was damaged. After a complete disassembly and cleaning, both are good as new. The internal mechanism is ingeniously simple and durable. My miniguns are feed by a custom 40k BB autoloader and shoot flawlessly when fed the correct ammo.

The hop-up is a PITA to adjust. You have to physically remove the barrels from the gun each time you want to adjust the hop-up. That means alot of disassembly/assembly to get the gun dialed in.

Repair parts and massive quantities of BB's are expensive. Overall, I'm happy. :)
by Toby C. on 09/01/2011
"i bought this gun last month and just resevied it in the mail its rof was more impresing then i thought it would be i love this gun i use it at my outdoor airsoft wars for clearing towns and large areas and it woks like a charm and relly impresses the newbeies plus people tend to run away from it rather ten shoot at it knowing they will be hurt if i fand them all in all great gun exspensive batteris they cost like 60 bucks for one and it only last like a month befor you have to bye a new one cause u cant recarge them witch is horrible but dont try to install tite bore in iit it doesnt fit and wont work proparly
by Chris H. on 09/07/2010
by Ryan M. on 09/28/2009
"in the words of akirva r. (or something) it ways 9 freakin pounds!" thats not that much my l96 im gettin is posted at 10... if this is 9 pounds its FREAKIN LIGHT
by Tyler P. on 02/01/2009
"The whole point of the mini is intimidation and suppressive fire, if you are complaining about the price, if someone really wants it theyre going to buy it, i know i would love to get this thing
by Gerald M. on 01/26/2009
"I have this weapon , and it's fun to play with either mounted on the custom ground mount I built or the on the FAV .

Use only high quality BBs !

Pros : It will get the undivided attention of anyone you shoot at with it.

Cons : Unlike the teaser video where they seem to fire it for 13 seconds , you can't fire burst of more than 5 seconds or you may blow the fuse.

The magazine door detent broke the first time it was opened had to repair. Seems cheaply made when the rest of the weapon is so solid.

A beast to reload on the field. Considering a mod on the mag , a trap door to load while mag still mounted.
by Jake H. on 12/13/2008
"I was at war at a friends, property... I head this whiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr and i am like... "WTF?" After hereing it go off I saw pickup truck with one of my friends in the back with this minigun. they started ti fire down on us and it left welts all over us , its hurt like S### and yehOwns...
High rpm
Accurate because it fires so much
Super powerful
Kinda fat
Needs a battery a big one...
by Nathan T. on 12/03/2008
"Well I was at war at a friends, property... I head this whiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr and i am like... "WTF?" After hereing it go off I saw acrappy pickup with one of my friends in the back with this minigun. The 12v battery was a beast. It fired over 3000rpm adn cut down a bush next to me. I ran over to cover then waited. I sprinted out in the open, got owned then fired back. Hit him a couple times but nothing compared to the punishment I got.
High rpm
Accurate because it fires so much
Super powerful
Kinda fat
Needs a battery a big one...
by jack s. on 11/30/2008
"O.k. a little story:

I was in coram playing with my friends jg m16a2 and we hear a faint "wirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..."
and we start to think wtf is that? well after about 1 minute we heard "EAT IT!!!!" and started to get rained on so I'm behind tree thinking "wtf wtf omfg!!!" and after about two minutes the whirr dies down and we fall back to regroup and stratigize.
After the battle this scary looking dude started laffing and spinning the minigun and acting like a jerk off.
pros:hi rof
scary as micheal jackson on viagra
cons:BB's muncher
In all I'd say if you got the money just get a full loadout rifle,vest,sidearm,and a shitload o' BBs:)
by Brandon J. on 11/26/2008
"i would use this, attach it to a gocart and you got yourself a tank!!!!!!
by Thomas D. on 11/26/2008
"Very effective, put 2 guys in a coma, and 1 is dead. If you thought the cost was bad, the legal fess will kill you.
by Tyler K. on 10/30/2008
"My uncle gave me all his guns and this was one of them..its amazing...its very hard to use in combat..but prop it up on something...and u got the other teams players running for there lives...pretty dang accurate and has an amazing rate of fire...clip could be bigger i think cuz those 1700 bbs go way to fast..another gun which is also on here is the Ak47 thats full metal...the matrix JG AK RIS full metal...its of my favs...and there is a snper on here to which i think is like 78 bucks without scope and bipod..and that thing is dam aggresive and will save u some time in a battle...
by dustin e. on 10/25/2008
"In the previous words of Joe L.:
If you visit this website and don't want this gun, there is something wrong with you. Even if it would be hard to use on the field, you gotta admit, this is kick a--."