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Echo1 / Craft Apple Work Full Size Airsoft M134 Mini Gun w/ Long & Short Barrel

31 Customer Reviews

by Patrick B. on 10/09/2008
"another great gun from echo 1 man if i had the money id purchase one today
by Andrew N. on 10/03/2008
"ok guys, when they say car battery they dont mean a full size car battery, they have car batteries about half that size and weight
by Michael J. on 10/03/2008
"The car battery should go inside a backpack. Not too bad considering you are not going to be running with this thing... if you are going to complain about weight definately dont get this, get an MP5. But it wouldnt make sense to use a small battery to power this thing...
by Daniel M. on 09/30/2008
"did it say that you supposed to use a car battery? because those are heavy.

p.s. why do we have to rate the product? its not out yet.
by Robert Z. on 09/23/2008
"This gun by nature should only be used as a support type weapon. Considering it's weight, it makes my A&K M249 seem light and that's saying something, since I go spriniting with it and it's lot of mass to be hauling around.
I could definetly see this gun either stationary at the front of the line as a base of fire, to have your guys move up around you, or in the rear to be used as support for your squad when things get heated.
I suppose if you packed light and got the snub nosed version, it would make the weight less of an issue.
I am defiently going to get one for Christmas. I've always been a support gunner and weight doesn't bother me one bit. Plus I could use it as an intimidation tactic. Nothing quite like hearing the barrels of a minigun rotate.
As for the price... Meh. I make decent money, plus I save quite frugaly. This may hit some in the pocket book a little too hard, but it's no sweat.
by Stacy C. on 09/18/2008
"I would love to have one of these mounted to the top of a cage buggy/FAV.
As far as carrying this thing around by hand it wouldn't be practical. But hey, its a freaking mini gun. if you can afford it I say get it and go act like Jesse Ventura in Predator. "I aint got time to bleed" haha
by Joe L. on 09/18/2008
"If you visit this website and don't want this gun, there is something wrong with you. Even if it would be hard to use on the field, you gotta admit, this is kick ass.
by josh h. on 09/18/2008
"i agree with you charles its an amazing deal, but thats the thing... its just too "amazing" of a deal. im not dissing echo 1's capabilities or anything, im just saying that 3500$ is too "cheap" for an airsoft minigun like this... its true that the custom ones are like $5000 but their made out of "real steal" gun metal just customized for airsoftso anyone thinking about by this one, consider wat ive just said.... err... typed
by Charles V. on 09/18/2008
"This price is actually the lowest ever in airsoft history for a working mini gun. You normally have to custom order it, wait a few month and pay $5000~$7000 just for one.

Everything has it's price, and "I think this is too expensive, but I don't have one" shouldn't be part of a review. A review is designed to help those looking for one of these (and obvious whoever is buying one of these, have the budget for it)
by Brad H. on 09/18/2008
"Haha imagine if the police saw u with this. They'd be like SH!T!!!! Need backup!!! It would be kinda funny until u get shot. Looks cool though. Too expensive...of course. But for those who want it that bad any price is worth it. Maybe
by Chris K. on 09/18/2008
"I agree, unless you are building a turret or you are really far back giving some major cover fire, save your money. This looks incredible. I'm gonna be excited to see how it works. It's funny how they don't post FPS on these guns lol
by Daniel Z. on 09/18/2008
"Going back to Chris Kirby's Question about the FPS

It is posted, but it's in joules, use this

E = ½mv²
The video was showing the guy using .20 grams so
the gun is shooting from the range of 1.2 - 1.5 joules
Then the FPS is about like 450-500
by Aaron V. on 12/25/2008
"This is really interesting, a little on the pricey side, even for a minigun. This gun is for all the antisocials who dont like teamwork (aka me) but still even if i wanted to be the one-man army, which is a really stupid idea, id pack something a bit smaller, even the short version would be a pain to haul around.

Still though, disregarding any outside effects, this gun is a giant 50 gallon keg of bad-day-sm, if you know what i mean

Webmaster: This is still the CHEAPEST MINI GUN in the world. They ran $7000 for the past 8 years it existed. If anyone know how to calculate shipping with USPS, you'll find shipping this alone from Asia over will cost you $2000.
by Brett V. on 10/24/2008
"If I had $3,500 I dont think I'll be spending it on that.
by CJ E. on 09/18/2008
"Don't buy this unless you're making a turret or a vehicle with a mounted turret. You won't last 5 minutes in a battle when you go charging with this.