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Maurshin Clone M500 SSB High Capacity Five round/shot Full Metal Gas Shotgun.(Chrome)

9 Customer Reviews

by lori e. on 07/09/2011
"If your thinking of buying this shotgun theres nothing that should be holding you back from it. I had this shotgun for around six months and it was the best airsoft gun purchase I've ever made. One thing that is true that reviewers before me mentioned is that the gun is made of a some what cheap pot metal wich in turn makes the gun durability weak. listen to all the signs and warnings that say do not one hand cock otherwise on day you will decide to let your half retarted friend try to one hand cock it to be cool and shatter the form arm in the middle of the forest. That and the fact of when i tried to ask evike what they could do help on the matter and they pretty much tell you you have piss poor luck cause they dont have factory/manufacturer support on the gun...

love you evike!!

loved the shotgun while it lasted amazing f.p.s. ,amazing bb count, and amazing groupings add up to make an amazing shotgun combo that you dont want to miss. Just dont let dumb ass riends hold it.
by James P. on 05/17/2010
"An extremely well built shotgun.

-5 shot burst
-high capacity
-runs off of green gas or a propane adapter
-comfortable to shoot and hold
-looks realistic

-pumping handle seems a bit loose (i haven't had any problems with it though)

Overall-a great gun for CBQ or for those who don't want to deal with carrying and losing shotgun shells in games
by Anthony E. on 03/21/2009
"Great gun I just got it a week ago. I dominated everyone with it in our last air soft war. I would recomend this gun to anyone!
by Mike S. on 03/12/2009
"I'd assume this gun uses green gas because it doesn't specify, but the high fps makes me think otherwise, will someone let me know what type of gas it uses?

Webmaster: Correct. The shotgun use standard green gas.
by karen m. on 12/13/2008
"to kent Y im pretyy sure it goes in the cocking tube. i think you pull out a tube pour the bbs in the close it. and my freind has one of these they are great for any kind of game indoor or out door.
by Andy H. on 09/21/2008
"Wes, don't be fooled.

- There are a few USA dealers that try to sell the standard AGM as "Marushin Style" which they will ship you the AGM M500.
- This is the Matrix spec model which is better than the original AGM M500.
- The "real Marushin" requires a lot of upkeep and it is retailed for AT LEAST $245 over-sea and you gotta pay $70 shipping to ship to the USA. Also, if the US custom decides to hold it an examine it the cost will be much higher, its a gamble trying to buy from over-seal (Japan or Hong Kong) on airsoft products. You are lucky if the gun arrives USA if you purchase it off shore.

Just my two cents for you.
by tyler g. on 11/18/2010
"Very solid, dependable weapon! Awesome power, intimidation factor is a 10! Just racking the slide is enough to send a shiver down your opponent's spine. effortless cocking makes rapid fire a breeze.

Having owned a real Mossberg 500, this gun is a very, very close match to the real thing.

BB loading system is easy to use, and works well, have never had a jam, or mis-feed

Gas fill valves are less than perfect. Had to replace o-rings after 2 months. have since sealed valve permanently with JB weld. (no leaks since!) I've heard rumors that the leak issue has been remedied.

Shooting is a dream, Slide feels very solid, no creaking, or resistance like spring guns. Trigger pull is smooth with a clean break. Gun is deceivingly silent. Could almost be used as a sniper (limited range due to 5 shot system)

Finish is decent. chrome finish on body is very durable, does not flake or peel, but does show fingerprints pretty bad. A stainless steel finish would be nicer than the chrome. But the finish is very durable. I re-painted the stock and fore grip krylon ultra flat black, with very positive results.

Sights are junk. All plastic and pretty ugly (IMO). I removed them and installed a real steel ball-type front sight.

With black hardware, and a ball front sight, gun looks exactly like the Mossberg 500 Mariner.

A solid, game-worthy weapon, with huge intimidation factor, and it's oh-so sexy!
by Kent Y. on 11/13/2008
"This gun looks sweet, I am really tempted to buy it, but where does it hold 140 bbs? I don't see a magazine or anything that would hold that many bbs, do you load them.
by wes l. on 09/20/2008
"for like 20 more bucks u can have the actual murushin instead of the clone.