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G&G M26 Dummy Hand Grenade Movie Prop BB Loader.

11 Customer Reviews

by Chris M. on 04/24/2017
"Although the opening at the neck makes these an impractical bb holder it can be modded to do the job well enough,you need to buy rubber salt shaker stoppers 5/8" in size & cut the same size hole in the base of the grenade.should hold your bb's safely & you can just pop off the rubber plug when you need them,make sure you use them all at once though or you'll make a hell of a racket moving around
by James C. on 12/28/2009
"For $8.00, this mock grenade is awesome. The entire top assembly screws off the top of the grenade to reveal the narrow opening of the hollow plastic body. It looks like the perfect size for pouring BBs into a high cap mag without clogging like a funnel. It also looks like it can hold a pretty good amount of BBs. The body is made of a firm, soft plastic, while the top assembly, spoon, pin, and ring are all metal.
After some tinkering, I was actually able to make the spoon and pin functional. _:) Using a pair of pliers, I bent the ends of the pin inward such that it can be removed from the grenade. After taking off the spoon, there's a small hole in the top of the metal assembly. I took a small spring from a ball-point pen (the ones you can click), and it fit perfectly into the hole. I closed the spring inside by replacing the spoon and reinserting the pin. Then, when the ring/pin is pulled, the spoon springs off like a real grenade!!! :D In conclusion, for $8.00, you can get a decent BB container, an awesome toy, and a realistically cool prop all in one package.
by Mitchell M. on 11/23/2008
"dou shot wit t lol : P
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by Edric C. on 09/22/2008
"will this act like a spped loader? pr do the bbs just pour out?
by Andy H. on 09/17/2008
"Only Evike have the latest versions. They distribute to everyone else, duh! I would not buy airsoft products at a retailer that don't know what they are talking about. Otherwise, you might as well as go to big-5. I was impressed my first time at their store. The place is like a wal-mart and the staff are very friendly. The tech even did a on site upgrade for me on my new G&G M4
by Patrick S. on 09/17/2008
"Hey Mike, do the spoon and pin actually work on this? Cause I will definitely get a few if they do.
by Mike S. on 09/17/2008
"LOL, I bet evike got these real cheap from About time those losers went out of business. I was getting tired of the "everything we sell is the latest upgraded 2008 bestest version" gimmick. Anyway, these are great realistic looking grenades. Look great, handy for carrying bb's.
by Patrick P. on 12/11/2008
"Great grenade replica. Looks like a grenade, acts like a grenade. Only difference is this is plastic and way light. With a load of bb's it takes on a nice weight, but not enough.

Spoon and pin work.
Holds tons of bb's.
Looks good

BB's rattle inside
by Brendon L. on 10/17/2008
"Hahaha Kyle! That is not an m67 grenade. You've been playing too much Battlefield 2. Evike is correct. You are wrong. Thus concluded with this: Evike 1, You 0

Search next time before you say something stupid.
by John Y. on 10/14/2008
"Kyle A, that made me laugh.
The M26 is a lemon grenade, look it up anywhere, used by the US in vietnam, and currently copied by the British
M67 is the baseball currently in use by the US military
Look either of em up in google're the dumb one, because Evike got it right

That aside, these are kinda nice to use as vest (or Christmas tree) decorations
The pins and such fall out easily, so bending them may be a good option.
The body is moderate strong, not extremely sturdy, I mean, its 8 bucks
This is a bottle, not a loader, but the hole is very small, so filling it and pouring it is a serious pain in the ass
Not useful in the least, but they're pretty economical as props
by Kyle A. on 10/11/2008
"its funny how two reviews down the guy said he likes how evike knows what theyre talking about when this is an m67 grenade lol