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Matrix 150rd Waffle Type Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black

11 Customer Reviews

by Spencer M. on 04/02/2016
"I don't have much experience, but these mags are perfect! They don't wiggle AT ALL in my CYMA CM.031 for those of you wondering.

- Don't wiggle
- Feed well
- Very light
- Very durable

- It may just be my gun, but it doesn't feed the last 3 bb's

That's about it! I bought 5 and plan to buy more if one ever breaks.
by Dexter A. on 08/28/2015
"I have an E&L Ak74u and its quite stubborn on what magazine it uses due to the steel stamped body. I am happy to say that these mags work very well with my E&L and feed flawlessly. I would highly recommend them!
by Steve D. on 06/09/2015
"I am very pleased with these magazines. They loaded easily and fed flawlessly with no jams. The plastic is very solid, much more so than the very thin walled hi-caps that came with my AK. These mags also fit very tightly into the gun with absolutely no wobble, again unlike the mags that came with the gun.

Solid plastic build.
No wobble.
No feeding issues

Not free. :)

I will definitely be buying more of these mags to fill out my loadout.
by Eric S. on 01/13/2015
"Excellent mag for the price! I bought 3 for my G&G AK47 and they fit great, with no noticeable wobble. The first thing I did was spray just a TINY bit of silicon spray down the loading port, then loaded the magazines,mand then shot them in succession. They all fed flawlessly, and shot all of the bbs, except for the last few, which is typical of any madcap, since there is no spring tension to push the bbs up into the hop up unit. I plan on getting three more in the future, so I'll have enough for a couple of matches before heading back to the staging area for a reload. They're nice and lightweight mags also, so your not lugging around too much extra weight. All in all, a good buy.
by daniel j. on 05/02/2011
"If you are searching for a great reliable Ak magazine for your AEG, this mag should be considered.

Waffle: Easier to pull, hold, and much more quiet.
Much lighter mag for the same durability and performance as Marui full metal AK mags.
Very affordable thanks to
Fits all 3 of my AK (echo1, Marui and ICS) and feeds smoothly.

Not much...can't find any yet at the moment.
by Danielle B. on 09/23/2008
"doe sanyone know if this will fit in my utg ak?

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by Evan W. on 09/06/2014
"I bought three of these about a month back, currently using two of them, since the other one went into my parts box (my fault). Silicone Spray works wonders on these magazines, it's almost impossible for the magazines to feed without it being sprayed down the loading port. They work, they're cheap, and they're fairly durable, but they're not perfect fitting in a D-boys, no matter how much you file them down.
by Matthew J. on 06/26/2014
"These mags work great. I use this in my Echo1 AK700 and they're light and comfortable. For some weird reason though they won't feed elite force .25s even though they feed just about everything else. I guess elite force is this magazine's kryptonite. Another thing is these mags will jam a bit; however this is an EASY fix and all it takes is some wd40 and your good (I tried silicon and it didn't work). Over all great low price mag.
by Isaac O. on 10/19/2013
"Pretty good mags. I've had for about a year now and they have not failed, jammed, nor broken on me. Thinking of buying some more today but haven't quite made up my mind. Only problem I see them having is the build materials, it's a plastic mag and over time the lip to hold the mag in place will slowly were down from rubbing against metal (if you have a metal ak.)
Solidly built
Light weight
No feeding issues
Very tactical look

Should have metal parts in the more vital places
by Bennett F. on 07/05/2012
"Pretty good mag. I use it in my G&P AK and its amazing. the only thing that I see wrong with it is that it scratches easily (not too bad, its polymer, so what do you expect?) and for both of mine, the spring doesnt push the last 6 or 7 bbs into the gun, they simply stay in the mag.

no double feeds or misfires
not a high cap
fits nearly every ak aeg
no wobble

doesnt feed the last few bbs
by edan h. on 05/29/2017
"These mags feed fine and look good, but it says they hold 150 rounds and I am unable to load in more then 120.