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M4 Type Red Dot Sight w/ 20mm weaver QD Mount Base for Airsoft

17 Customer Reviews

by Phillip S. on 06/06/2018
"This red dot sight is absolutely amazing!

-The lens on the sight are tinted, which is great for sunny days.

-The red dot is very adjustable and very simple to zero in. Also you can set the dot to 10 different brightnesses/dot sizes. That feature is great for different engagement distances.

-I also recommend a honeycomb kill flash for this sight because this sight is beautiful and I don't want a bb to crack the lens. The diameter of the sight lens is 30mm, so make sure to get one that's 30mm.

-The package also includes flip-up dust covers, awesome!

Please get one, this purchase was well worth the money and is very good.
by Christian L. on 02/18/2017
"Alright so the last review was done a year ago and i just picked mine up and fielded it today.
This optic is pretty dang reliable since I did drop my rifle twice and the most was the zero got knocked off but that was it. Its pretty much a red dot that serves its purpose and weighs a bit. It comes with two lense covers, a honeycomb killflash, a riser, and one AA battery. If you run a PEQ 15 or any PEQ model the riser will clear it. The kit includes two long screws for the riser and hex key. Also it has a huge thumb screw so if you manage to lose that you earned the Carl award.

Hefty son of a gun
Included battery and honeycomb killflash
Included riser
Clear crisp sight picture
Huge thumb screw

It is a little hefty
The threads on the mount look a little cheap
Adjusting the thing will take time if you want precision

If like this sight for what it is and how sturdy it is I would suggest buying it if you can afford it. I would show pics but the rules say I can't but I'm pretty sure you can find videos.
by Roger H. on 01/21/2016
"This scope is great!!! It gives you that mil-spec look for a low price. It works great on my G&G cm18 mod 1, giving it that delta operator look. I have had it for about a month now and there is nothing wrong with it. I have hit it a couple time in some matches by accident and this scope is resilient.
-easy to install the riser for the sight(two screws, hex wrench, and a spacer)
-easy to adjust
-9 different setting for the sight
-nice full metal frame
-comes with flash kill and covers
-it takes AA batteries (which was a plus for me because you do not have to waist time looking for specialty batteries)
- easy to install

- none

All in all this red dot sight is amazing, it can take a licking and keep on ticking. I would highly recommend this sight and I am looking forward to getting another one once I get my 416.
by Tobias C. on 05/15/2014
"So I've had tihs scope for a while now, about 6 months or so and I'm very satisfied. THe Red-dot is amazing, I'm playing outdoor games and this scope comes really handy outdoors - it has a briht dot and a clear view. THe construction is rock-solid, metall all the way. I was really happy that you got a killflash with it as well - you don't have to worry about it braking on you.

I highly recommend this scope!
by Trenton H. on 05/06/2014
"This sight is FANTASTIC. With my first impressions, it was heavy and bulky. But, after a couple of weeks with it, this sight is the best sight I've ever bought. The full metal construction means that it is totally solid, and I'm not worrying about it. Compared to my EoTech replica, this sight is much better for outdoor play. Even in the middle of the day, the red dot on the lowest of 9 settings is clearly visible. Also, the plain dot is great because you can tell where you're aiming without covering your target totally, unlike the EoTech replica. The sight itself came in nice packaging, and along with the sight I got 2 scope covers, a killflash, a 20 mm raiser, and a battery. By the way, it's really nice only needing AA batteries rather than some unheard-of watch battery. The sight picture is actually really good, even compared to the EoTech. But, this sight looks absolutely perfect on my standard M4, whereas the EoTech was bulky, and the sight picture was blocked by the triangle sight. I suggest this sight if you want a heavy duty sight, and if you are going for an SI M4 look.
by Jennifer V. on 11/20/2012
"I have looked into this sight and I like it. Its an Aimpoint Comp4 replica and a good one. I havnt gotten this yet but its in the mail. I like the fact that it runs on AA batteries because they are cheap and easy to find. I carry a bunch on the field with me anyway for other gear so it works out perfectly. Overall, from what I can see, its a great sight and I cant wait until it arrives at my doorstep.
by William B. on 05/17/2012
"This scope is great! Nice and solid, great finish, mounts easily and comes with a riser, lens covers and a flash-kill. Battery that came with it was weak but it's a AA battery so easy to replace. Multiple brightness setting allow you to adapt in no/low-light conditions to bright high noon daylight. The dot is nice and solid as well. After zeroing the sight on my KWA I was constantly hitting a 6in metal target from 150ft. It looks and feels like the real Aimpoint Comp M4/M68 CCO that is issued in the US Army. I highly recommend to anyone needing a great red-dot scope.
by Joshua A. on 05/12/2012
"Overall one of the best replicas of the M3 current gen Aimpoints on the market, and for a better price than other retailers. There is hardly any cons to this product. This thing is constructed of win. Here is the quick list.

well machined
uses a single AA battery
long battery life
10 brightness settings
easily adjustable brightness knob
quick detach design that is similar to the real one
riser mount provides a perfect co-witness for BUIS
kill flash, riser mount, and lens caps provided (in my package at least)

a little on the heavy side, but that just means well built
zeroing can be annoying with the way the caps are designed, but you wont lose em
by Ryan L. on 08/18/2011
"Works much better than I expected, and it's one of the newer Aimpoint replicas which is a plus. There are 10 brightness settings (including OFF), which means plenty of versatility when it comes to lighting. There is an included riser piece that will be able to raise the optic over an M4's triangle front post. It's also removable in case you want to lower your optic.

Do note however that this sight MAY OR MAY NOT COME WITH A KILLFLASH AND LENS COVERS. I happened to get lucky and received both in the box, but other people seem to have gotten either one or the other, or none at all. My advice would be to purchase this first, then after you receive it buy either the killflash and/or lens covers if they weren't included.
by dave s. on 08/15/2011
"This red dot is great it is sturdy and is sexy. The red dot come with plenty of lense protection. It comes with a rubber linked lense protecter, a pair of flip up covers, and an already installed kill flash on the front lense! This thing is easty to adjust and it uses AA batterys so you dont have to bother with button cells anymore which is great.
by Justin R. on 07/24/2011
"i love tho mount on this sighst it has a long area of contact, puts the optic at a decent height, and the holes help cut down on weight.
Kill flash for this item is sold separately.
by Kristofer B. on 03/16/2010
"Great red dot sight

-Has a nice sturdy aluminum build
-Takes 1 AA battery (no button cells like the pictures
-The sight does not come with flip-up sights like pictured
-A multitude of brightness settings
-It comes with a kill-flash
by Christopher V. on 01/08/2018
"This sight did me good to the very end. Well worth the price
by Sean H. on 10/20/2010
"Just figured I'd throw in my 2 cents. I'm active duty infantry and this is the closest you will get to the standard army issue red dot sight. It's not an aimpoint but the only real difference is the logo, brightness levels, and adjustment ratio. If you don't know what an adjustmen ratio is, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! It's a great sight for airsoft and for those of you who want to look like a soldier, it's this or an ACOG.
by Kristofer B. on 04/07/2010
"I love this sight! It gives the look of a maginified scope with the functionality of a red dot which is ideal for airsoft. I have it sighted just right on my G&G and wherever I aim, the BB goes.

-Looks good
-Takes 1 AA battery, not the button cells pictured
-20 brightness settings

-Did not come with flip up covers
-I bought a kill flash and this one came with one (waste of $10)

Overall a good sight if you like the "closed" sight look. Performs well