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Madbull Real Size Airsoft Dummy Grenade (Black)

6 Customer Reviews

by Justin D. on 11/05/2008
""Patrick" is correct. We have used these numerous times in taking down bunkers and fortified positions where a shooting option is not feasible. They definitely give you a solid tactical option other than shooting and that really helps add to the realism of an airsoft match. And yah...I wouldn't like to take a face full of metal grenade...accidentally or otherwise. If you're looking for a good grenade that actually shoots BBs...look into a Tornado grenade. As for the Madbull Dummy Grenade...


looks great!
realistic mechanical function (pin, spoon, and hammer...don't know if I'm using correct nomenclature here)
90% not gunna hurt if you get hit with it
dense foam! gives it a good weight...can chuck it a good distance
BLUE is pretty easy to spot on the field once you've tossed it


Black and OD colors are next to impossible to find once you toss em...especially if you don't have time to hunt it down until hours later.
if you pull the pin and toss may never see the spoon again.


Great piece of kit! If you keep the pin IN when you toss it, you won't have to scour the field for the spoon. Nothing more gratifying than rolling a grenade on a couple of opponents behind cover!
by Brandon C. on 09/19/2008
"You can get these grenades on some hong kong shop for $10. But it will cost another $10 on shipping, ten days to arrive and risk of custom issue. Get it here at a USA retailer!
by Patrick S. on 10/06/2008
"You know WHY you would buy these you two? Because, one, most event and games allow dummy grenades to be used, the usual rule being that they have a 10 foot kill radius. And, two, because while, yes, you could very well go out and get (deactivated) real steel ones, or metal replicas, for much cheaper, what happens when you accidentally bean some guy in the head with your equivalent of a steel baseball?

Smart move.
by Enrique G. on 09/17/2008
"not bad, It beats using my spray painted tennis balls. Even though it dosn't do anything some fields will let dummy gernades count as a room kill. The spring action on the spoon is realy cool. Since its only 16 bucks you don't have to worry as much about losing parts or braking it since its foam. I give it 4 stars for value,
by Matt S. on 09/19/2008
"wow, now thats tottaly (not) intimidating! yes, I am going to win an airsoft game with a little foam ball, that, as far as I know, doesnt do anything! yeah!!
by Aidan K. on 09/19/2008
"The very idea of this is just stupid. Why carry around a couple of obvious FOAM replicas when you could get real steal dummies at a surplus store for $6-$12.