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Model: AEG-JG-6624-CQB

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by William s. on 2014-06-22 16:49:17
"this gun is insane ive had it for 3 years now and ive had no problems with the gun. but i recommend a new crane stock; the rubber cushion broke of right after i tripped over a downed fence in the woods and try to get a new battery as well. this gun is reliable and fully upgrade able. i would recommended this gun for beginners and higher level air softers
by Alex T. on 2012-11-16 15:53:47
"This gun is a must buy for starters!!. I have been playing airsoft for years honestly, mainly using spring snipers. My friends jumped to aeg's and i was being outgunned since i had a lower fps and also a bolt to pull back. My friend got his second aeg which is the jg m4 s system, which is the same exact as this one, so i knew i was going to get a good one. Most people complain about jg, and frankly i have not experience or heard of a friend experiencing any problems with them at all.

very small, but can be modified to look like an m16 or larger m4 length wise by adjusting the stock.
can be modified alot since jg is compatible with quite a few other things.
mock bolt pulling action which allows you access to the hop up
shoots hard
shoots fast
the weaver rear sight seems built to last
the delta ring is removable. if removed it gives you access to a twist screw thing to mount twist on rails like the AIM sports m16 length rail

like listed above, the rails could be just a tad better.
the flash hider is a mother to get off. (not really a con for most)
the batteries take some fiddling with to fit into the crane stock and to remove :/

Note: the butt pad for the battery access is easy to get off. once you push the pin things a few times you can just pop it off without even pressing them.

I highly recommend getting a 12.5in free float rail system that screws on, and a 6 in supressor if you want the internally silenced spec ops look!

Way to go JG! this gun is fantabulous!
by Chris C. on 2012-08-08 16:51:37
"I have had this gun for about a year and it is a very good gun in a lot of respects, but there are a few flaws. Some may be my opinion but here they are...
Good hefty weight
SUPER accurate
Hard fps, good for backyard play but not for fields
Metal where it needs it
No barrel wobble
metal rails
functioning charging handle
adjustable hop up

rails arent very study or secure
plastic body, though lighter than metal, turns from gun grey to pukeish green
and a few minor details that dont really matter

overal this is a good gun if you arent looking for something too specific. i would recommend it to a friend
by Doreen S. on 2011-11-25 21:38:33
"This is a great gun for a new or vet player , I have had this gun for 4 years now and has never let me down . Good FPS and is great mid range engagements . But the butt stock isnt my favorite . I suggest if you want it to be really nice buy a 9.6 2300 MAH battery , a full buttstock and a tightbore berral .
by Jaydon B. on 2011-02-23 19:50:07
"I bought this gun off of a different website for a cheaper price but it went up. This gun is ok I would suggest that it is for some one who wants to be a long range assault so no one gets seriously hurt. The FPS is actually 400-435 with .20g BBs. One thing I hate with this gun is that the butt pad is nearly imposable to get off. You have to squeeze two tabs to get it off but they broke on mine by the 3rd time i took it off. If you want this gun YOU MUST GET A SMART CHARGER to else you will destroy the 9.6v battery (mine is going). Also the battery goes in the back so if your butt pad breaks hen you will have to tape the battery in with black electrical tape. All in all it is an ok gun I don't live it but i don't hate it either. I would suggest it for adults or tall people only (No offense to shorter people but im 14) because the stock cant go all the way in and has to stay in the 2nd position or the battery wont fit.

All metal rails and gears
high fps
ok feel

2nd position or bigger only
bad butt pad
High fps so no evike airsoft events :(
Must spend a ton more or battery will die (and they arnt cheap)
Battery goes in back

For the guy below:
A bigger battery wont fit because the battery goes in to the stock. You are stuck with a nunchuck style 9.6v battery. Anything bigger or smaller wont fit.
by Brandon M. on 2010-09-08 12:20:08
"I've owned this gun for about 6 months now and it being my first good quality AEG I am thoroughly impressed. In the review it says the battery is for test purposes only, but I've been using it in all my matches and it hasn't let up an ounce. While im sure it could be better, the ROF is still pretty impressive and I havnt found an opponent yet that can match the range. The only thing I would probably upgrade with this gun is a longer barrel, red-dot scope, and a metal casing. Other than that, I love this gun! I have gone from win-some-lose-some to lose-few-win-most.

-Decent ROF out of box
-Killer FPS (405)
-Fairly light
-Metal Railing
-Hurricane Stock (very comfortable)
-Long lasting battery (I go all day, not one time has it died on me)
-Rail covers (make it super comfortable)
-Really accurate

-Short Barrel (it's a con for me)
-Plastic Body (doesn't rust though)
-Needs a good Red-dot
by Brandon S. on 2010-05-29 16:26:43
"this is a good gun, the first thing you'll notice is it's VERY heavy, heavier than most bigger guns I've held before. It's VERY sturdy.
The problems I had with this gun was first of all, the crane stock. It's a nice stock, but the battery cap on the back broke off. the same thing happen with a friend of mine who has the same gun. Also, the dust cover clip broke on mine, but that was because my friend closed it wrong. DO NOT close the dust cover before you close the hop-up chamber.
Another big thing is the battery. It's really wierd, and I definately recommend getting a better one.
The guns shoots well, it sounds kind of springy though, when compared with better guns. I like how it has a metal tip instead of a plastic one.
the rails are all metal, so are the sights, trigger, mag release. the hand grips are nice.
other than that, no complaints. This is definatly a good beginner gun, so if your new with airsoft, this is an AWESOME GUN. great price.
it kicks butt, but not even in the same league as KWA or even classic army. If your friends all have KWA guns, this thing won't stand a chance.
by Glenn J. on 2009-04-13 16:38:57
"I got my jg cqb-r about 1 month ago. it has consistantly shot 401fps sence i got it. ive upgraded it with a tenergy 10.8 4500 battery and rof is insane. ive also put a jbu 455mm 6.03 barrel with zombie killer silencer and accuracy is insane all the way out to 150ft. my friend advised against the 10.8 battery but its been on there for 3 weeks and i havnt been easy on it and it hasnt let up one bit. also i have put on a bipod foregrip and 5,000 round a&k mag ,scope riser with a leapers red green scope.
the silencer did alittle bit to silence the gun down but not much. dont get it if you want a quiet gun cause like the jg m16 its very loud. i personaly like it . .
by Greg D. on 2009-02-19 17:54:29
"This is a great gun! Good FPS great sites; all metal. Shorter Barrel for CQB looks and feels awesome.

Scopes will work good on this gun. May need a handle and attachable rail to raise it up if it isnt already tall enough to look over the sites.

One Question: How to get the Hand Guard off...?

Great gun for anyone!
by Zachary S. on 2009-01-04 16:51:18
"I have this gun. It works very well for outdoor play, but im sorry it doesnt leave welts at 100 yards away.
Good ROF
Good FPS (if event or people you play with allow aegs over 400 fps)
Entire front rail mount is metal, along with the gear box and such.
Battery has a good life but it can run out.

Guns a little loud.
The the body from the front forgrip is plastic.
Crane Stock for me is annoying as hell.

Ide give it a 9/10.

WEbmaster: 100 yard is 300 feet....
by Margaret P. on 2008-12-25 13:19:35
"this gun is great there is so much you can do to it I have so many upgrades and external parts for it and it has not burnt out yet
by Silvia Z. on 2008-12-09 21:25:15
"The battery that comes iwth it is great...... it is a 9.6 Volt Numchuck battery


it has sniperlike accuracy

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