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JG M4 CQB RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Hurricane Type Crane Stock (Enhanced Li-Po Ready Upgraded Gearbox)

30 Customer Reviews

by Silvia Z. on 10/20/2008
"For the review under mine

-the only reason yours in innacurate is becasue of your bb's
-this gun should only have high quality .2 grams........ anything else will make it crazy innacurate
-with the .2s it will go 200 feet and stay perfect intil it just falls at 200
by Paolo M. on 10/19/2008
"This gun right here is a great bang for buck. It is not full metal but it is sturdy and hard


+High muzzle velocity ( 390-410 fps )
+Good rate of fire ( 500-1000 rpm )
+Plastic parts ( Crane stock, upper and lower reciever and pistol grip ) are high quality
+Easy to upgrade
+Can be used for indoors and outdoors
+Fits through doors without positioning the gun diagonally ( which is good because most M4 aegs snag )


-Not very accurate
-Really tight fit and very difficult to pull the battery out without rippin the wires off
by Margaret P. on 10/16/2008
"I love this gun it is totally worth the money and the stalk is just amazing, and also does anyone know if you can fit a small size grenade launcher on it.
by Silvia Z. on 10/16/2008
"I recently got this gun and I just love it. It shoots around 390-410 fps and goes 190-210 feet. It is great

by Chris F. on 09/30/2008
"I got this gun yesterday and it is by far the best gun i have ever bought. It is well worth the money.
~Shoots far and fast
~Looks Awesome
~Awesome back sight
~completely upgradable
~everything is metal on the external except the trigger and lower reciever
~Way more things but too many to list

~Could be heavy for younger people
~I don't know if its a problem with my gun or magazine because it is not always feeding and starts dry firing a lot.
~the battery is hard to take in and out because it is a tight fit. my recommendation is just leave the battery in the gun and just unplug the battery and plug the whole thing into the charger.
by Silvia Z. on 09/27/2008
"THis gun is great for games.

I gave it a longer barrel (the standard m4 barrel) and is it shoots 460 fps and it goes soooooo far.

I attached a foregrip and a flashlight and it rocks!
by matt s. on 09/21/2008
"this is a really great gun. i went to my local hardware store and got camo colors and pained it it comes with a nunchuck batery great for price i cant wait to use it in a battle. this is a realy powerful with perfect accuracy i got a a&k 5000 round box and barley fits in it buy if you have the money beacuse it is perfect(__--_)
by Matt M. on 09/20/2008
"what kind of battery does this gun come with? can you put a mock silencer on this gun?
by Chris C. on 08/08/2012
"I have had this gun for about a year and it is a very good gun in a lot of respects, but there are a few flaws. Some may be my opinion but here they are...
Good hefty weight
SUPER accurate
Hard fps, good for backyard play but not for fields
Metal where it needs it
No barrel wobble
metal rails
functioning charging handle
adjustable hop up

rails arent very study or secure
plastic body, though lighter than metal, turns from gun grey to pukeish green
and a few minor details that dont really matter

overal this is a good gun if you arent looking for something too specific. i would recommend it to a friend
by Doreen S. on 11/25/2011
"This is a great gun for a new or vet player , I have had this gun for 4 years now and has never let me down . Good FPS and is great mid range engagements . But the butt stock isnt my favorite . I suggest if you want it to be really nice buy a 9.6 2300 MAH battery , a full buttstock and a tightbore berral .
by Brandon S. on 05/29/2010
"this is a good gun, the first thing you'll notice is it's VERY heavy, heavier than most bigger guns I've held before. It's VERY sturdy.
The problems I had with this gun was first of all, the crane stock. It's a nice stock, but the battery cap on the back broke off. the same thing happen with a friend of mine who has the same gun. Also, the dust cover clip broke on mine, but that was because my friend closed it wrong. DO NOT close the dust cover before you close the hop-up chamber.
Another big thing is the battery. It's really wierd, and I definately recommend getting a better one.
The guns shoots well, it sounds kind of springy though, when compared with better guns. I like how it has a metal tip instead of a plastic one.
the rails are all metal, so are the sights, trigger, mag release. the hand grips are nice.
other than that, no complaints. This is definatly a good beginner gun, so if your new with airsoft, this is an AWESOME GUN. great price.
it kicks butt, but not even in the same league as KWA or even classic army. If your friends all have KWA guns, this thing won't stand a chance.
by Greg D. on 02/19/2009
"This is a great gun! Good FPS great sites; all metal. Shorter Barrel for CQB looks and feels awesome.

Scopes will work good on this gun. May need a handle and attachable rail to raise it up if it isnt already tall enough to look over the sites.

One Question: How to get the Hand Guard off...?

Great gun for anyone!
by Nicholas K. on 11/13/2008
"does any one know if you can put a longer barrel on this rifle
I want to know if any one upgraded this rifle and everything they put on it
by Christian C. on 10/09/2008
"i bought the gun a month and a half ago and on the 3rd day the screw in the buffer tube came undone. but i fixed that but then when i had a faulty magazine and i think it may have been a stuck bb, motor jam, or something else but it made a half wind and then it wouldn't fire. so i sent the gun to the store 3 1/2 weeks ago and i haven't gotten it back or heard about it. but besides that the gun is very solid. it has a high fps and slower rate of than most guns. like how short it is and its liter than other guns i have used. but the rail covers and dust cover broke. so please reply if you have had these problems
by Jaydon B. on 02/23/2011
"I bought this gun off of a different website for a cheaper price but it went up. This gun is ok I would suggest that it is for some one who wants to be a long range assault so no one gets seriously hurt. The FPS is actually 400-435 with .20g BBs. One thing I hate with this gun is that the butt pad is nearly imposable to get off. You have to squeeze two tabs to get it off but they broke on mine by the 3rd time i took it off. If you want this gun YOU MUST GET A SMART CHARGER to else you will destroy the 9.6v battery (mine is going). Also the battery goes in the back so if your butt pad breaks hen you will have to tape the battery in with black electrical tape. All in all it is an ok gun I don't live it but i don't hate it either. I would suggest it for adults or tall people only (No offense to shorter people but im 14) because the stock cant go all the way in and has to stay in the 2nd position or the battery wont fit.

All metal rails and gears
high fps
ok feel

2nd position or bigger only
bad butt pad
High fps so no evike airsoft events :(
Must spend a ton more or battery will die (and they arnt cheap)
Battery goes in back

For the guy below:
A bigger battery wont fit because the battery goes in to the stock. You are stuck with a nunchuck style 9.6v battery. Anything bigger or smaller wont fit.