Reviews: New Version JG Custom Series AUG RAS Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

$230.00 $195.50

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Model: AEG-JG-0450A
Location: L3-009

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by peter o. on 2010-11-29 15:50:23
"Literally one of, if not the best gun you can buy for the money (if it is what you are looking for).
This gun is basically a Jg aug civilian ($160) with the cqb aug kit installed ($165). Plus this gun also has upgraded internals which can support a lipo. This gun is about worth at least $350 if you were to buy the gun the other way. For cqb this gun is top of the line, with a few upgrades.

I threw in a mad bull tight bore, and a g&p high speed motor, with g&p high speed gears for good measure, an m90 spring for cqb, and with a 11.1 lipo its absolutely ridiculous (i'd say 25-30 rounds per second). I don't suggest using the 11.1 lipo if you do upgrade the motor/ gears because your rof will be almost to high for your mags, unless buy very nice ones and lubricate very often.

Also the barrel is relatively long because of the bullpup design which makes it VERY accurate w/ the tightbore.

Get a 9.6, smart charger, and you'll be all set if you don't want to spend the money for a lipo.

Overall, an good gun stock, but with some upgrades you will have the best gun on the field!
by kenneth l. on 2010-06-13 16:23:40
"This is hands down the best gun i ever owned. Solid construction, excellent parts, and realistic weight. it was front heavy, but with a magazine and battery in it the balance was fairly centered.
The first Op i used it at, it chrono'd at 437 fps straight from the box. The wiring is 90$ wiring alone.
Easy as heck to take apart and upgrade, fits most barrels, has threading for extensions and silencers, full rail systems. i dont even remember how many times i dropped it, only to pick it up and have no problems at all with it except for some scratching. double pull trigger, half way is single shot, all the way is full auto.
if you can stand the weight, its the best gun around for that price.
by josh j. on 2010-03-09 18:41:07
"this gun is perfect... i just played a 5 hour cqb battle with this the batterie didnt go fown at all and its not as big as you would think its compact enof to have easy manuverability.
1. FPS it has a steady 450fps with the standard 8.4 batterie (i used a crono)
2. ACCURACY i consistintly hit a 10 inch target from 100 feet with a spread of about 3 inches
3. MOSFET this is a great feature it increasess how long the batterie will last be rerouting its energy
4. rails it has plenty of rail space the top rail is super long and makes it easier to put a sight at a comfortable spot
5.ROF for the fps it has a great rate of fire
6. trigger selector switch

1.because of the mosffet chip you have limited batterie space in the stock
2.flash hidder i can seam to get it off so my guess is that the yjust striped the screw during manufacturing

over all i would recomend this gun to anyone it has great accuracy a stead rate of fire and a great fps
by Connor K. on 2010-01-24 09:09:22
"I don't own this but my friend does. It's a real good gun, but i do think it should be a little cheaper in price.

Good Construction
Good ROF

Back heavy
Cheap mag

Thats all really.
by William H. on 2009-09-06 13:54:30
"This gun is excellent. I used it in two skirmishes stock before taking it completely apart. When skirmishing it was plenty effective: 400fps worth of range with good accuracy. When taken apart I was impressed by the quality of the gearbox parts - nice gears, powerful motor, good compression everywhere. Hop-up unit holds setting perfectly, no wobbles there. After upgrading I kept the stock hop-up unit and the vertical consistency of shots - even at long ranges - is very high.

FPS was 405 with .2s out of the box
High stock accuracy, with matrix .3s easily hits torsos at 150 ft. (real ft, not like the bs most people make up about their l33t 300ft shots)
Gearbox internals were very nice - excellent gears (Bevel gear had a second bearing inside of it - neat design)
MOSFET. MOSFET. This is the reason I picked this AUG over any other - comes with a built in mosfet.

Fairly front-heavy
Flashider grub screw was stripped when I received it - had to drill out
Mag doesn't feed perfectly
Gas knob fell out, as did the knob for removing the front end
Requires some other optics / sight, as AUG sights that come with it are useless.
by Jason W. on 2009-02-05 18:09:30
"This is a great gun. Just awesome all the way across the boards.

-solid construction
-sturdy feel
-good weight, not to heavy not to light
-very very accurate for stock
-easy to adjust hop up unit
-mags are plastic but the feed very good.

I would reccomend anyone to buy this gun
by matteson b. on 2009-01-06 21:37:09
"I just recieved My AUG and the only words to discribe it is WOW! Very good looking and feels great, Cronoed out of the box with non charged 8.4 batt. 456 FPS! Just amazing style and performance.
by dudley t. on 2009-01-02 02:05:37
"ok this gun is awesome but if ur going 2 b using alot get more than 1 mag nd get a couple of the spring loaded ones cause theyre more reliable, but other than that this gun is kiler i have the madbull xm203 shoty grenade launcher, nd that thing kills
by Ryan R. on 2008-12-27 20:36:51
"I just got this gun for Christmas. The day after, me and 10 other guys had an airsoft war. My AUG didn't perform very well. My brother who got a jg m16 dmr was much more accurate. But after the war i got the tools to take apart my gun and install my madbull tight bore barrel and it is soooooo much more accurate now and is much more accurate than my brothers m16 even on full auto. Overall this is an ok gun but has the potential to be very great!!!! Just get it a tight bore barrel and it will perform a ton better.
by Jake S. on 2008-12-12 17:30:30
"This gun is a must.

I live in Maine i have been around guns and airsoft guns alike. This gun is a awesome addition to anyone's collection. It is upgraded internally and externally. Although even real AUG's are made of a type of polymer, this gun's rail system is full metal. It preforms extremely well and is my pride and joy :). I have taken it on many skirmishes*, against MG's, g36's, m4/16's, ect. It has always out preformed my friends guns and left them asking where I got it.

Hope this helped anyone decide what to buy,
- Jake
by Jake S. on 2008-12-06 17:44:56

The Rail system on this gun is FULL METAL. the insides are upgraded as well. For the price, a great buy. Recmmend though, getting some type of scope or sight for it, as it doesnt really have any. Also the halo mock silencer will work on this gun. Oh and the good part this gun can easily shoot 400 fps.
by Daniel F. on 2008-11-30 21:33:04
"The rail system on this AUG is FULL metal. It used to retail $200 on the rail system alone. The AUG has a 14mm thread, so it will fit all kinds of silencer (to answer the question below).

Other than that, this is JG's newest version AUG with very good gearbox.

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