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Model: AEG-JG-0450A
Location: L3-009

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by David S. on 2015-06-03 17:45:56
"Well first off i love bullpup rifles so this gun was perfect for me. I i have used this gun for about 3 airsoft matches and i have been destroying even though it is about 10 pounds i still can use it for cbq and hit people from about 250 feet because of the 509mm innerbarrel this is gun is an all around excellent buy i was murdering people with m4's and polar stars the fps is about 435 out of box with .20s thats why i would suggest to switch to .25s the gun still holds its fps at about 390 and still shoots about 200 feet with the hop up adjusted just right i would say to buy a 9.6v battery and a smart charger i decided not to get a lipo.

by Ethan W. on 2014-06-26 23:04:40
"I received the AUG a few days ago. i was stunned by how majestic my AUG lay in a padded box.

Pros -
great rate of fire ( Lipoly battery )
accuracy is on point.
metal rails (red dot sight is prime with this gun)
most of the gun is metal
hop-up system is dope.
very comfortable
light ( I lift a lot) 9.8 lbs

Cons -
FPS - 360 - i thought it was going to be a lot higher but i am getting a spring upgrade anyway.
thats it

overall I highly recommend this gun. all my friends like the looks of it and are amazed with its precision.

The Lipoly batter is definitely worth it because the rate of fire is avg. with the battery it comes with. The set comes with the battery, charger, and some other black and red cord.
by Bobby H. on 2014-01-04 07:03:22
"This is the review of the Jing Gong Aug a3
First off let me say that this is a quality gun. It has lasted me for quite a while and it's heavy! Let's start from the buttpad and move our way forward. The but toad is all rubber and stays securely in place. The battery compartment is pathetic. It barely fits an 8.4 The stock and body are incredibly durable and the gearbox is powerful. The safety tends to come out and the two stage trigger continues to not fire correctly on semi auto (half pull). The barrel and front assembly are metal and have a very nice matte black finish. The flash hider is nearly impossible to remove. The hop up is good but not great. There will be some inconsistent shots but still accurate overall.

Now let's see the pros and cons.
Pros It's heavy well built and nearly indestructible. The accuracy is decent and it comes stock with a tightbore.
Cons it's too powerful you can't use it in a field there are some hop up inconsistencies the front assembly is a little wobbly. Overall a decent gun but for a price there are better.
by Tim R. on 2012-09-19 15:57:19
"this is a great gun! it has exeptional range and accracy. I'd say it is more of an intermidiate players gun though.

pros: metal, heavy, accurate, great fps for field (around 420 er 430), amazing range, barrel assebly comes appart.

cons:low rate of fire with the 8.4 it comes with.
by Brian S. on 2012-08-26 11:10:50
"This is a great gun!
Metal RAS
Mag fits well
You can put a suppressor on (you just have to destroy the flash hider)
Sturdy plastic body
Easy to take apart
Great for CQB
FPS is way too high (460!)
I got a really cheap plastic spring guide that cracked when I was replacing the spring
Battery space is small as hell
No iron sights (doesn't really matter too much though)
The fire selector and piece to remove the back and front of the gun both can fall out if you push them too far in.
Otherwise its a great gun to use, definitely not a beginner's gun or a gun for people who aren't as strong to carry this for a long time.
by kane k. on 2012-04-27 21:33:32
"I've had this gun for about 2 years (say in garage for a year) pulled it out last weekend for the first time in a while and I went tot he field and shot 409fps (sent all the little kids literally screaming)
THE BEST GUN in my opinion
High fps (if you compress the spring easy fix to 399!!!)
Heavy I love the weight wouldn't have it any other way
High caps are simple construction and very reliable (after you take apart and clean)
Range: has enough range for building to building outs ( I'd say about 150ft approx.)
Rof: really slow but I like it (lipoly=easy fix) slow but accurate
Can hit a person easily 175ft

Honestly can't think of any except my outer barrel fell off because I wore down the single thread but possible pro because looks more bada$$ and the huge orange tip is gone!!!
BBs get caught in the mag area after mag release (but doesn't affect anything except noise)

Overall I love this gun recommend for serious and beginners if toucan handle the weight
by matthew s. on 2012-02-06 23:24:21
"this gun has served me very VERY well

from the box it shoot amazing fps
lots of space for slapping stuff on
no real upgrades needed "maby a tight boar barrel"
weight is distributed evenly
easy access internals

a tad heavy "for-grip solves that"
RPM is a tad slow but a motor or lipo can fix that
mags move around a little but does not affect feeding nor do they drop out
flash hider is pvc glued on so takes a bit to get off
battery space is cramped
by Taylor R. on 2012-02-02 14:35:01
"I love the AUG, and I love this gun. I'm currently playing with the rail system off, but it is extremely easy to put back on.

-High FPS
-Good internals
-Looks great
-Rail system
-Easy to take apart
-Solid build

-It can be heavy, but did not bother me much.
-Not the best ROF.
-Make Sure To Tighten Screws. (Just In Case)

I'd defintely recommend this gun.
by Alec S. on 2011-11-15 22:41:09
"So I have had this gun for a bit now so here is my review.

This thing can hit a fly 200 feet away if the fly was head sized.
LONG barrel
easy to take apart
alot of rail space
mags are now some what cheap
unique and people will be amazed
rail is so hard to get off!(there is an alen wrench hole in the bottom)
mags are rare(but not here on evike)
shoots hot so get .28(.25 shoot about 400-410 STILL AHHHH!)
needs custom battery

You have to love the Aug if you want to get this but is a great support
(put a scope and bipod and I was a mad sniper)
by Collin M. on 2011-11-01 19:02:00
"Received mine after the labor day special, and I must say that it looks much better in person. My flash hider was glued on, and I still to this day cannot remove it. My next plan is to boil the end and melt the glue. I have heard that this method works very well.

Look/Feel/Weight, Just pleasing to hold
Nice metal front end
Long rail for optics
easy field strip

Battery space (Barely fits the 8.4 mini that comes with it)
Iron Sights (two plastic molded front sights absolutely terrible)
Gas Block wasn't attached (no big deal)
Rate of fire (Slow. Flat Slow. Even with 9.6)

Don't forget to get a sight because as I said the stock plastic sights are embarrassing and you cannot see anything with them.

Overall, It was a nice gun. I would recommend it to a friend if (s)he wanted a compact gun with the same long range capabilities. 4/5 In my book. Still like the mobility of a M4, and reloading with a bullpup was never something I could get used to.
by Jeramy W. on 2011-09-21 10:17:50
"Great and beautiful gun. I just got yesterday, my mom ordered it for me from Evike, I got to say great service. Um I know some said that there was a stripped screw on the flashider when they got theres, mine has no screw it was only glued on. now lets get to the pros and cons.

Looks amazing
shoots great (I recommend using .28 or higher. 25's still curve up after so long with hop up all the way down)
Comes with two Manuels one with basics other with great detials
easy movement with the gun
Can easly upgraded into a sniper (not that I plan on doing that)

Back strap holder doesn't feel very soild
Shots alittle to hot for most fields (it gets close to 450 out of the box)
Alittle heavy (but what doesn't kill ya only make you stronger)

Over all I would highly recommend it. I'll try to keep you updated later after I get some field use out of it.
by Wendy M. on 2011-02-07 09:33:58
"to answer questions: this takes AUG type mags. as it is an AUG. most weapons take a mag specifically designed for them. but many also use m4/m16. it should be easy to find out if you ask around on forums

this gun works great with stock internals, but i quickly put in a high-speed piston from matrix, and an 11.1v lipo battery. the fire-rate is now insane and the fps is about 450. if you want to increase the fps more ad a high quality piston head and a metal spring guide is suggested to make it last longer. the range of this gun is easily double that of a JG M4 for around the same price. the metal ris is mostly aluminum but is quite sturdy. the gun is balanced vary well.

also you NEED an optic for this gun. the iron sights are NOT meant for hardcore gamers. a suggest a scope or red dot window sight. i use a matrix 1-4 zoom scope and its really nice to see exactly where the bbs are hitting from afar.

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