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JG T3-K3 Full Size Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle (Package: Rifle)

33 Customer Reviews

by cody n. on 04/20/2009
"I love this gun. Great rate of fire. I had to send it in to evike to get it repaired. Very lose wiring. good size and awesome colors.
by Ruth V. on 02/15/2009
"this gun is worth every penny.....i bought just to shoot with my friends and it is the best gun we have eventhough it was much cheeper than any of my it its awsome
by Oscar C. on 12/21/2008
"this is a very sexy gun i love it has a great rof and its cool
by Cayman P. on 12/04/2008
"i'm a pretty big kid (6'1" 240lbs) and i think it is like a feather. the body is plastic, but strong plastic so it is light and durable too. if you want a scope you must buy an mp5/g3 scope mount for this rifle. it is very accurate and has a fast rof, its a great gun though.
by neil p. on 12/03/2008
"i bought this gun, and was extremely impressed with how well it shot. it's also very light for how long it is, about 42 inches long and only about 6-7 lbs. your 13 year old should be able to handle it. it's a great buy
by shawn w. on 11/20/2008
"how do i put a scope on this i want one so i can snipe with this
by Bruce H. on 09/09/2008
"This is a very good G3 it is extremely accurate and has a good fps and is very sturdy.
by Derrick C. on 09/03/2008
"This a very very accurate G3. (Comes with battery, charger, and all that goodies in the box.)

It is identical to the classic Army version but only half the price! A must have if you want a outdoor gun with very good accuracy and range.
by Jesse P. on 03/09/2017
"I didn't have huge expectations from this rifle being only $120 but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality that I payed for.

Now the weight may be an issue for some, it feels a little light and cheap in the hands, mostly due to the high amount of polymer in the build, but I have knocked this gun around and used it well in rather cold environments and it hasn't skipped a beat yet.

It's accuracy is way better than any of its competitors at this price range and it's rof with a 9.6v battery is outstanding.

Also the green polymer parts, ie the hamd guard and stock , are easily removed and can be relatively cheap to replace with much better ones found on this sight. This will make the average external build very nice indeed. I'd give the stock gun a 4 out of 5, amd upgraded 5 out of 5 for the price you pay.
by Dillon M. on 07/08/2016
"I've owned his aeg for a long time now, actually within a few months of release, and have yet to run into any major problems if at all.

Very Durable: despite the outer body being made entirely of plastic [Has taken falls, drops, bangs, cuts, and blows, but trucks on like a champ]

Accurate: Idk if maybe it was just mine, but my g3 has been pretty accurate since day 1 with .25 bb's
Light: pretty light thanks to the large amounts of plastic, but thats not always a bad thing

stylish: its probably just me, but I've always been a huge fan of the g3 looks

Hangs on semi after a bit: This is more of a con towards the motor aside from the gun, but after awhile of use, the gun started catching and hanging during semi-auto, but is quickly remedied by switching to full auto for a second, then switching back.

No mid-caps: There are no midcaps available that work with this gun. Not quite sure why but the only midcaps available for purchase dont feed into the gun at all.

All in all, I highly recommend this gun for anyone looking for the g3a3. Despite being old and mostly plastic, it has outlived many other airsoft guns i've owned, including a $400 metal m4. It is very durable despite its material. It's accurate, light, and will last you a long time if taken care of. It has a few short comings, but they are so minuet that they are overshadowed by how many great features and everything. it has otherwise
by Jay H. on 02/09/2016
"I've had this fun for about a month, and it has performed very well. Shoots around 350 with .25s for me. Was very accurate, and had a very large magazine capacity. Unfortunately, the wiring came apart inside the gun, on about the 4th skirmish, I was not rough. It just randomly stopped firing. I will be returning it for a new one.

Good accuracy
High magazine capacity
Decent Rate of Fire
Hits hard

Broke fast(might've been a lemon)
Scope mount is on an ABS plastic receiver.
Good price!

Overall a very good gun for its price. Can't wait to get working one!
by dillan m. on 06/03/2014
one of two full sized g3s on the market(both jg)
high quality for price
high fps
three days of games on one charge
no O.D. full sized forgrip
air nozzle shattered on game day five(cus full auto)
by JAMES C. on 03/03/2014
"Got this last Friday. Out of the box with .20's I was shooting around high 380's. Added a tightbore 6.01 and it went to 397 consistantly. I put a scope mount and scope on it and played at the field. I used far less ammo than with my M4 and racked up far more eleminations. I use a 9.6v 5000 MAH battery with it and the only problem I had with the gun was the high cap doesn't lock closed so you end up spilling BB's if you tip the mag over after filling it. For a little over a hundred dollars you out reach most of the M4 users on the field with accuracy as a bonus. I tried an 11.1v 1000 MAH battery for a little while on the field but thought I might be pushing the gearbox a little too hard.
by Hogan G. on 01/15/2014
"This gun is amazing. I recommend this gun to generically large people because this gun is big.
Shoots Good
Good FPS
Good RPS
Pretty light

Big Battery
Fusebox in Stock
Mostly Plastic

other than that its amazing
by Dave H. on 08/20/2010

this gun is pretty sound for 140$, externally ive had no problem with it. i would suggest getting a full metal lower receiver for the gun though because ive heard of them breaking over time, but mine is pretty standard and i dont do much modification to it, so it doesnt really matter to me.

Internal Review:

The internals on this gun werent THAT bad, but it had some low points.


It has a standard V2 metal gearbox so after market upgrades are easy to find.

ive had the stock internals on it for about a year now (excluding the bushings) and they havent really disappointed me. until recently when i upgraded it to a 9.6v and the stock piston stripped =/

Shoots just under 400 FPS and ROF is abouts 8 - 11 RPM on the included battery. its about 20 - 23 RPS with a 9.6v


The gearbox is cheap cheap cheap metal. pot metal through and through, and is poorly reinforced. i replaced it with a guarder full metal 6mm gearbox for 38$. ive never looked back.

The pistol grip houses the motor, and the pistol grip is only attached by 2 screws, ive had the stock GB holes for these screws stripped because the GB is so cheap. therefore the motor has backed out of the GB when firing chipping my gear's teeth in a couple places. again, REPLACE THE GB.

Came with plastic bushing (blahhhhh) bought 6mm full metal bushings for it, re shimmed it (didnt really need a re shim, but i did it anyway) re greased it (do that regulary anyway) and it was fine.

the inner barrel when i got this, i cleaned it before i shot it, the rag i used with the cleaning rod came out black....


if ur willing to spend around 100$ on internal upgrades for it (gearbox, TBB, bushings) then you have yourself a nice gun. i personally have not gotten a TBB for it, i will eventually but it shoots fine without one. in a shooting test i recently did, i shot 10 shots with the stock barrel and battery (after upgrade) at about 35 - 40 yards at a glass soda bottle. 9/10 hit.
Personally im happy with the gun overall

Out of 50:
Internals: 6/10
Externals: 7/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Look: 8/10
Price: 10/10

40/50 or 80/100
so an 80% its not a bad starter gun, it was my 1st gun, and overall im happy with it after i dropped in my upgrades.
I would recommend it for beginners due to the cheap price, and plastic externals.
It's a sturdy gun for the price, easily turned into a sniper, or just used as an assault (though the length can be a bit overwhelming.)

thumbs up to JG for this nice gun at the nice price.