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by Tracy V. on 2008-09-02 23:03:51
"Excellent mask! I just got it today! I have other masks and they fog up and get way too hot to wear all day. This mask does not do either of those things. I've been collecting armor since I saw Army Of Two and this is the last piece I needed for my collection of gears, and I couldn't be more pleased with the detail and quality.
by Tracy D. on 2008-08-24 01:59:39
"This is a great mask! Starting to see it on major airsoft ops now. I can see it become one of the most popular airsoft mask in the future simple for it's cool, not an paint ball mask look.

This mask is made out of very strong fiber glass material and unless your gun is shooting like a real gun, it is not possible to shoot through it. And in that case it will shoot through any airsoft mask (If you have a mask that is very beat up already, toss it and buy a new goggle immediately. This suggestion goes for all eye protections in the world.)

As for the mesh mask, always wear a low profile shooting glass on the inside. Thats just my two cents due to the bio degradeable bbs being used.

I am going to get one just for the coming halloween! This is the coolest mask ever!
by Toby M. on 2008-08-20 16:02:42
"solution to the headphone/mic problem would be a throat mic
they sell them on evike
they would work well with any of the cactus hobbies masks
by William L. on 2008-08-20 15:46:00
"I ordered one directly from Cactus Hobbies and it is a very good, intimidating mask. The 22 gauge wire mesh protects you very well from BBs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for airsofters!!!!!

Displaying 37 to 40 (of 40 reviews)

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