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by David S. on 2009-10-30 12:23:16
"Awesome quality, great mask. Just got it this, used it for some snowy winter airsoft matches, nice feel and it didn't give me any problems with my vision or using my scope (as long as you're not trying to get your face to close).

An added bonus was that is kept my face warm and prevented the snow from hitting my face and safety glasses. I didn't have to modify anything, it fit perfectly the first time and I was truly pleased not to have BB's hitting my face anymore.

In case anyone was worried, the BB's do make a loud, almost cracking type noise when they hit the mask, so you will know when you're hit.
by Kirill K. on 2009-10-25 12:16:55
"When I was ordering this mask I was concerned about its size (my head is a kind of big one). But when I put it one - it was pretty comfortable.
Cool look
Great protection
Scary =)
Nicely built
Angle of view is better than in most airsoft masks I've tried.

Some lack of soft pads inside the mask (to be honest - there are enough of them, but I would like to have more and I'm going to make this mod myself).

Giving it 5 stars - the best mask I ever tried in airsoft.
by helen z. on 2009-10-11 19:33:51
"this is a very good mask and sleek looking t he only thing is its hard to see at night but still VERY good
by Anthony P. on 2009-09-04 22:26:29
"Ok I totally feel for this on! I will say tha this mask is top notch but!!!! The mesh you can not really see through it well at least good enough to see where rounds are coming from. It will fit anyone's big or small head. Being able to see is a big problem with this baby! The quilty is well built but the only thing bad is being able to see! I can stress this again great mask but you can not see anything.
by Kevin S. on 2009-09-01 19:20:39
"This mask does something few other masks do; it combines sleek looks with full-face protection and great functionality.

Unlike other mesh masks, Cactus Hobby's masks have a very dense mesh that exposes only the eye-socket areas to BB's, minimizing the chance of "flak" (something you risk by buying ANY wire mesh face protection). The mask also holds a very low profile that allows another pair of full-seal goggles to be worn on top of the mask for 100% protection.

The low profile and denseness of the mask do come at a cost however, as the low profile can make it a little harder to breathe when doing a lot of moving, and the dense, limited mesh spacing can make vision a little difficult.

Also, when the mask first shipped, the structure of the mask around the eye was pressing uncomfortably around my eye sockets, so the material had to be sanded down before being comfortably worn.

+ Great looks
+ Low profile, and room for goggles over top
+ Safer than most mesh goggles
+ Full face protection

- Breathing can be difficult
- Vision will be strained a bit
- Mesh goggles are inherently unsafe without full-seal
by erick b. on 2009-03-24 21:35:50
"AWSOME masks! Gotta be the meanest looking of all airsoft masks, good visibility too.
by josh p. on 2009-03-07 20:32:51
"I love this mask. It looks realy cool. I shoot it with my mp5 and my gas m9 pistel from about a foot a way and I con't even see were the bb's hit the mask. it great.
by jeremy v. on 2009-01-13 02:31:10
"this mask is great super durable it fits really tight so no wobble when your really moving down the trail or diving for cover. It fits well up agains't the stock so seeing through red dot and regular scopes is no problem. The eye ports are recesed so they are closer to your eye giving better perifrial vision. I recomend getting a blacava as there is no back to this mask my one and only complaint!

Pro's Fits snug, durable, good veiw

cons NO back
by David H. on 2009-01-06 23:34:40
"I figured I would write a short review on the mask's overall use and practicality.
Firstly, there is no way you're fitting any kind of glasses, prescription or shooter, on the inside of the mask, there is no room for it at all. Secondly, and more importantly for airsoft, you can use a weapons ironsights quite easily unlike paintball masks, but I would recommend Red Dot or EOTECH style sight if you really want instantaneous target acquisition. The comfort of the mask surpasses any kind of paintball mask, by leagues really, and it's surprisingly comfortable to wear, although you will need to do a bit of adjusting to make it a perfect fit. And most importantly, at least when I considered purchasing, is the sight provided through the mask. And I must say, its superb, unlike most masks, the perspective is almost as great as one's regular eyesight; besides the steel grate over the eyes, which isn't very noticeable when wearing the mask.

So overall:
-No possible use of any type of Glasses/Goggles inside of the mask
-Ironsights a very usable as opposed to a paintball mask
-Great comfort, with a versatile strap system that will make just about anyone who wears these comfortable
-Great Eyesight Provided unlike the odd perspective that paintball masks seem to provide
-No fogging!

Don't hesitate to up and buy this mask, you will not be disappointed.
by Debra B. on 2008-12-23 21:22:37
"LOVE THIS MASK! There have been some complaints about the vision on the mask but don't pay any attention to it, unless the webbing on the eyes bothers you. Usually it is very hard to see through a scope, especially for snipers, but with this mask it fits your face pretty well and makes it easier to aim. The one thing I dislike about the mask is that the inside is a little annoying. I had to file off this one part that was annoying the hell outta me but besides that everthing is great.
by DEBORAH M. on 2008-12-17 18:40:23
"this mask is the bomb!!! i just bought it two days ago and cant wait to use it!!!!!
by Matthew O. on 2008-12-01 18:16:20
"i bought this way back in September when they were still on pre-order, and its amazing, i only have one problem with it, and its totally my own fault. CORRECTIVE PRESCRIPTION GLASSES cannot be worn under this mask, there just isn't enough room. If you have contacts more power to you, but if you have glasses i'm afraid this product could be a little disappointing. I am currently trying to custom mount a spare pair of lenses directly to the mesh, i don't have very high hopes for it. In a couple days I will repost with the results

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 40 reviews)

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