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Model: SG-M500LSB

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by Christian M. on 2016-10-14 12:03:04
"Super fun shotgun, has good range, great spread, easy to point and shoot. Only con is that after less than half a day of play the pump arm broke. It's super duper cheap metal, I managed to snap the rest in half with just my hands. I bought the marushin steel loading arms and of course they are slightly too big to operate the action fully and load more BBs. So be warned you might have to do some mods to keep this gun running long term. Really sucks they went so cheap on the most critical part of this gun, because the rest of the internals look like you could run them over with a truck. I ended up selling it because I couldn't figure out how to make the new loading arms work, but I still miss this gun. If you have access to a CNC machine or 3d printer or something and could make your own replacement, then this gun is a no brainier buy if you play cqb or even field with medium lines of sight.
by Felipe F. on 2013-09-27 01:57:19
"I love this shotgun!! Don't pump the gun
With one hand. Treat the gun well and it
Won't break on you... Simple.

-5 shot burst!!!!
-3 rows of bb feeders (each hold 45~50)
-Nice and heavy!
-Shoots hard

-Have to buy a gas can to accommodate
On the field because each fill up takes
Up one row of bbs
by Kim M. on 2013-09-22 08:34:03
"I have been relatively happy with this weapon. However, as everyone else has been saying, the two metal slides that connect the pumping and ejector slide mechanism breaks off almost immediately. Unfortunately it does this because the metal used in it is too cheap to hold up with constant racking. Even more unfortunate is the fact that racking this thing is so much fun to do.

One of the more frustrating aspects of this gun is trying to opening it. If there is one thing that infuriates me about a replica airsoft gun, it's having the pins and bolts that are responsible about dissembling the actual gun, but serve no other purpose than aesthetics on the replica. Some of the bolts are actually just INDENTS in the gun's frame.

Nevetheless, it's a very nice looking gun that will impress and astound at your local CQB field with it's performance (WARNING: It's a bit of a gas-guzzler)... Granted that you have the know-how to fix the metal sliders and are familiar with your local gunsmith.

NOT recommended for new or inexperienced players.

Yours Truly,
Bravo 9 AZ
by Casey S. on 2013-09-03 11:12:32
"A very awesome, but finicky shotgun. I won't echo what everyone else has been saying, I think we all have got the point that it is a very nice, gas operated, 5 burst, high capacity shotgun. And in the two weeks I have owned it, it has been an awesome CQC primary for me.

But one bad thing I must point out to potential buyers that I was not aware of, is how fragile this weapon can be. The two pieces of metal that connect the pump to the loading mechanism are made of very poor pot metal, and will break. From what I can tell from internet research is that it isn't an issue of "if" it will break, simply "when".

I'm sure doing the whole "terminator" style cocking method will expedite this process and we've all seen written on the gun's page, and in the manual, about how not to this, but even being gentle and taking care to rack the shotgun smoothly won't be enough, mine lasted me two weeks of constant play before breaking.

Research yields a decent guide for replacing the slide arms, which can be purchased as aftermarket upgrade parts from other over-seas retailers and modified to fit, and I have since reached out to Evike for help obtaining the "factory support on parts" stated in the gun's description.

Overall I still adore this weapon, I haven't seen any positive review of this gun that I don't totally agree with, but this HUGE negativity needs to be considered before purchase, especially for inexperienced airsofters who are uncomfortable with weapon disassembly. Hopefully Evike can come through and deliver on their claim of "factory support on parts", hope this helps!
by Scott S. on 2013-09-01 14:29:51
"totally worth every penny! ive had this about 3 months and have put her thru hell. still performs like day one. (as long as you follow basic gbb maint.) she has been in the rain, extreme heat, humidity, dust and dirt (welcome to Florida "outdoor" airsofting) The weight is barely noticable when on a 2 point sling but it is a hefty well built shotty. She is usually riding on my back as a secondary for when I enter our cqb area, simpy drop my primary and go to town clearing buildings. She loves to get up close and personal. FPS with .25's is right around 315 so its perfect. 9/10 times im shooting somebody in the back due to them "trying" to run when She enters the room. Take care of her and she will take care of you.
by Curtis S. on 2013-02-09 17:55:34
"Oh. My. Glob. This gun is great. I took it out for the first time today (Literally just now got home from the game). I was using it at our local CQB field, and it did everything I ever could have expected it to. Since you're not fighting a spring for every shot, your rate of fire is enough that you're not going to be outclassed by all the AEG's on the field. The spread is enough that you can reliably hit people at some pretty good distances, even when people are mostly in cover, they're not safe. While the gun is pretty heavy, if you hang it on a one point sling like I did, you'll barely notice it's there.

nice spread.
30 shots lasts a long time
Pistol grip makes it great for cqb

Better carry a backup, because if you run out, you're not reloading it in the field.
Heavy (If that's a problem for you)
EVERYBODY will want to touch/hold/fondle this gun.
by Elvis Y. on 2011-07-06 21:15:46
"Great Shot Gun...Powerful...Dmg Dealer...

realistic pump action/feel like the real thing when pumped
Full metal
aka SteakOut in COD: Black Ops
320 fps
great range for a shotgun...25yrd with full gas
50 bbs in each tube(x3) total of 150bbs; 10rd in each tube and five-six shot burst depend on how you pumped do the math

Gas hog
fps will hit over 500 if shooting blank(if) won't pass chrono if not load properly
scratch easily
jams if pump too fast/open up gun IF jamming rod won't work

all in all: 5/5
by george k. on 2011-03-28 19:39:59
"This gun is truly amazing! Because it is gas i expected it to be loud haha, but it was actually more silent than my gbb pistol. This gun also has a good weight to it which suprised me a lot. 5 bbs per shot is unbeatable and i think this is perfect for cqb because it is just a pistol grip. Also this is not as silver as in the picture which was a bit disapointing.

Pros: Heavy ( also con)
5 SHOTS!!!!
Full metal
Pistol Grip
Cons: Heavy ( LOL )
Pump a little wobby
Not as light colored as advertised. ( haha but the one in the vid was chrome???)

All these Cons are minor so the Pros easily make them unnoticable!!!!!!! SO I GIVE THIS 5 STARS!!!!
by Andrew C. on 2010-09-19 17:11:00
"This shotgun truly is amazing, with a 5-shot burst and 150 rd total cap! You can feel the power when wielding one of these, and so will the other team. If you want to have a lot of fun and make the other guys feel pain, get this gun now!
by Christopher B. on 2009-09-23 22:36:36
"This shot gun is awesome! It feels great in your hands and it shoots very hard. Very good gun for the money.
by John G. on 2009-02-19 21:38:10
"This gun is excellent, i know people talk of how you have to have this as a seconday and no shotgun can be a primary. No !!! this gun is just that good the 510fps and five shots have people running away like you wouldn't beileve. it holds enough ammo. it has 3 chambers which each holds about 53 shots thats 159 total. no body i mean nobody!! will mess with you in close quarters. when me and my freinds play capture the flag both teams always want to guard the flag in the backyard because it has tons of close quarters and when ever im there no one goes near it. this gun just can't be beat at close quarters and its an easy pump slide for fast shooting. the pump is so easy to pump a two year old could do it literally. Even if you do use this as a secondary for close quarters. It will be the best secondary in the game. as far as i see it, this shotgun is the best close quarter weapon of airsoft. Also its affordable
by Andrew M. on 2009-02-10 18:21:08
"I just recently bought this gun.
2 words: It's Amazing!!
So prepare yourself because i have a lot to say about this gun. I just recently bought it and it comes with a barrel cleaner, bb's and instructions and there''s not much to it. Disclaimer to all the rumers lately....Sorry guys there are no shells but i honestly think that shells wouldn't make this the gun that it is....they would just be one more hassle. All things aside though......if you want to intimidate like mad and be a badass, buy this gun....its fully metal right down to the grip.....which is really sturdy. Nothing about this gun is flawed. It has 3 tubes for loading and you simply twist a pin and turn the barrel clockwise and you are reloaded. You get atleast 10 shots per tube so atleast 50 bbs per tube. Sometimes the bb's hate to go in when its full. But just take out a few and stuff the barrel down again. Its gas, its brilliant and you get to let your bb's fly untill atleast 20 shots and then your out of be prepareed to buy a sidearm if you're going to use this thing. I don't know why you'd carry this thing around as a sidearm anyway though.....but. its up to you. iTs pretty heavy.
This gun DOES not shoot 410 or more. With the 5 shot, its obvious to only release enough pressure alone to release 5 bbs and maybe with one shot you could get it up to 430 on the chronograph, i chronod mine and its 320-330! so not bad! Amazingly for a shotgun, this baby is really accurate up to 60 or more feet. At that rate, the fps is gonna go close range say.....30 ft. would kick ass.
DO NOT USE THE TERMINATOR MOVE ON THIS GUN! It will break the gun. But rest assured.....its metal, and its 180 dollars so......if you want to be a badass, buy this gun!!!

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