Reviews: Matrix Maurshin Clone M500 SSB High Capacity Five round / Shot Full Metal Gas Shotgun. (Short)


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Model: SG-M500LSB

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by lynn w. on 2008-10-25 20:28:02
"This is a fanomale weapon. I used my freinds at an airsoft match it was very practicle. 5 shots everytime, avg. 450 fps each shot and no mock shells!!! ( mock shotgun shells jam airsoft shotguns alot! The only advantage of shells is realism ) the loading of this gun is odd but more practicle than shells. However,this should not be your primary weapon. It has a low ammo capacity and you can fire off alot under a few seconds, I wouldent though you might break the gun. This makes an excellent CQC secondary weapon however, because its faster to shoot than a grenade launcher. With its pitol grip and short barrel it is a great choice for a shotgun, 180 bucks anit that bad.

by Joshua A. on 2008-10-14 18:59:48
"You probably don't want to use anything other than green gas. I've seen propane kill many a guns.
by mark m. on 2008-10-07 13:53:23
"hey guys does it use all types of gas? (propane, green gas, co2,etc.)
by justin l. on 2008-10-07 12:30:56
"does anyone know if there is an adapter to throw an m4 model stock on this gun?
by Barb D. on 2008-10-07 12:10:49
"is there any way to get the veritical grip for the front? Would the marushin part work for it?
by Mathew B. on 2008-10-06 20:48:41
"I alrdy have an CA SLR Ak47 and TM Ak47S, was going to sell the SLR and ive been looking at this gun. And are Echo1 reliable, alot of people i know have been buying them, seem decent, but im not to sure on its durability.
by Johnny L. on 2008-10-05 22:40:44
"Matthew, this is a shotgun not an AEG. So it is really an opionion which is better. but if you are getting an AK, get a G&G or Echo1. Those are better
by Mathew B. on 2008-10-04 15:17:54
"Hey if u read this again, Is this better then say a CA SLR AK47 with about 2 years of use on it?
by Dan V. on 2008-09-26 15:14:50
"What kind of gun do you have?
Oh and Yeah if you're thinkin about buyin it. dont procrastinate. buy it. my buddy uses it as a primary and giggles everytime he puts 5 bb's into someone.
By far the bestshotgun ive ever seen and i've been in the sport for over 6 years
by Dennis J. on 2008-09-17 22:07:27
"How long is this gun im thinking about mounting it on the bottom of my gun and i need to know thanks
by Dan V. on 2008-09-17 16:13:48
"Ok listen up, as far as the FPS goes you can adjust it. If you notice in one of the pics where the port is open because they pump is pulled back there is what looks like a flat head screw in the side. Thats how you adjust the gas flow of the gun to increase or decrease the FPS. I just bought this gun and get it on friday. I will write another review when i get to test it out and put all the hub-bub to rest :)

********F.A.T.E. Airsoft team, Cottage Grove, MN********
by Dylan B. on 2008-09-17 15:39:40
"Ok for everyone thats been like "o this gun is not worth 180$" "it shoots around 500 f.p.s." "Not a good primary" listen up...First off its gas and who cares if it shoots around 500 f.p.s. you need that power to improve your range, and its airsoft, the other team should know if they just got shot by a barrage of 5 bb's per shot. Next idk of one person on our airsoft team who uses a shot gun as a primary, thats just stupid, and that brings up another point. DUH your gonna have to reload if you use any gun and this way of loading is alot more effective than the shells you would use in the m3 (they get jamed in the breach) and i think that you can still get pleanty of shots off with what it holds, and you won't need much more....if you do....lear how to aim! This gun makes a perfect secondary and i would much rather know i have a 500 f.p.s. beast shooting 5 shots every time on my back, than a peace 3 shot springer...

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 42 reviews)

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