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Matrix Maurshin Clone M500 SSB High Capacity Five round / Shot Full Metal Gas Shotgun. (Short)

42 Customer Reviews

by Jacob S. on 09/13/2008
"Why woud you want to have the velocity reduced? If want one with a lower velocity, BUY one at a lower velocity.
by Kim M. on 09/22/2013
"I have been relatively happy with this weapon. However, as everyone else has been saying, the two metal slides that connect the pumping and ejector slide mechanism breaks off almost immediately. Unfortunately it does this because the metal used in it is too cheap to hold up with constant racking. Even more unfortunate is the fact that racking this thing is so much fun to do.

One of the more frustrating aspects of this gun is trying to opening it. If there is one thing that infuriates me about a replica airsoft gun, it's having the pins and bolts that are responsible about dissembling the actual gun, but serve no other purpose than aesthetics on the replica. Some of the bolts are actually just INDENTS in the gun's frame.

Nevetheless, it's a very nice looking gun that will impress and astound at your local CQB field with it's performance (WARNING: It's a bit of a gas-guzzler)... Granted that you have the know-how to fix the metal sliders and are familiar with your local gunsmith.

NOT recommended for new or inexperienced players.

Yours Truly,
Bravo 9 AZ
by Steven K. on 01/01/2009
"i was reading up on this gun, because a guy on my team has one, and its great for cqb. shoots 5 bbs everytime you pump. the reason im writing this review is because evike claims this gun shoots 490-510fps, and it shoots no where near that velocity. i opted to be the first guy shot, just to get a feel of it, and it feels like a stock tm to me...(280-300fps). a guy on the full stock version said he chronographed it at 290.

Webmaster: Revised. Notice that this shotgun fires 5 rounds at once. The chrono can't read correctly if you are firing 5 rounds at one time. Put one round in to find the 490~500 fps reading. 5 shot at a time you get reading of 300~ fps.
by Barb D. on 10/07/2008
"is there any way to get the veritical grip for the front? Would the marushin part work for it?
by Mathew B. on 10/06/2008
"I alrdy have an CA SLR Ak47 and TM Ak47S, was going to sell the SLR and ive been looking at this gun. And are Echo1 reliable, alot of people i know have been buying them, seem decent, but im not to sure on its durability.
by Mathew B. on 10/04/2008
"Hey if u read this again, Is this better then say a CA SLR AK47 with about 2 years of use on it?
by dudley t. on 09/15/2008
"i go up 2 chino 350 fps limit its the best courses though
by dudley t. on 09/14/2008
"i need the 5 shot thing but i need under 350 for the course rules
by dudley t. on 09/11/2008
"this looks awesome i only have one question can u get the velocity reduced??? if u could that would b awesome
by Christian M. on 10/14/2016
"Super fun shotgun, has good range, great spread, easy to point and shoot. Only con is that after less than half a day of play the pump arm broke. It's super duper cheap metal, I managed to snap the rest in half with just my hands. I bought the marushin steel loading arms and of course they are slightly too big to operate the action fully and load more BBs. So be warned you might have to do some mods to keep this gun running long term. Really sucks they went so cheap on the most critical part of this gun, because the rest of the internals look like you could run them over with a truck. I ended up selling it because I couldn't figure out how to make the new loading arms work, but I still miss this gun. If you have access to a CNC machine or 3d printer or something and could make your own replacement, then this gun is a no brainier buy if you play cqb or even field with medium lines of sight.
by Casey S. on 09/03/2013
"A very awesome, but finicky shotgun. I won't echo what everyone else has been saying, I think we all have got the point that it is a very nice, gas operated, 5 burst, high capacity shotgun. And in the two weeks I have owned it, it has been an awesome CQC primary for me.

But one bad thing I must point out to potential buyers that I was not aware of, is how fragile this weapon can be. The two pieces of metal that connect the pump to the loading mechanism are made of very poor pot metal, and will break. From what I can tell from internet research is that it isn't an issue of "if" it will break, simply "when".

I'm sure doing the whole "terminator" style cocking method will expedite this process and we've all seen written on the gun's page, and in the manual, about how not to this, but even being gentle and taking care to rack the shotgun smoothly won't be enough, mine lasted me two weeks of constant play before breaking.

Research yields a decent guide for replacing the slide arms, which can be purchased as aftermarket upgrade parts from other over-seas retailers and modified to fit, and I have since reached out to Evike for help obtaining the "factory support on parts" stated in the gun's description.

Overall I still adore this weapon, I haven't seen any positive review of this gun that I don't totally agree with, but this HUGE negativity needs to be considered before purchase, especially for inexperienced airsofters who are uncomfortable with weapon disassembly. Hopefully Evike can come through and deliver on their claim of "factory support on parts", hope this helps!
by John Y. on 11/13/2008
"crap, I rated 5 by accident, I'm rating 3 to compensate