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WG CO2 Full Metal 6" High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Chrome)

22 Customer Reviews

by Pierre M. on 10/05/2008
"The Co2 cartridge goes inside the hand grip of this revolver. It slides out backwards. Very easy to insert
by zia a. on 10/05/2008
"the gun says its a co2, if so then where does the co2 cylinder go? i wanna buy a co2 gun because i never had one.
by chris B. on 09/23/2008
"Well i just bought this gun. Sofar all my airsoft guns wer ein the 280 fps range. Well ive never had a co2 so i just kinda was like "Ok ill shoot the cardboard box"

Not realizeing my wooden tv holder was behind it, it ripped through the box, and then left a dent the size of a **** On the tv holder.

This gun is amazingly accurate. Great price too.

trust wingun.

They win.
by Liam G. on 11/18/2008
"Hey I was wondering what kind of co2 to get and how many shots one canister can get you. Does anyone know?
by Gary J. on 09/17/2008
"Excellent Quality, The gun is beautiful and shoots straight. Be forewarned, if you put .20s in this thing it can reach speeds over 500fps with a new co2 cartridge. Definitely NOT for CQB, unless you really have someone who won't call their shots, in which case hitting them under 50 ft away, they won't have to, cuz they'll yelp like a wounded dog. Put 25's in and you can hit a 1 ft target at about 150'

Only drawback is it shoots too hard.
by Tamara B. on 03/18/2009
"I was at a large airsoft event and we were playing a cqb game to end the day. I got shot arm by a kid with this pistol. It broke skin from 20 feet through a shirt. I immeditly made the kid pull his deadrag out and we marched over to the chrono (we didnt chrono pistols that day)

The average FPS of 3 shots with .25g bbs was 413. That would put it close to 500 with .20s.

Great looking and great feeling, but NOT safe to play with at close range!
by Charles D. on 11/14/2008
"Hey I was wondering if Anybody had chronographed this gun, and if so how fast these shots really come out with .25g shot.