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WG CO2 Full Metal 6" High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Chrome)

22 Customer Reviews

by Jack U. on 04/20/2013
"I gotta say...this gun is AWESOME! Omg this thing has some power to it and believe me, they run when they see it in the field!

Pros:awesome look
Amazing fps
Full metal

Cons:pain to reload
by James A. on 08/07/2012
"Just recived this gun in the post today!!!!!

Amazing in every single way and is by far the best and most intimidating gun i have ever played with.

Balanced weight
not light and flimsy
light on gas

i advise that u dont play a bush game with it as dirt likes to get stuck inside the inner workings
safty and firing switch gets stuck
shells can be dropped if not stored properly
trigger got stuck once i pulled the trigger

but all and all this is a very amazing gun!!!! and would definitly recomend it to a more advanced airsofter as it can hurt someone pretty bad!!
by Anita K. on 12/22/2011
"this gun is the best pistal mony can buy. i was realy inpressed with this gun. it kicks HARD. i love it soooooooooooooo much. if you want a pistal git this gun. and the co2 lasts a long time per 1 canister.
by John A. on 11/06/2011
"I just got my gun yesterday and I have to say ITS THE BEST GUN EVER!!!

I know a lot of u people looking at the revew r trying to decide to get thins gun or not and this is the gun u r gana want to get. I looked for days and this is by far the best co2 revolver ever. Get this gun and use the .25 gram bbs. Do it FOOLS
by michael c. on 06/09/2011
"i bought this gun and bought Spare Shells for UHC Revolver Series and I tested the difference in the power from the shells and i got with the uhc shells 500-530fps compared to the 400 something fps with the shells it comes with i recommend getting this gun and the shells i love it to death.
by Noah K. on 03/12/2011
"this gun OWNS. it is very intimidating and does not use a lot of co2 like a lot of gun (especially blow backs). you can get around 120 shots in one tank. get two of them, a holster and you will be a complete beast. i am not that good at air soft but when i got these... i owned. you really don't need a speed reloader because with only 6 shots, you will make them count. i say just one pistol will blow rifles out of the air, but if you got two... carnage.
by hamp g. on 02/07/2011
"this revolver is is sooo powerful.i rate a 7 out of 5.i was in a war when my friend charged me.i shot him three times, and he ran away.

while shooting 12's it is still super straight. while shooting 30's it is straight and hurts like crazy

this is a great sidearm for a sniper and everything.make sure to buy extra speed loaders.

i would buy this revolver a hundred times over for this price.i recommend this revolver to everybody.

thank you evike for this amazing revolver
by David B. on 01/03/2011
"Awsome REVOLVER!!!!!

this gun is vary good. the airsoft shells are metal. the wingun revolers are the best revolers for 100-200 dollers

pros full metal
metal shells
high power fps
3lbs so/so
co2 is at evike

cons does not come with nice bbs. i say buy .25 gram high grade bbs at evike

overall awsome gun
by Alfred H. on 12/16/2010
"Great gun!!! i was speechless when i received this pistol! i have had mine for about 2 years now and it still works perfectly, this gun is extremely realistic and hits Hard. i highly recommend this sidearm for any level of airsofter, and especially for 105$ its unbeatable. but your gonna need a leg holster and make sure its big enough cuz this guns got some size. and make sure you get a lot of co2 because you wont wanna stop shooting this!
by Liam T. on 10/13/2010
"At first I was skeptical. But this gun is amazing. I brought it to a big game and everyone was freaked out by it! It not only looks sick but it shoots hard and acurate. You need a steady hand though. It's not for anyone without a firm hand otherwise it goes way off. Its a great buy. it is is well worth it. It's fun to use and pretty much better than my 400 gps G3. Plus you can just push bullets in from the side so it's very easy to reload. Have fun with it.
by Jack J. on 04/21/2010
"I had been waiting for a CO2 revolver for sometime when I stumbled upon this baby, and it is amazing! My only original problem with it was that it's not based on a real revolver design, but once it arrived, I got over that pretty quickly. I love revolvers, but hate that all of the ones in airsoft form are either spring or green gas powered. Thankfully that isn't the case with this one.

It shoots very fast, (460-480 fps or so with .20's), and it has good accuracy once you get the feel for it. You don't have to take out the shells to load it either, as the bb sets in the front of the cylinder, so you can load it without removing the shells. If your friends will let you use it during a war, then prepare to be feared.
by Brian S. on 09/21/2009
"Thankyou so much Evike, for carrying such a Superb Revolver!!

This is by far the Best-Bang-For-Buck deal when it comes to revolvers! This particular model is just plain AMAZING! It is amongst the hardest hitting, farthest traveling stock Sidearm I have ever seen!

I recommend the .23's with the 6", for in my opinion, they are the ".40 cal version" if you will. The .23's has superb accuracy and range compared to the .2's and .25's!
by Gary J. on 02/09/2009
"I have Seen Dozens of Revolvers / Purchased Several all I can say is this is the pinnacle of Airsoft Revolvers. Without a doubt this is the best full metal revolver available. Forget Marushin, Tanaka, This one is better by far over my $400 Tanakas. I have been shooting it a lot, Evike has the spare shells and it just feels and looks great. Don't waste your time if you just want a revolver, get this one. I am a collector, so it's different for me.

Chrono Tests:
(Average over six shots)
.12 - 575 fps
.20 - 492 fps
.25 - 440 fps
.28 - 402 fps

Range Tests:
(Grouping six shots, fixed mount, .25g)
25 ft - 1 1/4 inch
50 ft - 3 1/2 inch
75 ft - 8 inch
100 ft - 1 bb hit 8x10 target

Amazing performance, compensating for distance and I've hit 150'

Pros: Looks, Performance, Durability
Cons: I cannot find a photograph or designation for the real gun.
by tony t. on 12/02/2008
"This gun is great very powerful, all metal, double action revolver. First time i saw this revolver i was amazing the size is big and heavy, the trigger is heavy to pull, its front nose or barrel was wiggley but use black tape to fix it up now its sterdy and ready, amazing range with this gun, sometime the bbs spin off to the right, the grip that holds the co2 inside come off sometimes, but easy to put back, you can get aleast 115 shot with this before co2 runs out, it being a revolver you have to make every shot count, so you can be trigger happy, very effect around 95 feet of a person, so cqb with this gun is hurt a lot. but if your looking for a strong and powerful and accurate gun, this gun will fit your needs.
by Phyllis H. on 11/10/2008
"I am really interested in buying this gun but i was wondering where u could get spare shells for it?