Reviews: Madbull Gemtech Quick Detatch Mock Suppressor Barrel Extension w/ QD Flashhider. (Black)


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Model: BRL-MB-G5-B

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by Marcela E. on 2015-10-28 21:35:26
"This suppresser / barrel extension magnificent and I mean it to the letter solid and I mean solid build the suppresser/barrel extension comes in matte black and look gorgeous but tends to get easily scratched but the war torn look which in that case is worth it the flashhider looks intimidating and with the suppresser / barrel extension makes it look like a monster

Solid build matte black looks very intimidating quick detach with is amazing and has official trademarks on the side of the suppresser / barrel extension and it gives it an authentic look 10/5
by joe p. on 2011-12-13 00:02:53
"Ive used a few other suppressors including the blackside. This is by far the best one ive ever used. I get nothing but compliments on it. with a 1/4 twist you can turn your cqb legnth rifle into a field legnth and all you have to do is change your inner barrel size. The finish matches a basic black metal gun perfectly. The flash hider by itself is a good look flash hider as well. 5 second barrel extension assembly/disassembly or a 15-20 second screw on/off barrel extension? no brainer get this you wont be dissapointed
by Jacob H. on 2011-01-28 00:10:05
"good length. looks good. very well-constructed. at first i didn't think the suppressor fit right over the flash-hider, but then i found out that you have to press it in and twist. for the price, i don't think i've seen a better one than this.
by David W S. on 2011-01-05 18:27:31
"just got mine in today. its pretty awesome. real steel construction. flash hider screws rite onto the gun and the suppressor goes on and with a quarter turn is locked in place. no wobbling mo movement. very solid. love it. worth every penny.
by Brent H. on 2009-03-31 20:33:25
"The term "Barrel Extension" refers to your option of concealing a longer inner barrel inside of this supressor. I.E. you attach this to a G36C and get a new tighbore barrel that is 7 inches longer than the stock barrel and use the supressor to hide the extra barrel.

This particular model will attach to ANY Counter-Clockwise 14mm threading.
by josh p. on 2009-03-07 19:58:30
"I got my in last week it looks sweet on my mp5. It as a good weight to it too. The flashhider went right over the one on my gun, so instal only took like 2 or 3 min. If your looking for a supressor this one is gaert.
by Jordan P. on 2009-02-26 20:12:27
"will this fit my jg s-system? So thanks dueces evike is a great store
by allan r. on 2009-01-01 14:44:16
"first of all this comes with the flash hider to replace with the old one. this silencer has 2 notches cut out of it so that when you attach it you only have to turn it to lock it in place. with out the flash hider it wont lock and will just fall off in the woods. NO THIS IS NOT MADE FOR ANY OTHER FLASH HIDER BUT THE ONE IT COMES WITH THAT IS WHY IT SAYS SILENCER ANS FLASH HIDER
by Caleb W. on 2008-11-29 21:28:55
"you dont need any barrel extension with any gun you buy this for. the silencer only goes to the flash hider. There for buy this and it will fit. Also if you look in the pictures it shows it on a MP5k which has one of the shortest barrels of any airsoft gun.
by Heather M. on 2008-11-29 12:56:55
"Hey will this fit an MP5 A5 RAS? or will I have to buy a barel extension.
by alec m. on 2008-11-26 16:06:55
"alrighty, I ordered this with my Type 96 maruzen and 1st of all, the silencer works great, both the flashhider and the G5 look awsome and its really nifty how they fit together. 2nd of all, for all those who might just be also looking at ordering this with their type 96, the inside part of the silencer has to be able to fit over the barel of the gun that you are using, so for us snipers and guns with wider barel diameters this is a problem, the silencer cant lock onto the flash hider. what I did was take a toothpaste cap and cut of the end to make less thread space and it worked pretty well. yes, I did try using washers. im not a retard. the washers turned out to be much larger than the barell too. however after screwing around with it, i found a hex screw on the side of the flash hider that stops the flashider from moving up and down the thread. PERFECT,. almost.... Im keeping my toothpaste cap spacer on though, so it will provide extra support and prevent the screw from breaking (the screw is minscule). But if you dont have this problem of large barel diameter, its a great silencer, sorry this was so long.
by Sandra H. on 2008-10-29 20:54:49
"no it wont fit on ur g36c only the flashhider will. u would have to get a barrel extention

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 17 reviews)

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