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G&P 4x32 Rifle Scope with Integrated Iron Sight & Weaver Mount

13 Customer Reviews

by Andrew N. on 01/13/2017
"1st off, I would like to state that this is a great sight. It is almost identical to the real Trijicon ACOG, besides the engravings and print. The reticle is nice, and for $89, I would say this is a nice replica for a realistic tactical loadout. Although it doesn't have an illuminated reticle like the real one, it is still easy to scope out and shoot. Some previous reviewers have talked a bit about eye relief as mediocre on this scope, but I find the eye relief to be fine. I love this scope and It makes my M4A1 look all the more real. I plan on buying another for my M16 (I am a fan of ARs and the U.S. military).
by Kevin N. on 06/09/2016
"The sight is amazing however, the eye relief can be better
by Joseph C. on 12/22/2013
"This scope by far looks and feels the best and works better than anything else I have used.

Love it!
by Michael L. on 01/07/2009
"Just got this baby in the mail. Im very Happy.
Good Weight
Feels Durable
Easy to See
Has Iron sights on top
The sight goes through the whole optice vertically, but just half horizontaly, which i like personally
Has Bulllet(BB) drop in the sight

None now, i have a felling the paint will rub a little but as long as the optic doesnt break im happy.

A bit pricey, but worth it
Great for m4/m16
by graham h. on 12/20/2008
"Ok just to start. This is the best scope i have ever used. I have not used a real trijicon acog and i know that would be better but for 1/10 of the price you can have this beast of a scope. I know 140$ seems up there but in my mind it is worth every penny. The nobs on the top and side adjust for winage and elevation and all that good stuff but it actually takes a flathead screwdriver. The nobs are just little covers. I personally don't care but some guys are anal about that stuff.

Perfect picture, looking the the scope is clear as day
Eye relief seems to be great.
Replica reticle (I think!)
Looks just like a real acog
Has Iron sights on the top!
4x32 is perfect for airsoft.

Well I can really think of any...

I was suprised at how well it performs and its overall one of the best buys i haver ever made for airsoft!
by Chris S. on 10/06/2008
"this is probably a good find for a real gun and airsoft alike...

this is made for real steel weopon so should be top notch quality replica acog...

4x is a bit much for airsoft use in my oppinion unless dmr or sniping...
by tom k. on 10/06/2008
"What kind of optic is this, like what kind of crosshairs does it have. Is it zoomed in like AR15/M16 4x22 Compact Tactical Scope, is it something like that?
by Kevin W. on 02/17/2014
"Looks awesome on almost any airsoft gun. Eye relief could be better, but still effective. I had difficulty sighting it in as the adjustments were bored in tight. I took the 4 screws out and re-centered optics as best I could manually. Once that was done, I could sight it in. VERY accurate!
by Ted B. on 12/31/2013
"Good scope, a little fuzzy and the eye relief could be a little better but all in all definately worth the money, especially if you get it on sale
by Joshua E. on 06/10/2013
"This is a very high quality scope. It is very well made, looks awesome, and is very durable. However, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for day to day airsoft use. While most would think it would work great for an M4 or M16, I think that 4x is a little too much for airsoft. However, an m16 or m4 with a very high powered spring (500+ FPS) this is a great choice, especially with the iron sights on top.
by Aaron I. on 03/21/2013
"Ive had this scope for a while now and my buddy LOVES it, but i have trouble sighting it in, but i believe thats because of my gun not the scope itself. Overall its a good scope, paint does not rub off after months of hard use, overall great scope.
by Tyson V. on 04/16/2010
"Just got this scope and played a game with it. Solid scope, basically as advertised. The only problem I have with it is that the lense you view through is pretty small which makes looking through it difficult unless your exactly the right distance from it. For this reason I had difficulty using this when I was on the move, works fine for sniping though.
by eddy w. on 10/06/2008
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