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12 Gram CO2 Cartridge for Airsoft and Air Gun (Quantity: Box of 30)

16 Customer Reviews

by Jared M. on 06/27/2017
"CO2 Cartridge, check

Great price
Has CO2 inside!
Pew pew pew

You'll eventually need more, your insatiable need for CO2 may cause real medical problems: thunder b mania, magazine hoarding, bulk buying, cold fingers, and dry firing your elite force 1911

5/5 will find ways to get more

--Nurse Jared
by Caleb H. on 06/15/2016
"+ It works. What else is there to say? It's CO2.
- My Walmart sells them at 6 bucks per 15, so I'll buy it from there from now on. Sorry Evike.
= I highly recommend this product, because it works.
by James S. on 03/02/2016
THEY GO FAST=( with the amount of shooting I do)
THEY FIT IN MY GUN=) good for me, don't know about you)
by Alex L. on 10/24/2011
"Not much to review CO2 is CO2. This is the only CO2 i've ever used on the only gas gun I've ever owned, but with this CO2 I got about 150+ plus shots on my Win Gun sport 331 CO2 blowback. Shots after about 150 the slide didn't go back all the way and the bb's dropped(pretty normal). So I don't know how these compare to other CO2 brands, but they're shiny. Unlike one of the other guys mine was shipped in just a bag with no protection besides the box it was in and the bag.
- shiny
- CO2
- nothing's broken yet(CO2 or gun)
- work like they're suppose too

- some of the words on some of the canisters are faded(does not effect performance)
- maybe shipping(but none were damaged so not really a problem at all)

Overall great CO2, work like they're supposed too. Not much too review you know, CO2 is CO2.
by Leah R. on 02/09/2011
"These are your average 12gram CO2 canisters and i don't see how anyone culd have a problem with but anyways if your thinking about getting these buy 2 and get 40 canisters because the box that they come in beyond tape (I mean the whole box was covered in tape!) then when you finally get the box open the CO2 has 1in think foam on both sides and the CO2 is not scatched at all. The shipping is quick and and UPS send you about 4 emails in total. TO wrap it up this is the best deal and best shipping i have ever seen. 10/10
by Tanner K. on 12/28/2010
"greatt value for the price. with my co2 pistol i get about 120 shot for every co2 cartridge!!!
by Peter C. on 05/12/2010
"Ideal for CO2 guns and for Thunder B's. They are simulation grenades that make a super loud flash noise. If you get them, be warned. I am going to buy this when i get my thunder b kit for $33. Electric airsoft rifles and gas/co2 pistols are the way to go. Airsoft grenades aren't that great but thunder b's are awesome. I saw a guy use it on someone and it was scary as h---! These CO2 boxes are really great deals especially when you are eligible for free shipping ($100 order + coupon code). CO2 is awesome!!!
You can also get cool gloves to hold extra CO2 on your fingers. THE MORE THE MERRIER!
by takaya t. on 12/31/2009
"this is a very good price considering you have free shipping...if you have co2 guns buy the box of 20 because I dont think a box of 10 will last you very you guys know if they sell some at walmart when you walk in or sports authority (the actual store not online) I might run out of co2 sooon and I don't think ima get more airsofts in a year :(
by Alex C. on 03/06/2009
"good. its a co2 cartridge, hard to screw up. if a store has these for a lower price, consider that in many states there's sales tax. if you qualify for free shipping, this negates that cost, likely making these cheaper
by jack C. on 02/19/2009
"i got 40 from sports authority for 30 bucks im so mad!
i could have got 60 for 30 bucks here! flippp!!!!

all i no is that the Co2 arre really good!
out of 40 i have only had 2 gas leaks!
by Mike R. on 10/24/2008
"bros just go to a sports authority or somethin...
they got a box of 40 for 20 bucks..
here if u get 40 u gotta pay 22 bucks...
hey 2 bucks can get u two springers
by Nicholas M. on 07/22/2008
"lots of c02 for a really cheap price. awesome deal. powers c02 pistols. really good value.
by Mike K. on 07/01/2008
"of coarse, these are necesarry for any co2 gun, but definately buy them from here on evike. i looked around at a bunch of other websites, but the price here is just $.53 for each cartridge, lower then anywhere else
by Henry Z. on 10/21/2014
"Its CO2, but it has some issues
Works in cold environments

Out of 3 different orders of this one had co2 that barley had enough gas for 1 mag that normally got 3-4x more.

It's great co2 for the price and well worth it, just make sure to test your mags when you add the co2 to make sure it works.
by Edric C. on 08/02/2008
"The Co2 cartridges are cheaper here than at walmart, but only by $1. The only reason i bought it here is because i ordered a Co2 pistol and i didnt want to go to walmart. The only reason that i gave it 4* is because walmart also sells them in 25 packs with an actual box. When i bought it, the cartridges were spread out on the bottom of the box without any packagind.