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UHC 686 Heavy Weight Spring Powered Airsoft Revolvers (Length: 4" / Silver with Black Grips)

26 Customer Reviews

by nafi k. on 09/20/2017
"good revolver/sidearm for beginners
also good thumb exercise (;
by Paolo L. on 06/28/2017
"This gun is worth more than the price! The accuracy is amazing for a revolver and the fps is fast enough to reach an opponent within a second, but not too fast so it hurts a lot. The trigger pull is a little heavy, but not very difficult. The shells do often fall out when reloading, but you can hold the gun facing down. You do not have to take out the shells to reload. You can just put the bbs in them from the back. Overall it is much worth the price and is a great revolver!
by Kyle S. on 06/04/2017
"It is a good revolver. Ive had for 2 months plus and it functions very well except for a few things. Inside the barrel, there is a bb catch that stops bbs from falling out but also slows it down tremendusly. To fix this i took the barrel off completely which was easy to do.
by Kristian P. on 02/25/2017
"I gotta say great revolver.
i was looking for an airsoft pistol that would be quick to shoot, this gun is great I can fire all 6 bullets in like 2 seconds, way quicker than other airsoft spring pistols, thats the reason i bought it, though it is not the most powerful gun, it's cheap, and fun to use. I'm pretty sure it will do good in close combat situations in the battlefield.
I also found out a way to reload quick, all you have to do is use a speed loader and not take out the replica bullets, and just put the airsoft bb's in.
by Joeseph B. on 02/05/2015
"This thing is actually pretty darn fun! I definitely gave this thing a 5 out of 5 because for me, it filled the exact role I wanted out of it. This airsoft pistol, unlike in the pictures, actually comes with a rather small orange tip that isn't too obstructive. I like this pistol because it gives the user the look, feel, and actions of a real, historical revolver (one that would have actually been used by early Americans migrating west in the mid to late 1800's) without coming anywhere CLOSE to the price of a gas revolver. Keep in mind, this thing is NOT field ready. It hardly shoots 10ft with the lightest of bbs. However, with the usage of individual cartridges to hold a single bb, the hammer cocking action, trigger pull, and reloading features that come with the gun standard, it makes a great little prop or backyard plinker for a fraction of the cost of a gas revolver. If you are looking to be that unique airsoft player on the field, this is NOT the gun for you. There are gas revolvers that perform great, their only downside being that they only contain 6 shots per reload. This gun however, is a great gun for someone looking to own a revolver and know what it feels like to shoot one, while still leaving them enough cash to go out and buy a semi-automatic GBB.
by Gabriel P. on 10/24/2014
"This was my first purchase from Evike and I was extremely impressed. This is a great revolver for the price. Works fairly well and looks awesome.
by Joshua F. on 01/09/2012
"I bought this gun roughly half a year ago, and it works just as well as the day I got it. I've seen on other sites that people complain about the plastic components, and I have yet to see anything break on mine. Great gun for the money!
by Mason M. on 11/29/2011
"I bought this gun a while back I love it, its not for wars, because of the slow reloading and shells, but it is extremly fun to play with, more for show, you can shoot it for fun and stuff, but its very durable and doesnt break easily, i reccomend it for people who like revolvers and dont wanna use gas and stuff.
by Elvin L. on 01/04/2009
"Lol,yeah,the guy below me is right,it's pretty hard to cock,and I do have strong thumb muscles but then,you get used to it (_ ^_^ _) =3
by Elvin L. on 09/30/2008
"HAHAHAHA best gun,everyone says dont use in a skirmish right?WRONG!!!i've used it,6 shots only.I've told my friends to go against me,2 against me,i was only using a revolver and my friends electric glock lol,somehow you can still win!! for sure,buy~
by Elvin L. on 07/17/2008
"This is a good revolver at a good price,but just note that the hammer is hard to pull down lol.
by Hamilton P. on 03/28/2018
"dont go with the 4" barrel if you want any kind of range. (i have high doubts on a this gun having a fixed hop up.) DO NOT WHIP YOUR CYLINDER SHUT!!!

Looks good
Fair weight for the material
Very easily removed orange tip
comes with 8 shells.

very low power and must choose the right bb not all 20s fly the same out of this
Fairly wide inner barrel.(get some fatter .20s)
Fair amount of flexing in the cylinder arm making kinda hard to seat the nipple on it.
Hammer is very sticky.

Over all good gun if you plan on going head to head with 1-2 opponents in a room but dont think you are making any shots past 25 feet (unless using .12s smh)
by Maxwell Dal S. on 08/18/2017
"Great for parts, wouldn't recommend spending the money on upgrading it. Not great distance but it very rarely jams. If you do take it apart be sure that you have a backup sidearm because there's like a 50% chance something came undone when you put the case together or something completely breaks. fun for a cheap close quarters fight with your friends without the need for any padding (wear goggles though) due to how less than half a joule of energy is transferred on impact.
by Alisa S. on 05/02/2017
"The UHC 4" Revolver is surprisingly a good gun! For $24 you can't go wrong.

Accurate at close and medium range,
nice somewhat heavy weight,
strong plastic exterior,
shells are easy to load,
flinging the cylinder shut after loading makes you look rad,
nice FPS,
very easy to pull back the hammer/spring (and I have weak arms and hands so this is saying something!),
and I like the dot at the end of the sights!

The black grip WILL fall off if you drop it on something hard! (But it can be snapped right back on),
if you fiddle with the cylinder (like trying to spin it) after it's been loaded the BB will jam.
I used it in target practice for around 40+ minutes and it jammed once, however that could be a pro because I don't know how long the average time it takes for a Airsoft gun to jam.

Overall a good springer but I wouldn't recommend it for skirmishing if you don't have a speedloader (but if you don't have one you could always pretend to be Revolver Ocelot. "This reload time is exhilarating!"
by Markus G. on 05/11/2016
"A very high quality pistol, considering the manufacturer cost. I've heard lots of feedback questioning whether barrel length is good, bad, or indifferent, and I have no answer. Ordered a UA938 6" black, so I'll drop a review there too once I've compared ballistics, but my point for this review is that it is an excellent pistol.

Let's break it down a bit.

-It's 25 bucks and gets almost 200 FPS I'd say. That's hard to find, especially for the durability and reliability.
-Adjustable rear sights. Not super easy to tweak, needing an external tool, but the sights themselves are nice and simple, and the front sight is orange, so it's near impossible to miss in lower visibility conditions.
-Compact. I mean, it's a 2" barrel, so no kidding.
-Lovely fashion. No fancy finishes, but for the plastic molded I find its base look magnificent. Bias because I love snubs.
-Can be decocked, cylinder and all parts can take a hit (swinging cylinder won't murder the dang thing), and it comes with its own nicely fitted rubber barrel plug.
-Spread seems reliable enough, despite low price and short barrel.
*Fairly easy to cock, and hence, it's about the fastest refire springer you can get. It's also dual wield capable, unlike basically all springers. If you fan it, you can drop 6 shots in 3 seconds or less, depending. And I'm not even a strong guy. If you have small hands, one handed cocking (dual wield important note) might require a shift in posture instead cocking as is. I have small hands, so I can vouch.
-Comes with 2 spare shells. I love that somebody thought of this but I haven't lost one yet.
-Dirt simple in operation. Many springers (especially cheap ones with less FPS and/or fire rate than this model) have BB's get jammed in slides, double feed, have rounds drop from the chamber, and other annoying catastrophes. Here, you put a BB in a shell, press it in, throw it into the chamber one position CCW from chamber, run that angled spring hammer, and squeeze the trigger. BB's don't drop, it's virtually impossible to jam, and if it DID somehow jam, I can't imagine it'd be any level of challenge to unjam. You'd think a spring action revolver would be complex, but nope, they nailed the basics to a T.
-Operates extraordinarily well. This isn't like some weapons where you can only handle it so well and from there it's about marksmanship and SLIGHT returns from skill, but rather you can learn to load it, shoot it, draw it, cock, etc faster and better. To me, this is just awesome. If you're looking into revolvers, you're probably liking the vanity of being a cowboy type. Well, time to become the fastest gun in the west, son.

-Relatively low FPS, but for the price and mechanism, it's to be expected.
-As mentioned above, if you have small hands, it's hard to cock.
*A pain to fit CA regulation tape on. If you live in a non-taping state, congrats and ignore this bulletin.
-Rounds seem to be heavily affected by the wind, and hop up is quite odd and limited. I fired 0.12's out of this so far, so I'm holding off for some 0.2's with my black UA938 for more testing. That being said, you learn a lot about wind and compensation using this gun. In its own way, it's a plus, but mostly a downside.
-Loading process takes a fair amount of time. Once the 6 shots have been emptied, you need to open it, prepare your pistol style loader, and inject those 6 BB's, then press them in. I've put in _12 hours practice for this process alone, and have basically quintupled my loading speed in preparation for this downside for live combat. My load speed is probably about 3-5 seconds range for the whole process, depending how I do. If you're dual wielding, you might have to use some quite ornate loading technique to load both weapons and press in the rounds, and you can expect a drop in speed as well. I'm determined to test dual wielding validity on my UA938, so I'll prob review the plausibility there.
-Related to reload/unload, if you tilt the cylinder wrong, your casings can pour out, causing a bit of a ruckus. Personally I just limp wrist it and let it hang where gravity tells it to, and that works every time.
-Comes with ejector rod for no reason, but it works I guess. Cases don't need to be dropped, and moreover, the cases don't expand and get stuck due to heat and expansion like an actual firearm. Strangely useless.

Overall if you're looking for a fun range toy, a reserve CQC gun, a well balanced starting pistol for a conservative price, or maybe just a spring pistol with more style or ROF, this gun is exceptional. I've met the 3rd role already, and I'm ordering it a counterpart. I had high expectations of a revolver already, but man, this one exceeded my expectations. It's just an amazing piece of hardware all around.

I'd give it a 5 to me, but objectively I'd call it more like a 4, as not everyone will love every inch of it like I do.