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JG / AGM M3 Tactical Shell loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Retractable Stock CQB)

95 Customer Reviews

by Laurie Davis D. on 06/10/2010
"i absolutely love this gun, it fires more accurately than my assault rifle, the shells eject no problem, and its made of sturdy plastic so it wont break if you drop it.

rubber butt plate
retractable stock
made of sturdy material
orange tip comes off easily (mine came off when i accidentally dropped it)
shells eject realistically
spot on accurate up to about 75 ft
a hop up that WORKS
very cheap for the quality

stock can get stuck (can be prevented/fixed with lube)
the sights are only visible when the stock is fully extended, otherwise they are useless.
no rubberized grips like more expensive shotguns, but still confortable
sounds like a pop gun if its unloaded (not sure if its good or bad, because it sounds fine when loaded)

this shotgun is a must have if you want something cheap and very VERY effective.
by Laura M. on 06/01/2010
"amazing gun when i got this gun i felt like i stole it because its just that good if i knew it operated like it does i would have bought it for 100 no questions asked. me and my buudy bought a pair and i have a pretty big yard and we set up a target about 150 ft away it was about a foot wide maybe thinner and we had no issuses hitting it.

pros: deadly accurate
good fps
pretty good realistic weight

cons: iron sight isn't great but not bad
just a little long (but that's what gives it the accuracy so im fine with it)
shell loading (more realistic but not a fan)
by Roshan M. on 04/08/2010
"Just plain nice highly recommended
by Brian S. on 01/18/2010
"I got this gun just a couple days ago, and even though i haven't used it in a battle yet, i can tell that i am going to be feared. actually, more like the gun is going to be feared. it has great weight, feel, sights aren't as bad as i was told they were. Retractable stock is hard to adjust at first, but it eases up. firing the gun feels good. its pretty loud. really accurate. Only complaint was the shipping. after i placed the order, it took 5 days for the order to process. I'm pretty sure that mine was just a special case, but it was still a bother. Also, the gun came with a really cheap strap that i guess you have to put together yourself. in all of the reviews that i have read, there was no mention of it, so i thought it would be good to mention. all in all, 5 stars, i'd buy from evike again.
by evan b. on 01/05/2010
"ok, most of the previous reviews were inconsistent, so hopefully I can give you one that clears any the air about this gun.

first impressions i was impressed for a $35 gun. the body of the gun it is very sturdy and the plastic is quite strong and durable, almost flexible. I bought the full stock version and my bro got the retractable stock. the full stock version, the stock has 2 weights in it that weigh about 3 pounds. first thing you should do is take them out, it will make your gun lighter and more durable.

shooting- it shoots great. the accuracy is astounding for a 200mm barrel. the hopup works very well, and combined with its 350fps, you can easily shoot up to .28 bbs.

durable and strong
shoots relatively fast
4 30 round shells are awesome.
shell holder sucks, throw it away

absolute pain to take apart the gun is arranged in layers that you have to strip away to get to the internals( which i must are vvery simple and effective)
two plastic rods extend from the pump and push back the spring( i am afraid the two PLASTIC rods will break after a while)


my bro and i have have two of themfor about 6 months, they are strong reliable and accurate. it can be used a sniper or a cqb weapon. the adjustable hop-up works extremely well.

my favorite spring gun next to the uhc mp5 and the uhc m9 berreta
by janet m. on 09/07/2009
"ash lol yeah all of 'em are reusable you just fill them back up with a speed loader...its the same for all shotguns single shot,multi shot, and gas.
by Ashton T. on 06/04/2009
"this bun is BEAST i got it last week and it owns. i am still wondering if there is a way to reuse the shells. GO EVIKE!!!!!!!!
by Mitch S. on 03/29/2009
"GREAT GUN! An amazing deal too! If you're looking for a hard hitting single shot shotgun, this is the one to buy. Extremely accurate even at maximum distance. The mag holder blocks your sights a little but you'll learn how to aim right quickly. I would recomend buying some bb's with your order. The only trouble I had was a couple of times the shells didnt want to pop out, but all you have to do it pull the lever back and take it out with your fingers.
by Sally R. on 03/27/2009
"I just got mine today and it is really awesome. First off it feels really good in your hands, the only part i don't like about the gun is that the stock is a tiny bit wobbly but thats no big deal, it doesnt feel like it's gonna fall off. I was very supprised at the accuracy of this gun its right on, i hit a 4 inch thick tree from across my backyard. And this gun is very easy to reload, with four shells you have plenty of ammo on the side of your gun too.
by Josh S. on 03/21/2009
"This is one dominant shotgun. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and its given a lot of people giant welts. Here's a quick little story about how I owned up with this gun.... Me and a few a my friends were playing against two guys, one kid had a thompson m1a1 aeg(426 fps) and the other kid had a KWA g36c aeg (around 400fps). Everyone on my team had horrible little spring pistols except for one kid who had a shotgun, but his shotty was a crossman stinger(not very good). So I was about 175-200 ft away from the kid w/ the thompson and I was hidden so he couldnt see me and I aimed at him and fired and I watched as the bb flew completly straight and nailed him in the head. When the game was over he lied and said that I didnt hit him but there was a welt on his forehead that proved that I did.

Accuracy - if you know what weight of bb you are using and how to adjust the hop up it's pretty much a sniper rifle)
Range - You'd be suprised how far it goes
FPS - 360-380 not too shabby
IT HAS SIGHTS!!! most other shottys dont
Pain - It stings pretty dang bad
Realism - the shells make it look and feel completly real
Shell capacity - each holds about 29 you do the math 29bbs X 4 shells
Good weight - not too heavy not too light
Hop up - There are like 6 different hop up settings

Pretty much all plastic
Shells jam sometimes but I was using the biodegradeable bbs so thats probably why

Tips- Dont use biodegradable bbs with this it will probably jam, dont use .12 gram bbs or it will completly curve .20g and .23g bbs are just right for this gun. I alway keep the hop up right in the middle. And you should add a little bit of airsoft gun lube to the inside of shells every now and then

Overall a great shotgun, its a great backup if your using some high end aeg but if you just play for fun around the neighborhood, its an awesome primary gun.
by justin c. on 03/11/2009
"this gun is amazing!!!
some pros and cons about this gun are

well this gun is lightweight (somwhat) and is sterdy not like the 10 dollar guns that you buy at walmart that you use it once and it breaks. the gun is nice to cock and feels great to shoot

some cons are that the gun would be a little better with a pistol grip because when you go to cock it sometimes and your out in the cold weather then your hand might slip of of the gun. another con and the last con is that when you go to put the shel in the holder then the paint might scratch off but over all this gun is AMAZING i HIGHLY recomend this shotgun with the retractable stock
by Josh S. on 03/05/2009
"This is a freakin awesome shotgun!!!
FPS: 10/10
Hop Up:9/10
Weight- 10/10

Mostly Plastic
Sometimes mis feeds but not very often

Overall: 9/10 Great shotgun, Must have
by Blake G. on 02/20/2009
"Amazing gun for its price. High f.p.s. and hardly ever jams. The hopup is good for shooting into bunkers or around corners. Only real downside is the shell holder which can be a hassle n battle.
by Bert D. on 02/15/2009
"BTW, I have been using this for a month now and it chronoed at 365 fps.
by Hank L. on 02/07/2009
"i bought this gun, because i was tired of everyone always borrowing my good guns, and breaking them. so i bought this cheap, powerful shotty.
im very impressed with it.
it has the realistic look of a real shot gun because of the shells. i prefer the shells because they're easier to carry, and the loading action of this shotgun is so cool.
the shell holder is different from the one in the picture. mine is a hard plastic holder that snaps to the top. the bad thing is it doesnt stay very well. it needs set screws (or in my case, alot of electrical tape) but once its in its fine.
its not like other cheap shotguns, that are impossible to one hand cock because of the plastic slide. its easy to just cock it one handed and shoot around.
i ended up going into my back yard, and shooting and killing two birds from 60- around 85 ft away.
its very powerful.
if you want a fun realistic gun to fart around with, this is a must have
my friends named it the "stinger"