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JG / AGM Full Size M3 Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Retractable Stock)

36 Customer Reviews

by Dan O. on 10/02/2009
"sick gun love loading it shootin it was very supprise with the 50 yard (150 feet range) also it has great fps only problam is THIS IS NOT A MULTI-SHOT GUN and i thought it wuz other than that its sick great feature gets easier to cock evey time u cock it

CONS:not Mulitishot, a little bit hard to cock but gets easier, mostly ABS plastic although doesnt feel plasticy, as u no not full auto

PROS:light wieght, very powerfull, 30 shots per shell, compatable with all airsoft shotgun shells,very sterdy well built,nice stock,fun to cock and load,cheap $35.

over all in total for $50 bucks great deal
by john k. on 04/08/2009
"Just got this gun today. i havnt used it in a battle yet but ive shot cans and things.i like it alot.
good fps
very sturdy
pretty accurate

mostly plastic that's pretty much it

i like this gun alot id buy it what do u have to lose its 35 dollars
by Sandy M. on 02/25/2009
"Pros- Accurate
- Heavy
- Easy to load
- Comes with a speed loader

Cons- Stock can be uncomfortable at times
- Sorta plastic feel

Overall, a VERY good gun for the price.
by Enrique G. on 10/08/2008
"not bad for 40 bucks. Cons:it does feel kinda cheap , looks plasitc, and the cocking handle is loose. Pros the but it shoots good. Its has nice weight and feels solid enuff for 40 bucks. My maruzen shot gun (CA870) feels alot better and way more solid and realistic but it was also 100 bucks. But this gun is a good buy for 40 bucks. If the plastic were of better quality this would be a steal. So it gets 4 stars form me.
by Joseph G. on 12/16/2008
"Just received this gun today in the mail.

looks: for the overall design of the shotgun, it looks impressive. the stock with pistol grip and short barrel give it a "aggressive cqb" feel. Design aside, the gun looks a little cheap, mostly with the plastic used.

feel: Lifting the gun out of the box, you'll notice a little bit of heft. the weight feels good, but a little lighter then youd like. As far as gripping the shotgun goes it feels nice. If you but aside the cheesy plastic feel, its very comfortable to hold and feels right at home with the adjustable stock shoved resting against your shoulder. the adjustable stock clicks in very nice, and having it all the way forward gives you a great sense of mobility.

features: as evike states, it comes with 4 shells and a shell holder. They shells feel as good as youd think for 30 bucks worth of gun. the shell holder in this box was a plastic clip that would go over the gun, rather then the soft one shown in the picture above. still functions great, however durability is a question. Shell loading feels great. probably my favorite part of this gun. the lever on the side trigger flips open the shell catch, and you insert the shell and close the catch. after dispersing some rounds into whatever, push the lever (located right next to your trigger finger making it very easy) and the latch flips open also releasing the shell, into your waiting hand ready to pop in another.

as far as the distance and welt factor go for the gun, i won't get into that as its a gift for a friend. however, just judging from these factors and the slew of shotguns ive held, id make a guess as to being close to maybe 60 to 100 feet.

Overall, if you want a cheap shotgun that's a little more fancy then the rest, go for this. Probably best as a primary for spring games, but i wont vouch on it being able to contest in a higher end game. Feels more durable then some of the others out there, but just remember the first rule in airsoft buying: You get what you pay for.
by Stacey M. on 05/15/2010
"I've done a lot of research about spring shotguns since I didn't want to break the back and buy an electric or gas gun. I thought that this gun was the one, and it was... for a month.

Everything about the GUN is excellent, but the shells is what ruined the experience for me. I've had this gun for a month, and 3 out of the 4 shells have broked from overloading them. This means that the spring that pushes the BB's into the chamber has broked, so I have to tip the gun down for the BB's to load. This really makes gameplay suck, and I would recommenended getting this gun only if you have a good knowledge of repairing the shells if they break. Be careful not to break the shells, cause if they do, you have to buy new ones, and they're not cheap.


FPS is great
Accuracy is very good (especially with .25's, which are highly recommended by me)
Adjustable stock is awesome
Cocking mechanism is easy and realistic


Shells break EASILY (be very careful with the shells)

There is only one con about this gun, but that one con totally ruined my experience with that awesome gun. If you think this gun is too good to be true, you're right. You get what you pay for. I'm not saying the gun is bad, I'm saying the shells are easily broken, and need to be maintened with much care.

2 out of 5 stars cause the gun is excellent. Without the great gun, I'd give it a 1.