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JG / AGM Full Size M3 Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (CQB Pistol Grip)

23 Customer Reviews

by Ryan C. on 10/28/2008
"For $35 you cant beat this gun. It seems like it shoots at the 370fps range. It is light though, the quality of the gun is good but its not as durable feeling as the smith and wesson shotguns. It is much quieter and much more powerfull then the other shotguns. The pump is smooth plastic so you have to grip the pump a little harder to pump it but it isnt that hard to pull back. I cant see anything on this gun breaking in the near future. For the price I would give it a perfect rating
by Jeffrey K. on 10/18/2008
"Good durability, good weight, high accurracy( kinda ironic for a shotgun...), nice pump action. Well worth the money.
by ryan d. on 10/13/2008
"not to be noobish but uh ryan why do you need at least 50 charasters??
by Jaime G. on 08/13/2016
"This is a good gun from the start its shoots fine and it Feels fine but my gun came with no hop up unit but i will recommend this gun for a starter
by dylan s. on 11/27/2008
"but is it metal ??? XD..........................................................-
by Andy B. on 09/26/2009
"*Lets Out Sigh* All right....

First off, this was my VERY first purchase from Evike, and I was impressed with the shipping, FIVE DAYS! It also arrived RIGHT ON THE DUE DATE! Yay!

But.. Not with the product itself.... Here's the rundown:

I first got it, and the box looked like it was beaten to the moon and back; dented everywhere. This had no effect on thew product, however. I cut it open with my Razor by Spyderco, and found that it was harder to open than it looked. Took me a good five minutes.

Anyway, open the box and WOW! See this sexy beast staring back at me! I pick it up and immideitly notice one thing; it was LIGHT, which is strange because I remember on the site it said clearly "HEAVY WEIGHT." Anyway, finding that odd, I set it down and picked up the shells; They seemed cheap but work pretty well... Exceot they misfeed terribly. I'll get to that later.

I ordered the Six Pack of shotgun shells to go with it, and was impressed. They looked very shiny. I received three black and three red. I cracked that case open like a walnut and found that they seemed to actually be CHEAPER in quality of the original ones! I was discouraged, but I pressed on.

I noticed a funny smell on my hands after handling the shotgun, which I identified as that cheap dollar store plastic smell. It disgusted me and amazed me, for it was a good gun.

So anyway, I load some shells and proceed to go into my driveway and pelt the rock in the neighbor's yard from across the street. But noticed something funny: The hop up was set to max right out of the box, and therefore there is only a 10 PERCENT chance of a BB firing everytime I shoot, even after I adjusted it. The shells keep misfeeding, and the thing NEVER FIRES! It's so RARE to get a shot off! So in general, it was a good buy, just need to get the hopup reajusted.


Accurate (When it works.)
Hits HARD!
Good Shell capacity.


That AWFUL cheap plastic smell.
Shell holder is useless.
by Tariq N. on 09/24/2008
"My friend has this shotgun. It is pretty accurate...I guess. Its strength is great, but I recommend the SWAT training weapon. Less expensive, same FPS, and uses magazines. It also looks cooler (in my opinion). However, this is a good shotgun. But for hardcore gaming get a 3-5 burst shotgun or your useless. This shotgun would be fun to shoot someone with in the backyard.
by Joshua R. on 10/31/2015
"I ordered this shotgun here from evike, seeing a comment saying "I got this shotgun and it's lasted me for 3 years." It lasted me a week.


Decent sling mounts.
Comes with a lot of utilities.
Surprising range and fps.


The shell holster cannot hold it's shells.
Mine only fits zombie stoppers (to an extent), and the shells it came with.
Jams quite a bit, and there is no easy solution.

I wanted to like this shotgun, but I can't. This is the second airsoft gun I have purchased from evike and the second time I've been disappointed. Shop carefully, don't but this. HOPEFULLY, the warranty will cover my shotgun.