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KWA Full Metal M1911DS PTP Airsoft Gas Blowback.

7 Customer Reviews

by Dan P. on 03/06/2010
"This price is insane! Won't find this deal anywhere else.
by Tony M. on 06/29/2009
"Pros: Amazing gas consumption- I can get two to three mags without refilling
Nice looks- the gun is all black and has great details( no trademarks), Unique looks
Full metal construction- except for the trigger and grip
Working safeties- all three work, like on the real 1911
Comfortable- nice big grip ( I have big hands) doesn't slip
Accurate- I can hit a person 90 feet away every time
Cons: The magazine release is a little long but nothing to worry about

by Peter S. on 03/02/2009
"First I would like to say is one of the best Airsoft Sites .
The shipping was First Class, And the People who answer the phone Know alot about airsoft guns.
Now to the Gun, it is made very good and shoots Good too. Feels very natural when you hold it.Nice Ballance. Everything is made of metal except the Grip. The Magazine is made very good too. This is a must have for any Airgun Shooter.
by Kyle K. on 02/21/2009
"Well all i have to say is FREAKIN AMAZING!!! I recommend this gun to anyone that wants a great airsoft GBB. I recently bought this and it had it goin on!! the kick was great on it, the fps was around 330. The amazing cycle rate of this gun and the power and the overall versatility of this weapon makes for the perfect competition gaming pistol!
by ALex R. on 11/26/2008
"Just a few weeks ago my team leader told me i needed a pistol. I orginally thought fine ill get the KWA m9 ptp. Then after carefully examining it I thought that everybody on the field has either a average joe m9 or average joe 1911, i wanted to mix i tup. So i decided to get this.

Looks: This guns looks terrific. It looks like a gun that wants to tear your head off. It has no blemishes, crease marks or anything just a good solid black weapon. It lacks any and all trademarks and even a seriol number but that doesent bother me at all.

Build: The gun is full metal so it gives it a very heavy and sturdy weight . The only plastic on the gun is the pistol grip (the grips not the frame) the grips are very good quality and comfortable. There are absolutly no wobles. There is a slight woble between the mag and the gun but thats only if you shake it really hard. The gun literally makes no sound. The gun has two out of the three functioning safties. The ambidexterous (cant spell) safty on the rear, and the pistol grip safty which is very good and does not get itself stuck in the armed position, It has the half cock feature but as you all know the gun still goes off. Also everything is very well put in to place. What i mean is whenever you do somthing to the gun their is no indecision when you do it. Placing the mag makes a good reassuring click, along with the safty, cocking the hammer is very pleasing, and cocking the slide is also very sturdy. ( I dont know why the person below me said that the mag was very easy to realease, it is very sturdy and must be plushed in like any other.)

Preformance: This gun is pretty average with a fps of 320-330. However 1) it is very loud. I shot this thing in my yard and actually had to move and fire it in my house so that my neigbors woudnt call the cops. (thats a pro for me!) It has a very fast recycle rate that is almost funny. Along with being loud it gives a very hard kick back to it. When you get this you know why KWA is more expensive. You get a gun that will lock back when its done, no wobels, and it can finish a mag and a half with one fill of green gas.

Cons: This section is very short. One con is that when supplied the gun did not come with a manual or directions. Luckily i knew what i was doing but for sombody that doesent look at some youtube videos or contact shorty. The videos dont even need to be KWA they will just help you figure out how to disasemble and so on. Second and last is the mag, its not terrible and should not influece your decision but here it is. To fill the mag up with gas you need to remoe the bottom but plate on the mag but there is no other way to do that then to take a hex screwdriver thats small and push the pin in the butplate of the mag down, Annoying yes but a big con no.

Overall: If you are thinking of getting a KJW or WE because they are cheaper DONT, there is a reason. KWA has provided you with a beutifully constructed weapon that will not disappoint. Its simply amazing.
by Terry G. on 10/10/2008
"great gun definitely buy it here is the gun shooting
by Khanh T. on 10/20/2008
"I purchased this model last week and loved it at first sight. The gun shot accurately (30-40ft) with excellent blow back action and felt very comfortable in the hand. The gun simply looks great and high quality "feel" (i.e. sturdy, heavy, rigid, etc.). This gun is a 5 star if I just rate it based on looks and feel and shooting ability. However, there is a BIG draw back of this gun. The magazine release button extrude too high where you can accidentally eject the magazine causing it to fall to the ground. Even after I am aware of this problem and being EXTRA careful not to touch the eject button, I still accidentally touch it and drop the magazine. It doesn't end there. I put the gun in a chest holster and by simply jumping up and down simulating running and button rubs against the hoster and ejects the magazine dropping it in the ground. Needless to say, I didn't not use the gun in my game over the weekend not wanting the risk of loosing the magazine during game scrimage. Anyway, if you want to own a good gun to target shoot and keep it in the same most of the time, this gun is good. For gaming, I sure don't recommend it. I own three of these (bought at the same time for me and my two kids) and all three experience the same magazine ejection problem. I let my friend (real guns collector) handle this M1911DS, and he also "accidentally" dropped my magazine. I just want to make sure it wasn't just me and my hand size. Overall rating, 5 stars for shooting and looks, and 3 stars for design and practicality of use in a game environment......averaging 4 stars total.