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KWA M9 Tactical PTP Gas Blowback Airsoft Training Pistol

23 Customer Reviews

by Joshua F. on 05/31/2016
"Finally got to take out this wonderful gun this weekend for an all day skirmish. I would have to rank this gun at 10/10 for reliability, accuracy, load out, etc. I had two mags with me that was just enough, I would recommend at least 3 mags ready to go if you're in an active firefight. I had more kills with my handgun then my AEG M4. The accuracy and stability was perfect. I would highly recommend this gun to anyone who wants a reliable and accurate handgun.
by Robert G. on 03/22/2016
"I've had this for at least 6 months now, and this is an absolute 10/10. It is a beautifully constructed hunk-of-junk that will not disappoint you. I've used numerous M9's, and it is basically 99% replicated for the airsoft industry. Gas lasts about a full 25+1 mag of bb's for me using propane.

For those of you wondering:
- The orange tip WILL come off. Once the inner barrel is removed from the outer barrel, you can dip the orange tip outer barrel into a small cup of Nail Polish Remover for about 10-15 mins to scrap off the paint using a knife or what-not. Make sure not to leave your outer barrel in the Nail Polish Remover for to long, since the solution will start to warp the polymer! (What the heck is that thing made out of?!)

- You can use a number of things from the real M9/92FS counterpart if you wish to do so. Recoil Spring Guide, Hand Grip Plates and Grip Plate Screws are a few to list. I have a pair of Chestnut wooden Hand Grips and Recoil Spring Guide from my M92FS grips on mine. I recommend getting minus-head screws instead of the hex screws since they can get busted fairly easily.

- The stock outer barrel is polymer, and can be replaced with a metal one; however, modification with a belt sander and drill may be necessary. Copy-Paste the Product Code: RAG-KSC-043

-The KWA M93R PTP extended mags will fit in this model. I friend owns a few, and it's basically overkill lol.
by Reid M. on 01/21/2016
"Wow, just wow.
So I just received the m9 in the mail today. Seeing how it is winter, I ran only 3 mags through it. This gun feels so authentic and the performance is outstanding. 10/10 Recommend and with just shooting a couple mags through it I can tell that its a piece of workmanship. Would not even think to buy another.

All English Manual! (Very easy to read, and organized)
90 Day Warranty
Full Metal
NS2 GBB System
Ambi. Slide Safety

Weak trigger spring (Easy to replace)
Orange tip will not coming off easy...
Polymer Outer Barrel (Doesn't bother me)

Remember, this is a 'real' airsoft sidearm, keep all working actions lubricated with silicone based oil/spray
by Turner R. on 07/19/2015
"I love this gun. I have had it for about three years now, and while I take great care of it off the field, it certainly takes a beating during games. It has fallen out of its holster while on a full sprint over asphalt (don't buy cheap holsters folks), fallen in the dirt (again, cheap holster = bad), and gotten sand and other debris in the firing mechanism. It kept going like a champ.

The body is constructed of full metal (with the exception of the outer barrel, but honestly you can't even tell) and is EXTREMELY solid. It feels exactly like the real thing. Better yet, it operates like the real thing too. Take down is easy, and very true to the real M9 Beretta.

The kick is nice. Crisp and hard as long as you lube the gun correctly, and the gas efficiency is decent (1.5 mags per fill, so just take a few extra mags with you). The trigger pull is also exceptional. It has a very predictable breaking point which is very satisfying, and the trigger pull doesn't feel mushy like my KJW M9.

The hop up is pretty nice and definitely adjustable, but keep in mind it is a pistol. You aren't going to get sniper rifle like accuracy from this gun. I would feel confident engaging a target anywhere up to 120 feet away.

I did have some trouble disassembling the hop up on my gun because it is held together with some pins that seem to have been coated with a thread locker. Not a huge problem, but it makes changing the bucking rather challenging. If you do happen to break something (oops), all the parts in this gun are available for order on the KWA Pro Shop.

Crisp Blow Back
Great Trigger
Identical Action to Real Steel M9
24+1 Round mags
Full Metal
Super Durable
Nice Rail
Sights are clear and easy to line up

In my gun the hop up was tricky to disassemble
by Christian T. on 05/12/2015
"This is one of the best pistols you can own. Period.

. As reliable as a real steel M9
. Built like a TANK. This will put dents in the floor if you drop it.
. Mags will last around 3 reloads on 1 charge.
. Kicks hard and shoots true.
. Compatible with real steel 92fs grips and other parts like the slide release. I have Hogue grips on mine.
. 1:1 authentic replica function and appearance wise.

. Grip screws will become loose over time
. Trigger spring will break occasionally
. Barrel is plastic and the steel aftermarket one is expensive.
. Not many aftermarket upgrades.

After you buy and use this gun, it will become your friend. If you find yourself in a tight spot, this reliable weapon will pull though.
by Demetrius J. on 04/17/2015
"I've owned this gun for a few months now and frequently use it when I play. So far, the gun has performed flawlessly. I was skeptical at first because of the price, but an employee at Evike told me they make the best pistols. So I pulled the trigger... literally. I couldn't believe how crisp the recoil was, and how straight it shot!

Since buying it, I frequently switch to it whenever I'm within 50 feet of people because of how dead accurate it is, and the instant trigger response. The magazine has never give me issues or miss-fed. I recommend oiling it before every use. The guns functions are smooth and crips, and the build quality is excellent. If you want a GBB Pistol that will work great out of the box, buy this! Don't waste your time with lesser brands that may have a 7/10 or 8/10 overall. Stick with the one that has a consistent 10/10!!!

I'm considering buying their LM4 GBBR just because of the M9!

-Crisp Recoil
-Build Quality
-KWA Warranty
-KWA Manual

-Magazine Prices
by Anthony H. on 02/09/2015

-Extremely reliable
-Looks exactly like the real steel
-It's a beretta
-john mcclane from die hard approves
-Shoots hard, about 380fps

-NONE go freakin get it!
by Luis K. on 02/07/2015
"I have had this gun for about a year now. Great gun. Only problem is that the spring inside breaks down but its normal its a very cheap fix.

Kicks hard
A bunch of mag options

by Noah D. on 01/21/2015
"best gas blow back pistol i have ever had
i used this pistol very heavily at a game and i have to say this is pritty darn awesome pistol
i used a second hand TM hi-capa as a secondary, and i was sad it broke...
but this is better!!

i used an EF 1911 as a secondary and then i got the kwa m9 and used it as a second pistol on my rig, i found that its more accuret and holds more rounds than my other guns, when i got more mags for it and replaced all my other gbb pistols with this, i has never failed me! it is a great pistol, i have used it as a primary and a secondary, and i am able to hit targets at 100 ft.

i compared this to the other m9s on the market, (WE KJW TM) and this one took the top mark on preformanc, its not as upgradable as TM or WE but well worth the price

if your looking for a goos GBB m9 this would be my first choice!

realistic weight
realistic functionality
gas to bbs ratio
built strong
great primary pistol (i found my self using this over my rifle sometimes because of the fun factor and just plain coolness!)

doesn't take to upgrades
no threads
exspensive mags
by Melissa B. on 05/28/2014
"This is a great gun. It has an amazing kick to it and it is very heavy. It is accurate at pretty far.


Green gas is expensive
by Nathan G. on 10/22/2013
"I love this pistol! Great gas consumption, even on very cold days where most Green gas guns have Performance issues, the NS2 keeps putting people outa the game.
I've had mine for 2 years and the trigger spring broke which was a 25 minute fix with watching some Youtube videos about how to take out the spring, so not to bad, but a tad frustrating when it happened.
Great range, and with .25s and the hop up adjusted i can easily hit people at 75 feet with enough power to be felt through tactical vests. Also love the rail, how ever i do wish i could get a threaded outer barrel so I could give it a supressor like in boondock saints. but that's what WE tech is for!

bottom line, realisitic pistol that will out live other brands and never let you down!
by Ethan F. on 04/10/2013
"This gun is amazing. For gas blow backs, this is one of the best. Kwa did a great job on mine. The kick is amazing. The weight is amazing. The accuracy is amazing. Fantastic gun
by Michael L. on 12/08/2012
"I bought this pistol a week ago on Saturday and used it the next day on the field. It. Was. Awesome!! I bought an extra mag for it, and I had no problems with the ammo capacity. I had a little trouble with my hop-up, and I still actually need to zero it in a little better. But other than that, this gun is outstanding. You can never go wrong with KWA. The only complaint I have about this gun is that extra mags are $40 for the 24+1 capacity, so it's pretty steep. But overall, it's definitely worth it. I love this gun!
by Alex L. on 11/04/2012
"i used this gun today and i got more kills than my KM4
really good FPS
good feel
NS2 is a money saver

Lube leaked out of its container
comes not very well oiled
by Sven V. on 01/06/2012
"Just received my package after 8 days (I live in Belgium)
Seems like a really good and descent gun! I love it!!

- Very heavy in my opinion, so very realistic!
- Except for the orange tip and the "plastic" barrel you can't tell the difference between a real gun.
- Very reliable!

- The silicon oil included in the package leaked when the package arrived :p