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by William B. on 2015-03-19 00:57:48
"This was my first chest rig, and I have to say that I was impressed with Condor on the quality/price of it. Not only does this for 6 AK magazines, but the added admin pouch and and two side pouches are a plus. The durability of his rig is impressive and you don't have to worry about it falling apart on you with rough gameplay. The OD Green color is really nice and a nice perfect coloring. Other vests, rigs, or harnesses I find are to light or to dark. This one is perfect I between and matches the rest of my gear. Now the only problems I had with this vests are simple but easy to fix. For one, the straps when you adjust the rig to your body size dangle and flap on the wind like streamers on a bike. So what I did was tuck them in and problem solved. Secondly the stitching for the mag pouches is a little tight and when putting AK mags in or out wears out the stitching. Mine actually in between two pouches is falling apart. It doesn't affect the quality of the rig so don't worry about it.

Pros: quality, convenience, price, comfort.

Cons: bad stitching, mag pouches to tight, streamer flaps.
by Bryden B. on 2014-03-31 19:02:48
"I've had this vest for years and it is still going strong! It is durable, comfortable and fits a wide range of people. It holds G36 mags, M4 mags and so on very well (Not sure about Ak mags though). It even has a built in admin pouch! The only problem I have with this vest is the velcro, as it is loud when you open a pouch (Can be fixed by simply taping over the velcro). All in all, this is 5 out of 5 stars, and you'd be a fool to pass this up!
by Aaron W. on 2014-03-10 18:24:05
"Awesome chest rig!!! I love it. Im 280 5'10" and I still got plenty of strap. The build quality is great! Very durable! Cant beat it 27.95!
by John S. on 2013-03-17 12:41:53
"Overall a GREAT item for those on a budget. Each of the mag pouches on this will hold 2 M4 comfortably. You can get 3 in if you turn them sideways, but are difficult to remove and laying prone would be an impossibility. The two side pouches are very spacious. I use one of them for extra mags, which upgrades my capacity to 10 magazines. The other side is plenty big enough for a dead rag, speedloader, extra ammo, snacks, and whatever else you may tote onto the field. The radio pouch is large. Large enough to fit any radio on the market. The "admin" pouch on the inside is also great. It snaps closed very tightly and has quite a bit of room for how unnoticeable it is.

One size WILL fit most. I am 6' 3",weigh in at over 250 lbs, and it fits perfect. I have a friend who's about 5' 8", 180lbs soaking wet and, with a few quick strap adjustments, it will also fit him.
by Elijah V. on 2013-02-05 11:57:11
"I've had this chest rig for at least a year now. (Probably up to 2 years). It's been through some wars and has really helped. It was my first piece of real gear and I still use it to this day. I am surprised at how well it fits, I'm an adult small, but I'm sure you can adjust it up to at least an adult large. The seven pockets are very versatile for many needs and are well made. I usually use the middle or left mag pouch for a canister of bb's with a pour spout, then the left utility pouch for my GBB WE 1911, the right utility pouch is usually used for odds 'n ends like a can of gas. Then I fill the other two front pouches with anything else, like a smoke grenade, and the map pouch is usually used for my phone.


-Very comfortable
-Loads of storage space
-Nice price, not hard on the bank
-Gives a little protection if you are hit, but not enough for you to not feel when you've been hit


-Sometimes radio pouch can get in the way
-A tad hard to figure out how to fit a pistol in right, once you get it down it's very secure
-Not in your shopping cart

Well made for the money, moves with your body easily, great chest rig. This is an amazing piece of gear to have, it's cheap, it can hold as much as most molle pouches do if not more. I sure know I've gotten my $20 worth.
by Garrett G. on 2012-10-13 19:20:34
"great vest i give it 4 stars. it is great for players with ak's or even m4/m16 if you are on a budget. it is very lightweight and durable. i give it 4 satars because there is barely any molle space,only a little on the side. but over all this is a great chest rig! :)
by Aaron W. on 2012-04-16 15:59:35
Holds more per dollar than anything else out there
Mobility is not compromised
Speed is capitalized

Difficult to properly adjust by yourself
Not camelback friendly
Not the best setup for radios

Overall I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is its difficulty to adjust and it doesn't accommodate camelbacks.
by Laura G. on 2012-01-22 23:46:30
"for $20 you simply can't beat its carrying capacity and comfort.

you can fit 3 m4 mags in each of the 3 middle pouches, you just have to put them in so the thin side of the mag points outward.

ive got this thing loaded up as follows

1. small first aid packet and my KJW Glock in my left utility pouch
2. custom BB bottle in my left mag pouch
3. 3 lonex 360 rd flash mags in my middle pouch
4. an airsoft grenade in my right pouch with a spare pistol mag
5. i used my right utility pouch as a dumb pouch (yes it can fit 3 m4 mags and a pistol mag)
6. and i store my wallet and phone along with any papers in the map pouch

Durability? ive beaten it up pretty good for a few months and there is zero sign of wear




easy to take off and put back on

can carry everything i need and so much more


carry's weight very well... might become uncomfortable if you stuffed it to its full potential with full real steel AR15 mags (could probably fit 17 30 round mags, 4 in each utility pouch, and 3 in each mag pouch)


radio pouch is ridiculously big and get in the way of shouldering a gun left handed, recommend cutting it off and clipping your radio to the strap

can get a bit hot under the thick material (think means durable lol, still light though)
by paul c. on 2012-01-07 07:58:34
"if you looking for a great light weight rig this is the one you should get instead on spending 60 threw 100 dollars on other chestrigs this is durable and light

button for map pouch is hard to open
mag pouches are a litttle to big for m4 mags but 2 mags in one pouch is fine

light weight
low price
lots of pouches for space
1 size fits all
by Kole J. on 2011-05-18 18:30:07
"ok this is the perfect chest rig if you are a fast mover or want to spend more on guns and upgrades i think the only somewhat bad thing is that the mag pouches are to deep for M4 mags but its good because i go though water alot so what i did was put really strong ziplock bags in the pouches and cut the ziplock off and put toilet paper in the bottom so if a little water gets in it absorbs the water and mags sit higher up if you dont like feeling bbs dont get it my friends use vest but i dont care about geting hit


good for any loadout
very durable


very little modification

4.5 of 5
by Diane R. on 2011-01-03 15:37:07
"This is the BEST rig you are going to find for the price. I can fit two m4 mags in each mag pouch, and in the side pouches you can probably fit 6 mags in each large pocket. I use one of my large pockets for a dump pouch and that is the best purpose for it. The radio pouch is giant. I dont have a radio so i put a mag in that pouch for when i need to reload fast. I would recomend crosing the straps in the back because it will feel loose if your dont. Overall if you want a vest/chest rig and you dont want to spend a fortune, this will be your best investment ever.
by Shawn P. on 2010-05-31 16:13:34
"This vest is GREAT. For the price and quality of the vest you can't beat this. I can fit up to 6 of my m4/m16 mags when in games. Plus the side pockets and huge center pouch can fit tons of items. Radio pouch is good too, I also can use it to fit an aeg backup battery. I have personally used this vest in outdoor rough terrain such as dirt and woods, it holds up like a champ. Nothing will fall out of this vest everything is secure with velcro and clips. Only drawback at all I would say is that there is little room to add any of your patches otherwise everything met my standards. I highly recommend this vest for any beginners or even novices looking for an extra vest to add to their equipment.

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