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G&G AK RK103 EVO Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

2 Customer Reviews

by Tracey S. on 02/05/2009

Durability: The gun itself out performs any gun stock. This thing comes with a HIGH TORQUE MOTOR STOCK! This thing is intense its good to use straight out of the box.

Components: The only plastic pieces (hand guard, stock, pistol grip) are VERY durable. Ive dropped this gun many times and it still is good as new. The metal has a very nice finish to it and is extremely strong. The internals are extremely strong and outperform any stock gun. (except systema ptw) The magazines work pretty good they sometimes unwind themselves but other than that they are awesome. The selector switch makes a nice click noise when you use it and it is very stiff and doesnt rattle around when you run. The sights are very easy to adjust and the pistol grip is very comforatable.

Gun look: This thing looks like a beast. Everyone is scared to play with me :D. Everyone basically describes my gun as the stock ak on steroids, thats how good it is. The paint on this gun is very nicely painted on and is awesome looking. The selector switch even has the russian markings instead of SAFE SEMI AUTO.

Overall: This gun is the best buy of my airsoft career out performs pretty much any gun ive ever bought. comes with a tight bore barrel high torque motor steel gears... you cant beat that! If you get this gun you will never regret it. Pretty much the best ak i have ever used/seen. BUY IT YOU WILL LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!
by Colin M. on 08/15/2008
"Great gun! Full metal body is hefty, durable, could be cumbersome for smaller or younger people. Plastic magazine, pistol grip, RIS handrail & stock all high quality and sturdy. All parts fit tight, nothing rattles. A solid gun. Firing mode selector is tight, and has a good click when when pushed into position.

I don't have a chrono, but it seems the FPS is decent. Though I have not been able to fully test the range of the RK103, it is very accurate at around 50 feet and punches through the box and styrofoam packaging it came in easily.

The paint on the gun is flat and even. No bubbling or chipping. A hard scratch with a fingernail could make a mark, but doesn't damage the paint.

Because the top weaver mount on the handrail is forward (not on top and back like M4s), I decided to put a long eye relief 2x scope (10 in. relief) on it so I can easily sight down the gun with both eyes open. Seems to work perfectly.

Great gun. Slick style. Rugged construction. This is the gun for you if you like the AK series.