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JG Li-poly Ready Stubby CQB M4 Airsoft AEG w/ Reinforced Black Metal Gear Box (Color: Black)

34 Customer Reviews

by Laurence G. on 01/03/2010
"I got this gun for 125 but I would still buy for 135. the guns was origanally for my little brother but he decided he didn't want when the gun came so i ended up with it. when i first tried it out i was amazed. from what i can tell the fps is around 370 which is perfect, the range and accuracy is amazing even though it has such a short barrel. i currently use a 9.6v and it has great rpm. if you want this gun to play cqb or for back up this gun is the best for the price even though 135 now. if you want a primary i would recommend the Matrix Eagle Custom JG Li-Poly Ready M4A1 w/ One Piece Barrel. (Full Tune Up 380~450 F.P.S.).
WAR STORY: i was playing airsoft with seven other kids at this castle place when my main gun broke down and i only had the stubby killer left. we where playing elimenation and it was my friend grant and i vs 6 other less experienced kids. me and grant were attacking the castle while the other team where defending it. right when the game begins i sprinted to to a bunker in front of the castle and tried to distract the other team while grant silently crawled to a sniper tower. Grant took aim and was about to fire when one person on the other team said watch out he's over there. and the entire team pointed the guns at grant and began to fire. just then i ran over to where grant was. I took the top floor while he took the bottom. there was this metal fence on the top floor so it was almost imposible for them to hit you but you could still slide your gun through the metal fencing and fire at them. I started going rambo with this gun and managed to pin four of the other team's players. while they were pinned grant made a wild dash for the castle and shot one of the other players twice in the face. the other players started heading back to castle to find and shoot grant. and they succeded, at least half way, they managed to shoot him once in the leg before he dived for cover. thankfully we were playing two hit kill so he still had one more life. while he hid in some bushes I snook around the castle as i was sneaking around i caught three people and shot two of them but the last one was hiding and i didn't see him. he jumped out of the bushes pointed his gun at me and was about to fire when grant, who had been sneaking through the bushes, shot him twice in the leg. that only left two more people who were in the castle. one of them was going down the stairs when grant shot if a few times in the chest. the other was hiding on the second story and when grant started running to the stairs he unloaded on him. thankfully grant had heard him before he started firing and dived for cover. the kid had been looking over the rail on the second story so i shot him in the face one time. then i noticed i crack in the wood he was standing on, put the barrel of my gun in the crack and fired. that ended the game making us victorious. all in all buy this or the Matrix Eagle Custom JG Li-Poly Ready M4A1 w/ One Piece Barrel. (Full Tune Up 380~450 F.P.S.).
Evike rocks.
by mike t. on 09/23/2009
"I bought this gun as a secondary and am using it with the UTG drop leg. It works perfectly.when you shoot ,the gun has a loud piecing sound as compared to the ECHO-1 assault pistol (that my rush buddy ownes) which has a lower tone. scares the crap out of people when you clear a room. overall damn good buy.
by Evan W. on 05/10/2009
"This is a great gun. I got it yesterday and it is AMAZING. It has a 5 inch barrel, but it has an accurate range of over 150 feet. It also has a pretty high rate of fire and a long battery life.


Very compact
extremely accurate


hard to get battery in
The mag it comes with isn't vey good. (low amount for a high cap. Get a drum mag it kicks *** with this gun)
The iron sights aren't very adjustable (get a scope. I put my sniper scope on it works and looks great)

by Steven B. on 03/01/2009
-it is small and light enough to use in one hand, but heavy enough to feel like you can do some damage with it. its great for running, very mobile.
-the back sight is pretty nice, the front one is ok, too, i guess. they both are flip up, so it is nice for storage.
-rate of fire is pretty good with a 9.6v battery.
-unique look
-uses all m4/m16 type clips.
-easy access battery compartment.
-motor grip is amazingly comfortable, but makes it practically unusable for left handed people (but m4s are made with a right-handed selector switch, so no big deal.)
-surprisingly incredible range and accuracy considering the length of the barrel.

-RIS needed to be tightened, it won't stay in place if you turn it slightly. this could make using a front grip on it slightly hard.
-the hop up on mine only allows me to shoot .20s with any accuracy, but that could be fixed with a better hop up system.
by linda j. on 01/17/2009
"This gun is exelent I can find no problems with it. At the last match i went to we were in the woods at long range and i owned
by alan a. on 12/26/2008
"Received this as a gift for Xmas from a friend. He added a Noveske flash hider too. It feels heavy, which for me is good. Fired some rounds during a snow skirmish, and chrono at 363-368fps out of the box. range is impressive considering barrel length. I like the rubberized stock and grip. It came with a Nicad battery so discharging must be done between charges.

for a CQB gun this has very good power, and may even be too strong for some strict places. JG has gone a long way and has impressed me much!
by Rebecca J. on 12/25/2008
"this gun is negative threaded and its really hard to take the flash hider off. i first took out the set skrew at the bottom with a small allen head. then there is this pin on the side that is held in place to keep it on, i drilled it out. then i heated it up with a blow drier til it got really hot to losen up the glue that they put on it to keep it on. then i twisted it to the right because its counter clockwise to take it off. if it still wont come off, i suggest getting a dremel and cutting the whole side down to its threads and then doing it to the other side to and then the two pieces of the flash hider will then come off.

as for performing wise, i love this gun. i have had it for a few weeks now and have fired a great deal of rounds through with the li-po and it works great. i suggest you get a higher capacity mag for it or else you will use all the rounds in the stock literately in 3 seconds. it has pretty good accuracy for being stock and it has nice range for its size at about 150ft accurately. it does come with a plastic body, so i would get a metal body for it just to make it more sturdy and better feel. the grip is really nice. on mine, i have to have the hop-up all the way off or else its too much; if i put it up any more, it will be retarded.

so overall, i love this gun. its a beast CQB weapon and if thats what your looking for, for cheap, then get this, you wont be disappointed.
by jacob d. on 12/20/2008
"great mid range gun, had it for about 2 months now and so far no problems.

i would recomend this to any one who is going to be playing with friends and doing short ranged games, i recomend getting bbs that are heavier than just .20 g , i use .23 g and i tear up a target at 75 ft.

i just got a scilencer for this ( 14mm negative stubby mock scilncer) it makes it look b.a. and it gives it a nice ring when u shoot it.

i say buy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kyler t. on 12/08/2008
"purchased this gun to play at our cqb field great rof and accuracy
by Jeff m. on 11/26/2008
"if i wanted a new stock then how would i take off the one on the gun???
by Jack H. on 11/10/2008
"I love this gun. I used it at Jericho and it was perfect even though it is a CQB gun. the accuracy was pretty good at long range. I have been using a Lipoly in it since i got it and i haven't seen any problems so far. I am curious to see how long the gears will last with the Lipoly.
by Kris O. on 11/10/2008
"1) You can put a metal body on it. All the Matrix, G&P, Guarder Metal body will work.
2) Yes, the dust cover flips open when you want to adjust hopup.
3) The gearbox is full metal / Marui compatible. Probably the gearbox with the most guide out there, its a m4 gearbox.
4) The stock can be taken off easy, just like any m4 stocks, you can put whatever stock you want on it easy.
by Jeffrey W. on 09/29/2008
"This gun is quite a fun gun to mess around with. It is extremely compact so it looks awesome when i put on my foregrip light and red dot sight. As for the gearbox it is reinforced very well (I had a looksie) The shimming seems very well done for a china gun and the only thing i will hav to do for it is replace the plastic body. So all in all this gun is good. depending on how long the barrel is the longer it will push the bb. Thus the compression in the piston is very good because it does not hav all that distance to continue to push it, just a few inches.
by dane k. on 09/28/2008
"I have a box mag, samurai red dot scope, a grip, and a 9.6v. This gun is amazing good accuracy, i can hit someone from 100 ft with just the sights. With a 9.6 the rof is crazy and its super compact so its amazing in cqb games.
by Arthur K. on 09/11/2008
"This is the ultimate CQB pistol. So compact you can wield one in each hand. Great rate of fire and power.

Matt: I would keep using the gears until their wear off, they are very nice stock gears already. Once worn offer, I recommend the guarder or G&P gear sets.

Airsoft Hopup 101 for M4 / M16 series:

All ABS body are ABS hopup (two piece), at least most of them. There are always the odd manufactures.

All metal body use one piece hopup (most of them again). If you buy a G&P metal body or Guarder I think some metal body comes with the one peice metal hopup.