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Element Polycarbonate Air Seal Hopup Chamber Set for M16 / M4 Series Airsoft A.E.G.

11 Customer Reviews

by Robert B. on 03/18/2014
"This hopup unit is amazing, soo much better then the stock hopup. The top of the it was really tight which made putting in the hoparm and nub annoying. But all in all was and great buy you cant go wrong with $20. also this element hopup is almost identical to shs polycarbonate hopup, which shows the quality.
by Austin L. on 07/17/2013
"I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY glad that I bought this. I have a G&P MOE M4 and have had problems ever since I got it. I spent money replacing just about every internal (gearbox, everything in the gearbox, bucking, spacer, and inner barrel), but the problem still didn't resolve. The last thing to get was a hop up, so I got this one, and now I have a lean, mean, foliage green killing machine!

Really easy to build. I've never built an M4 hop up before, and I didn't even have to look up how to do it.
Only $20
O-rings make for a good air seal
Comes with everything you need to assemble the chamber (doesn't include bucking or spacer/nub)
The gears don't move very easily, so once it's set, it's set for EVER (probably not).

It would look cooler if it wasn't so red, but I don't care that much
Never wants to play Xbox with me. It's always, "I'm too busy reading, why don't you go do your AP homework?"
Sometimes doesn't pay its half of the rent.
by Tomas P. on 01/23/2012
"I have purchased 3 of these

The work great!! this is the best M4 hop up I have found. I like this better htan the Madbull Ultimate Hop up.


- Fits nicely in metal body M4s
- Gears fit nicely together
- O-Rings help with air seal



If your looking to replace your5 M4 hop up, look no further. try this one. !!

by Greg L. on 07/17/2011
"I'll go ahead and say it: If you ever want to say "That's the best $20 I've ever spent" this is where you do it. I bought two of these on a whim, just because I've yet to be disappointed by a Matrix product and I am still a faithful consumer. In a CA M15, shooting 360fps on an 11.1v LIPO, with a Matrix TB barrel, this Hopup chamber is HANDS-DOWN, one of the best decisions to make. Your range will increase, your groupings will be tighter and you will get that M4A1 shooting just as far (if not further) than those M16A4's (I don't know the exact measurements).
My advice to you, be careful when you install it because it could be a little tricky. When you get it, I promise you, you will not be disappointed! I just picked up another M4 and I'm about to purchase another one of these for it.
by Jason R. on 02/23/2009
"I recently purchased this because i decided to install a metal body on my JG M16 RIS. It is absolutely necessary to replace the hopup unit on all TM clones when moving to metal bodies. I was originally inticed by the dual set of o-rings. the one connecting the gearbox to the hopup in particular. I had at one point made it commonplace to apply silicone bathroom sealant to the outside of the hopup unit to create an efficient seal between the GB and the back half of the hopup unit but with this unit it is unnecessary. teh airseal between the magazine and the hopup unit doesnt mean anything to those who use highcap magazines but if you are using polycarbonate midcaps like those offered by magpul then this seal can also increase compression.

As it was previously stated the instructions are all but useless but for those who have built a fair number of AEGs hopup assembly is no harder than GB assembly. the gears all fit smoothly and the gears seat with a level of precision that i have only come to expect from systema parts. the adjustment gear is a little bit tight but that means that it will not require readjustment after during play. I am very satisfied with the construction of this hopup unit.

I would recommend this hopup unit to anyone who is looking for the next great thing in airsoft. Metal was at one point the best material for the job but there is a lack of precision in press forged materials. This polycarbonate unit is very tight fitting and sturdy. If you are looking for a great sealing hopup at an affordable price this is the unit for you.
by Daniel H. on 12/28/2008
"Picked up one of these a couple months ago for my TM M733. I was considering the Prometheus unit but decided to test out the polycarb Element one. I have to say I'm quite impressed, the chamber itself is very well made, just as precise and sturdy as a nice metal one. The striker is nicely molded, but the gears were pretty cheap looking, small teeth and imperfect looking, odd considering the high quality of all the other components. I used the gears from a Marui unit, which made for a tight fit while still turning smoothly. I like this as it means I can make very small adjustments to the hop without it creeping. For $20 I think this hop up is a great unit as long as you have a better set of gears to install in it, although it would still function well with the originals.
by Joseph C. on 09/13/2008
"Ordered mine and can't wait for it to come in. Been looking to put a metal hopup in my KWA KM4-TAC since I got it but at $20 I figured I had nothing to lose by trying the polycarbonate. I especially like the o-rings More and more techs are suggesting polycarbonate parts over investment casted metal. The metal "looks" strong but lacks flexability in high vibration environments and is poorus (read brittle). The other downside of metal (especially reinforced aluminum or steel in pistons) is that they can be too strong. It's much cheaper to replace a broken polycarb piston if a jam occurs than having to tear apart your broken gears because the rock solid piston shattered them. Composites are the wave of the future (although I'll always embrace metal on externals that should be steel/aluminium).
by Brandon V. on 07/31/2008
"Just got this today and it looks good, feels good, and performs just as good. Airsealed is ideal. Thanks Evike.
by Jason R. on 07/31/2008
"Polycarb sems to be the way of the future, stronger and more flexible by weight than steel this new material will assist with airseal and the Orings dont hurt.

definitly on my list of parts to grab
by joshua t. on 12/17/2008
"I ordered mine and it got here quickly. After looking at the instructions, which doesn't really explain anything at all, I decided to try to look it up online at their site. Either my work comp killed the pop ups or their site didn't work I still don't know( I'm at work writing this). The construction is great, I love the color and it looks very durable.
After looking and looking at the picture on the instructions I decided just to go for it. There is no step one install this then step 2 install this. The picture just shows you where they go. Before you put the screw in or the locking washers just make sure it's going to work. Just look at the gears and you'll figure it out. This was my first hop up to build.
After getting it all together it looks great. The seals go on smoothly and they look to really make a difference but I have to wait to install it when I get home.
My only complaint is the tightness of the hop up gears. With the hop up in hand I have to use both my thumbs to move it. It's very tight right now but that might just be because it is brand new and not worn in yet. I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 just for the lame instructions and the tightness of the gears.
If this is your first hop up to build don't worry about it, I did it and so can you.
by nathaniel f. on 05/14/2014
"This is probably the worst hop up unit I have ever used! _:( Just spend the extra $10 and get a prowin