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Limited Edition Licensed Wilson Combat Full Metal 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol.

21 Customer Reviews

by Nathan S. on 04/04/2009
"This Wilson Combat CQB Elite is a very nice addition to any airsoft collection. I have just recently purchased one and am very pleased with it. Its got a nice weight and balance in your hand. As far as I can tell, it will work well in CQB situations and nicely as a sidearm for anything else, but I have not tried it myself yet ( I mean, there really isnt much to say, its a GBB pistol and anything shortrange during CQB will be accurately hit).

There are only a couple problems I can see in it, one being that there are a couple more side flying shots rather than straight than I'd like; may be faulty BBs if anything I guess. This wouldnt be so much a problem if I had more available shots in each mag (since I've upgraded my recoil spring, Im really only getting around 8 - 12 shots out of a fully gased mag - works out for me since I like realism, but may not work for others).

Now, the other problem I've had with this gun is not so much the gun itself, but rather something said in the description. I had purchased a Matrix Marui / WE Hi-capa threaded barrel in the hopes of adding a silencer to my gun, just like this page recommended; however, I quickly realized after purchasing it that the diameter of the threaded barrel was much to wide for it to work at all. The barrel went in, but the barrel bushing could not fit around it (in fact, the outside diameter of the bushing was the same as the barrel). The only good thing that came out of this was that I was able to unscrew the threaded part of the barrel and tighten it onto my original barrel - this would've been nice to know before I spent 30 bucks on the barrel. The next problem that followed was that since the thread itself was a -neg thread but the thread to hold onto the barrel was a +pos, that meant when you try to tighten the silencer on, it would just loosen the threaded part for the inside of the barrel, this gets pretty annoying when you really want to get a silencer on. I recommend trying to find only a +pos thread to screw onto your original outer barrel.

All in all, this gun is great. The only major problem I had was getting a threaded barrel for it.

Full metal, and nice balanced feel
Full wilson combat engravings, even on handgrips
After installing upgraded recoil spring, the recoil becomes much greater, but the original spring was awesome already
FPS - somewhere around 320 - 340/350 with .20s

Had a could side flyers, but those coulda been the BBs
Matrix Marui / WE Hi-capa threaded barrel suggested in description doesnt actually work; however, the thread itself can be unscrewed and applied to your original outer barrel, but the -neg on +pos thread was not well thought out in my opinion.

I hope this review helps anyone thinking about purchasing the Wilson Combat CQB Elite
by Roger M. on 03/31/2009
"This is a really nice pistol,period.I've had it now for about 2 months and it works flawlessly.I picked up two extra magazines for it as well and can keep up a pretty good barrage with just this gun.the case it comes with is a good touch and I'd recomend it as a great way to transport pistols and mags to anyone.The sights are non-adjustable and are and accurate to use.I love this gun and would give it or any of the WE family of pistols a 5 star rating.
by Kenneth R. on 03/10/2009
"I've owned this for 4 months and I love this gun. There have been zero problems, knock wood. The trigger is light at 1 lb 3 oz and you can blast away with quick firing. It's beautiful and accurate. I like the single stack magazine better on this than the dual stack on the P14. I also prefer the thinner grip on this gun over the wider one on P14 (P14 is wide because it has hi capacity dual stack magazine).

I own 3 guns; WE Tech P14, WE Tech Wilson Combat CQB Elite and Tokyo Marui G17.
by Roger M. on 03/06/2009
"I bought this gun and highly recomend it! It has the same quality as a real Wilson Combat Pistol. The blow-back action is way cool. I bought two extra magazines for a total of four, now that is some serious firepower going on. The case is a nice extra and carries the gun, magazines and my little 'hideout piece' as well. This is a tack-driver of a handgun, the sights are robust, clearly visible dots allow fast alignment. Hop-up works great and is easy to access and adjust. This one is very realistic in weight, function and outright cool factor. My sister loves to shoot it and has become pretty formitable with it. She's thinking of getting one too...LOL. Unbelieveable cool factor and totally accurate. This will be a great back-up for my sniper rifle close up.
by Roger M. on 02/23/2009
"Having owned M1911A1's for years...and having shot a REAL Wilson Combat Model...this is startlingly well executed. It is everything the real deal is. The functions into battery are like butter from the box...forget about Hi-Cap you have 15 rounds...2x as much as reality(-; The feel and function of this gun is so far beyond my expectations. I am VERY pleased!
by nick s. on 01/01/2009
"the guy who has the 3 star review. please learn a little about airsoft gun. if you dont know how to take apart a .45 then dont say theres no way. if you look online you can take the whole thing apart. just cuz a m9 you just push the piece down and slide comes off doesnt mean its as easy as that for other pistols. and this gun is amazing the slide is fine you probably made it loose trying to take the slide off cuz you dindt know how to do it.
by jason w. on 12/09/2008
"to the guy that gave this 3 stars. I would just like to point out some flaws with tyour reveiw. First off there is a disassembly. you pull the slide back all the way and pushh out the slide lock. Second as far as a paint job goes the REAL wilson CQB eliete hardley ever has the same color receivers i know most common is black/gray(as in this case) or black/green.
by David H. on 12/03/2008
"Not a bad gun. Mostly pretty, but fairly well made. The only complaint in construction is that guide-rod and spring are free floating. This does not affect the functionality of the 'weapon' but it makes the action seem a bit glitchy when racking the slide with your hands. I like that the barrel comes threaded for a suppressor/barrel extension (I leave that for you to figure out on your own). Also - I'm not sure if it's the gas I used, but when the magazine is inserted, jostled, or adjusted while in the magazine well, puffs of gas can be heard being released into the chamber. Not enough to discharge the 'weapon' or to move the slide or anything, and it didn't seem to affect 'firing' at all, but if the weapon were worn in a holster while running, jumping, etc. then it could be enough to drain the gas completely or to a low enough level to affect 'firing'. Like I said, though, it's probably just the gas i used.
Other than that, I think the gun looks great. The grips affect how it sits in your hand, but you can really get a grip on the checkered strap on the front of the grip. The trigger is really short and light, and the rail for accessories is excellent on the 1911.
Overall I'd say this is a great gun, but not perfect. With a few after-market mods, though, it can be pretty close
by amy g. on 11/10/2008
"To nick,yes it does come with the orange tip it is US laws but it is most likely removable
by GARY H. on 11/04/2008
"can this gun take tm 1911 mags cuz i am buyin the tm mag stand for 1911s and i neewd to know if this can take tm mags
by Nick S. on 10/10/2008
"hi, I am looking foward to getting this pistol but I just wanted to know if it came with the orange top on the front barrel or not. Thank You
by Steve L. on 10/03/2008
"The Wilson Combat CQB Colt is absolutely gorgeous (yeah, I know I said it) and is a very solid and fast-firing gun.

Loading the WCC, however, was quite impractical for the field, but doable if no rush needed. the inner cavity for the gas receiver on the bottom of the mag was deep, so WC provided an extension piece to place between the gas bottle nozzle and the mag's gas receiver. And, it's a small easily lost piece if not careful, so I have to make sure to find a good spot for it, and fill the mags before going out.

Here is what I observed so far (after test firing the 1st nite):

-Blowback is strong
-Accuracy is unarguable
-tactical 3-dot sights
-laser/light rail integrated into the frame
-two 15-round mags included
-sounds, feels, looks amazing with engraved "Wilson Combat" and "CQB Elite" on either side of the slide
-tactical slide grips on front
-excellent balanced weight
-good power
-acceptable price
-grips are great looking, but feel kinda odd with the angled slant.
--4.9 stars so far, .1 stars off because of the tedious filling technique required.

PS, My gun + mags came perfect outta the box, and I hope I don't have another lemon like the rest of them. I guess I'll find out.
by James C. on 09/14/2008
"This is by far the best looking 1911! Not sure why the manufacture changed the parts and did not just use the original WE parts that are stronger instead.

Thomas. They have spare parts. Call Evike for it. The bushing is really easy to replace and they can send you one free if your gun is under warranty.
by Michael J. on 09/11/2008
"This is a super nice pistol! Was trying to build one from western arms and was looking at over $800!! Can't believe how nice it is when I got it.

Called evike about the spare mag and they have it in stock, their web team is just backedup on imaging. Call them and you can order it.
by chris r. on 08/28/2008
"gun is great the hop is located inside of the gun its ok on filling the mags idk if this is a common thing but you need an adapter to get in the mag i dident realize this untill like 5 mins after trying it the pistol case is great it shoots straight its worth every penny