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by Nick S. on 2008-10-10 19:37:06
"hi, I am looking foward to getting this pistol but I just wanted to know if it came with the orange top on the front barrel or not. Thank You
by Steve L. on 2008-10-03 19:57:29
"The Wilson Combat CQB Colt is absolutely gorgeous (yeah, I know I said it) and is a very solid and fast-firing gun.

Loading the WCC, however, was quite impractical for the field, but doable if no rush needed. the inner cavity for the gas receiver on the bottom of the mag was deep, so WC provided an extension piece to place between the gas bottle nozzle and the mag's gas receiver. And, it's a small easily lost piece if not careful, so I have to make sure to find a good spot for it, and fill the mags before going out.

Here is what I observed so far (after test firing the 1st nite):

-Blowback is strong
-Accuracy is unarguable
-tactical 3-dot sights
-laser/light rail integrated into the frame
-two 15-round mags included
-sounds, feels, looks amazing with engraved "Wilson Combat" and "CQB Elite" on either side of the slide
-tactical slide grips on front
-excellent balanced weight
-good power
-acceptable price
-grips are great looking, but feel kinda odd with the angled slant.
--4.9 stars so far, .1 stars off because of the tedious filling technique required.

PS, My gun + mags came perfect outta the box, and I hope I don't have another lemon like the rest of them. I guess I'll find out.
by Michael L. on 2008-09-20 13:10:53
"I bought a new plug and barrel bushing. All it did was blow out the side of the slide where the bushing locked into it.

I am sad now. I'll have to buy a new gun, and I have to be dissapointed in this one. It had so much promise.. only to be compromised by poor quality.
by theo p. on 2008-09-15 20:16:38
"I bought this gun about 2 weeks ago, after putting about 100 rounds through it the back of the recoil spring retainer plug broke. Normally this happens after rapid firing the gun since its single action only too much pressure makes it snap however i was just shooting normally and it broke. Lucky i found out before the plug pushed out the bushing like it did on my last We Tech 1911. Now i either buy a Western arms full length plug and rod for 1911s or buy the replacement slide here on evike with huge retainer plug made of steel. I could buy the full length rod and hollow retainer plug for the real 1911 but its risky I'm not sure what to do?All in all the gun is great its just the spring guide and retainer plug suck.
by James C. on 2008-09-14 08:26:02
"This is by far the best looking 1911! Not sure why the manufacture changed the parts and did not just use the original WE parts that are stronger instead.

Thomas. They have spare parts. Call Evike for it. The bushing is really easy to replace and they can send you one free if your gun is under warranty.
by Thomas A. on 2008-09-11 20:17:29
"I Have had two of these guns. The first one I had broke within the first day of shooting. The recoil spring guide tube lip broke off and the result was a large piece of the front part of the slide to come off the gun while shooting. It was big enough that it disabled the barrel bushing to work. The second one I received had one of the problems that I had before, and that is the recoil spring guide tube lip breaking off again, but this time it bent the Barrel bushing forward, disabling firing functions. I am very displeased with this gun. The gun itself is beautiful and it shoots well, while it lasts. I would not recommend this product to anyone, unless you want to buy parts to fix a brand new gun.
by Michael J. on 2008-09-11 02:26:26
"This is a super nice pistol! Was trying to build one from western arms and was looking at over $800!! Can't believe how nice it is when I got it.

Called evike about the spare mag and they have it in stock, their web team is just backedup on imaging. Call them and you can order it.
by chris r. on 2008-08-28 21:15:24
"gun is great the hop is located inside of the gun its ok on filling the mags idk if this is a common thing but you need an adapter to get in the mag i dident realize this untill like 5 mins after trying it the pistol case is great it shoots straight its worth every penny
by Anthony M. on 2008-08-20 23:40:58
"I just Recieved this Pistol Today, and It's Probably One of the Nicest Airsoft Pistols I've Seen in Regards to Quality, Finish, and Realism. If You Don't Have One, You Need to Get One. Don't Waste Money on WA Pistols, they are Made of ABS. I Got this Instead of a WA Because I Couldn't Justify Spending $350 on an ABS Gun. I Didn't Get the Pistol Case with Mine, but, It's Not that Big of a Deal. GET THIS GUN!!!!

Displaying 13 to 21 (of 21 reviews)

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