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Action Illuminated Red & Green Dot Airsoft Reflex Sight Scope - Dark Earth

13 Customer Reviews

by George S. on 04/19/2011
"Color: Not so much of dark earth but more like brass
i dont know what that one guy is talking about. As far as i can tell theres no magnification at all.
Red dot is not bright enough for my taste, but then again this is my first red dot scope as all my other ones have been cheap plastic ones. The batteries listed here are NOT the ones for the scope. Either that or i was sent the wrong ones as they dont fit into the battery compartment.
Another oddity is that my scope came with the batteries pre installed.
My model did come with iron sights which is a great plus.
Also when they say full metal, theyre not kidding. This thing is really heavy and adds some considerable wieght to my m4. The only real gripe is the batteries being wrong and how hard the ones that came installed are to get out.
However solely on quality, i give it a 5
by Lisa M. on 12/21/2010
"This is a great red dot sight and has 6 brightness settings from off to almost glowing. There are no problems with this red dot/scope at all. the only prolem i have is that i just got mine today and the dial that adjusts the brightness for the dot, does not spin. so i will have to return it and hope for a new one. This problem was probibly just a mistake that will not happen to you, over all this is the best red dot i have ever had.
by Aaron S. on 08/20/2010
"Just one word WOW!!! I ordered this scope Thursday, it came on Friday. Super Fast Shipping, but enough about the shipping, lets talk the scope.

The scope is freaking awesome!!! Full metal, durable, and atleast 5 pounds. It looks like, feels like, and is pretty much an ACOG scope with a 1.6x zoom. There are 4 brightness settings for the red dot. The dot appears in the scope on the brightest of days and is anti glare. Takes 2 watch batteries, which can be bought at any store, and completes any tan colored SCAR, which is what I have. Evike has outdone themselves with this scope. Truly incredible. This scope is a must buy for any airsofter!
by Billy M. on 06/12/2010
"THIS SCOPE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! i have it on my dboy scar and looks sexy.
looks amazing
red dot is easy to turn on and off
big difference from bright to light red/green dots (perfect for day to night transition)
comes in a nice foam type case
did i mention it look amazing??

scratches easily
fron sight comes off easily but no biggy.
by Billy M. on 02/01/2010
"This Sight is amazing. A must buy if u have a Dboy Scar.

it looks awsome
red and green dot
great replica

front iron sight comes off easily
thts it
by Dakota G. on 01/04/2009
"I LOVE THIS SCOPE!!!!!! I got it for christmas and put it on my M4 S-System. ITs just amazing. BUY IT!

Looks Amazing
Feels Amazing
Works Amazing

Chips are flaked off the joints herre and there, But no big

100 STARS!!!!
by Dakota G. on 01/03/2009
"I got this scope for christmas. I LOVE IT!!! Not only does it help for aiming but gives ANY M4 A killer look! I put it on my JG M4 S-System
by Jackson F. on 11/15/2008
"no i have this scope but in black... it doesn't have magnification to answer your question but its a really nice scope i have it on my G&G GR-16 :D
by kameron b. on 10/09/2008
"looks amazing!!!!! but does anyone know if it has any magnification???
by hendrix K. on 08/17/2008
"This scope looks amazing on my VFC Scar Heavy! The finish is perfect and it works like a charm. Dot sight centers right on your target regardless of how you swing your rifle.
by Frank S. on 02/22/2011
"Love this red dot. It defiantly looks extremely sick. I got it for my echo 1 m4 platnium that I am trying to dark earth out. Got a magpul angled force grip in dark earth along with some black and dark earth magpul xtm rail covers in a break up pattern and this scope completes the look.

My only complaint is the fact that this site really isn't dark earth, its a dull gold. The first and main picture makes it look a lot darker than it is. I would say the second picture does it more justice.

So If you look closely at my m4 setup with everything else being the same standard dark earth color, the site starts to look a little stupid because of the color change and kind of offsets the whole dark earthl theme I was going for with the gun, but hey its close and I am just a perfectionist I guess.
by Michele F. on 01/22/2013
"Pros: strong, good battery life, no fog/humid problems

cons: not bright enough, the dot isnt very large, over time the switch to change the type of dot gets weak and doesnt work right

overall this product is great, but in the long run you may to infest in something just a bit more.
by Justin C. on 05/30/2012
Good battery life
Easy to Sight In
Nicely Finished and Colored

Not bright enough. At all.
Red Dot is too small. Kind of brightness.

I can barely play in the sun because it is not bright enough at all. I am
wondering if all sights are like this, but this was a bit rediculous.