Reviews: WG CO2 Full Metal 8" High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Revolver

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Model: GP-WG-703B
Location: U14-199

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by Garrett C. on 2015-01-07 18:16:16
"Full metal. 6 shots. Top rail included.
It does say "Super Sport 703" on the side of the barrel.

This gun makes you more operator.
by nic c. on 2011-12-04 15:15:09
"me n my buddy just got ours in a while back and these things are awesome they got the same range as most of our aeg's ... anything that there isn't to like is that you can only make a target cry 6 times before having to reload ... it's pretty good on co2 but i usually have to use at least 2 a game because we play a lot of games a day ... the only thing i have to say is GET...THIS...GUN...NOW!!!
by Dave J. on 2009-09-26 14:00:39
"Do ya feel lucky punk?...well do ya?

*not rly...*
by Justin K. on 2009-09-23 10:41:15
"well the amount of co2 that a gun uses depends apon the size and power if it has gas blowback it will depleat your supply much faster then without besides gas blowback is just for looks not for proformance trust me i had a co2 desert eagle i bought for 220.00 and the darn thing only would last me 2 games of estimation 20 minutes so go with a non blowback pistol you get your moneys worth that way.
by tony t. on 2008-11-19 05:46:48
"get the 12g co2 from crosman they sell it at dick sporting goods, walmart or any outdoor store, i think this gun can shoot at least 125 shots but it really depend on the gun itself on how much it use.
by Liam G. on 2008-11-18 11:43:12
"I was wondering how many shots this gun gets with one C02 canister and what kind of canister to use. If anyone knows it would be helpful.
by tony t. on 2008-11-17 15:40:30
"This gun only shots 4.5mm bbs pellets not 6mm, its not airsoft gun, i talk to evike and also shogunairsoft has the same gun and said it only shoots a 4.5mm bbs, but they really need to make it for 6mm, i gave it four stars become of the looks of it, it remind me for the raging bull!
by Andrew N. on 2008-09-11 22:45:48
"It is a airsoft gun Tracy and its not discontinued, its out of stock because its the more popular of the other WG revolvers

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)