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Model: GP-WG-702-B

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by Jacob E. on 2015-11-12 21:38:58
"Had this pistol for about a year and put it in a case for a couple months during the winter months and ever since the seal for the co2 cartridge doesn't seal. Whenever I put in a new co2 cartridge all the co2 just comes spraying out. I loved this gun and I loved the heft and power of it however for the price tag I am extremely dissapointed in the fact that it only lasted a couple months.
by Frank H. on 2014-09-12 10:06:46
"this is the best pistol i have ever owned, it fires beautifully, i have never had a problem with it. Your friends will run in fear when they hear the sound of this cannon going off. I have played friends with high end aeg's and have still picked them off with the amazing power and range of this gun. Yes it only caries 6 shots but this is by no means a show piece, and if you use it right those 6 shots will become 6 kills.

great gas consumption
awesome sound
very realistic
amazing range

plastic grips
by kyle r. on 2014-05-20 17:01:25
"Amazing revolver period.
Shoots on a dime
Can shoot off at least 70 rounds
High Fps (good/bad)
Heavy (good for me)
Night sights
Comes with detachable rails
Shoots to hot for most fields
Loud (can not stress this enough)
Only 6 shots (adds to realism but still, if you do run this in a war you don't only want six)
by Brandon L. on 2013-11-08 16:16:20
"I got this a few months ago and its certainly worth the buy. Yeah its not as practical as a mag fed handgun, but i like to call this my "execution weapon" rather than a sidearm. It is very heavy, durable, and VERY powerful. It shoots at nearly 500 fps at room temperature with a quarter spent c02 cartirge. That range and accuracy is also very good. My friend shot a guy at about 180ft with only two shots, and he was a guy who didn't call his hits, but the power on this thing made sure that he did.

-very powerful, accurate, and long range
-heavy and durable
-c02 efficient
-very intimidating and unique

-too powerful for most fields
-imitation wood
-only comes with 6 shells and one speed loader
by Alexander B. on 2013-05-27 08:19:04
"just picked this up at my local shop the other day. it is actually cheaper on here, which i will remember next gun i buy. i just go with a basic pros and cons list.

-good FPS (actually too hot for my local field) (shoots about 460-470 with .25s)
-only six shots (goes back to realism, kinda gets annoying, but hey six shots can be six kills)
-looks amazing, definitely a intimidation factor (although i haven't seen the 8" it seems likeit would be too large.

-only six shots (again i like this feature but others don't)
-FPS is too hot for most fields (shoots hotter then my AK)
-speed loader is tough to use because the cylinder doesn't come out as far as it should.
-shells do sit very loose which kills the realism factor

overall a very nice side arm, give intimidation and realism. 4.8 out of 5 (ish)
by Matt V. on 2012-06-21 22:31:34
"this gun is absolutely amazing. shoots hard and powerful and will intimidate just from the sound of it. since it shot 500 fps out of the box, i used sniper grade .43 bbs and it still had a helluva kick at 150 feet, i shot my friend from about 200 and it left a welt. and as a note, the heavier bb you use with this, the louder and deeper the sound it makes. do not use cheap co2 cartridges though!! i found out the hard way and had 3 cartridges discharge in the gun and now it has a little bit of metal fatigue that is clearly evident when you handle it.
the rails on the gun are useful, as i have mounted a 3-9x40 scope and a foregrip to the gun and used it as a primary.
by Robert D. on 2012-02-06 08:38:55
"I highly recommend this for the wheel gun fans. The pistol being full metal has the weight and feel of the real thing. The design esthetics are very evocative of the Smith and Wesson Performance Center revolvers and with the included rails you can go from mild to 80's action movie wild. Power comes from readily available Co2 powerlet cartridges and despite the fixed hop up the revolver has a very reasonable flat trajectory. The trigger pull on both single and double action is both smooth, satisfyingly crisp and short for an airsoft gun. The wheel lock up was also crisp and positive, all the good stuff you want in a good revolver. The included speed loader works just like the real thing and actually give the shells a good push into the pistols cylinder. The shells FYI is more closer to a .38 special than a .357 magnum as well as the revolvers cylinder not being long enough to be for a 357 mag but that really matters only for the detail geeks. I do recommend purchasing several sets of both shells and loaders cause those six shots will go fast. Overall this is one of those "you can't go wrong with it" addition to an airsoft collection and in the sea of M9s and 1911s out there this beautiful revolver will add a refreshing option to any pistol collectors line up. I only wish Evike would bring back the 8" barrel version of this revolver.
by James V. on 2012-01-03 21:17:52
"Alright so this Revolver is a good sidearm to say the least. It has a very strong, solid build and feel with a couple minor problems that really dont bother me. Other than that, the box comes with a small allen wrench to tighten on the rails, a container of 100 .20gram bbs, and all the things evike says it comes with.

Decently accurate
Easy to remove Co2 cartridges
Very realistic look and feel

Shells are extremely loose compared to real revolvers when loaded
Speed loader is a hassel because of how loose the shells fit in it (I just put the spare shells in my molle or tightened mag pouch)
Part of the grip that slides open for Co2 slides open easily (Doesnt bother me, just a con to put in)

In the middle it has 6 rounds only, I take this as a pro but some consider it a con. I like the realism.
by David R. on 2011-11-19 06:54:43
"This gun is amazing!!!! It is better than my AK-47. It is perfectly straight with no drop for about 150 ft. More powerful than my AK as well.


Über powerful

six shots (bought six more shells. Now I am unstoppable!)


full metal

the iconic "Dirty Harry" gun

smooth trigger

single and double action


great iron sights




a.k.a: there are none
by stephen h. on 2011-02-22 16:16:11
"This revolver is an absolutely amazing sidearm. I have owned this for about six months and only come across one problem of my own doing. The cylinder broke off (no longer attached) when I dropped to from over 15 feet high. I easily fixed this using paratrooper cord.

Over the past six months, I have determined the quality of this revolver.

When the title says "high power" it’s no BS.
Excellent accuracy and range for a side arm (effective up to 100 feet!)
Intimidating sound when fired.
Easy to exchange CO2 on the field (no tools required)
Long lasting with CO2, not a gas guzzler (lasts for about 80 shots while still being powerful and about 120 total shots until depletion of gas)

Six and only six shots.
Wobbly barrel.
Six shots!!!

Get this if weapon if you can accept the fact that there are only six shots. I recommend getting the extra six shells because you already get a speed loader and its empty with the original six rounds loaded. This will not only inspire your allies, but make you enemies tremble at the sound of every shot. I rate this at 19/20 effectiveness during a battle.
by Ryan A. on 2011-01-02 12:54:32
"Let me just start off by saying: THIS GUN IS SEXY!!! The full metal body has a great feel too it and is fully customizable due to the upper and lower rails the gun comes with. Not only does this gun look great, but it shoots almost flawlessly. Some might be skeptical to buy this because it lacks a hop-up but it seems to shoot very accurately without it.

- High FPS
- Very Accurate
- Runs on CO2 with little or no blowback
- Realistic features
- Looks intimidating
- Ridiculous Range
- outshoots most AEG's
- Tactical rails included
- Speed loader included
- Full Metal (minus the pistol grip)
- Great value for the quality

- Front Heavy (its a revolver though)
- 6 shots (make em' count!)
- Co2 compartment can be annoying and difficult to open

Overall this is a great gun and it would be a mistake not to buy it.
by Tammy D. on 2010-12-26 09:30:35
"I got this yesterday,and it rocks!It is my favorite gun.It shoots about 450 fps on fresh CO2.I have already put about 300 shots through it and it is fuun to shoot.Not a problem yet.

Pros:High power
Really accurate
CO2 lasts long
Comes with speed reloader

Cons:Its not in your hands as it is mine

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