Reviews: WG CO2 Full Metal 4" High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Black)


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Model: GP-WG-701-B

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by Austin C. on 2012-09-07 18:02:42
"Well, i have to say that i was extremely impressed with this gun. i bought it not expecting a whole lot but as it turns out, this revolver out-shoots any pistol that i've ever owned.

PROs: very heavy, gun body is solidly metal. dual action. co2 efficient.
cheap for outstanding quality. very high fps (usually creates big bloody
welts ESPECIALLY at close ranges) not wobbly anywhere, very sturdy.
also highly accurate for what it is.

CONs: spare shells are expensive. due to heavy weight and long design,
it can be cumbersome. the handle cover has no locking mechanism so it
can slide open unintentionally (this is very rare). spare shells are pricey.

other than the very few minor cons, this gun has left me thoroughly satisfied
and some. outstanding gun that i would recommend to anyone.
by Ricky S. on 2012-08-21 22:26:45
"I bought this gun in the store, ive had it for about a year? It is so realistic, 6 metal shells, FULL METAL except the grip, has a great weight to it, very powerful which is fine because with 6 shots I wouldn't want to take it to war anyways.

Co2 Efficient! Double action!

A very solid gun built to last, co2 loading is extremely easy.
by Eric s. on 2012-01-02 16:15:30
"First off i like to say this is amazing gun. WinGun blew my mind when i first shot. You know it is a great gun when your paintball ref wants to use it for a day of airsoft.
Here are some pros and cons
Look amazing
Great weight to it
realistic reloading
totally awesome
Doesn't run out of C02 easily
Only 6 shots
Easy to lose shells while playing
That is the only cons i find with it, if you want a revolver get this gun!
by Joey O. on 2011-10-04 17:30:53
"This is by far, one of the best guns i own. It is super powerful, it looks amazing, and if you have practiced, its super accurate. It is also definitely my favorite gun, i mean, its a revolver, what is there not to love about it? OK, so you only get 6 shots, but if you really need more than that, you're a horrible person! I highly reccomend this gun, its actually so powerful my friends dont believe it. But some places dont allow me to bring it cause its so freaking powerful! But dont shoot anyone close ranged with it, if you do, your both screwed.
by Walker C. on 2011-07-27 14:51:13
"For starters this gun is awesome. When I first picked it up I thought wow this thing is heavy. After that though i got a better look at it and I must say this thing is great for it's price. If uou want a powerful revolver this is a go-to weapon. This thing would be great as an impromptu sniper weapon on fields that dont allow sniper rifles.
Pros: looks awesome (Make my day)
Shoots really fast
Co2 cartridge holds about 20 reloads
Good quality shells
Cons: plastic grip (I would have liked a rubberized one)
Only six shots (although it makes it more realistic)
by Joseph S. on 2011-06-29 13:33:07
"The is HANDS DOWN best airsoft revolver money can buy.
-Powerful (No need to explain!)
-Accurate (Be sure to practice with it before going to a game.)
-Reliable (Over 20 reloads without the worries of green gas)
-Durable Construction (I ACCIDENTALLY dropped this on cement and it's fine.)
-Super Realistic (Just look at it.)

Zero Complaints, as this is my 24/7 sidearm and sometimes my primary. Buy more shells + stripper clips. And if you've got style, get a leather holster too!
by john b. on 2011-03-17 11:20:06
i have used about 6 times and nothing has been broken.
nice FPS.
very relalistic.
no plastic,full metal even the shells.
speed reloader is very useful .
one cool thing is that it is a double action for easer trigger pull.

Hard to put the rails onto the top and bottom

This is a great gun at a great price dont misout on buying this gun!
by Cj H. on 2010-12-25 08:44:39
"AWESOME gun, sturdy feel, the metal is very durable. Only con to this gun is putting the rail system on is difficult
by Susan P. on 2010-12-17 13:56:27
"This is a pretty good pistol and revolver. The great look of this gun and it realism is amazing. I saw my friend's at first and thought, "Wow. This is amazing". Determained not to be a copy cat, I got the smallest one instead of the 6in.

+ Extremely realistic weight, action, look, feel
+ Awesome little things like shells and a rail.
+ Good customer support from Evike ( I had orderd it and didn't get the shells, which was odd. Evike repalced it with no questions asked. Just don't exploit this. THANKS EVIKE!)
+ Good power, range, accuracy, C02 insertion and consumption (about 3-4 or more reloads)
+ Great for enthusiasts of the Wild West or any collector

- Pretty much none.
by Connor M. on 2009-10-05 15:33:49
"i have this pistol and it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is worth every penny and the pistol is super durable. it is full metal and it has a very nice feel. if you are an airsoft fan you must buy this pistol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by nick l. on 2008-12-10 15:13:36
"Does this gun shoot 6mm bbs?

Webmaster: Yes. It is an 6mm Airsoft gun. Most Airsoft guns here at are standards, as it is our goal to offer the public the highest level of compatibility. We will mention it in description on off products.
by Gary K. on 2008-08-15 10:55:53
"This pistol rocks. For people the are revovler fans, you must get one. I can get over 100 shots from 1 CO2. Now you do start loosing power after about 40 shots but the rounds hit hard and the pistol is very accurate.

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