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KJW Full Metal Custom 1911 Tactical HI-CAPA Gas / CO2 Blowback - OD Green (Package: Pistol)

32 Customer Reviews

by Kevin L. on 01/30/2009
"My first gas gun.
Tried this with C02 magazine and it got hard recoil. Tried the green gas, much softer. I recommend using C02 magazine only when u really want power. I compared the air(or gas) coming out each shot from both magazine, and C02 is 2 times higher and stronger. When i used the gun, the recoil was really hard for this gun but cant blame the C02 AND green gas compatible gun cuz it is prolly built to withstand the power of C02 so therefore harder to break internal material.
Overall, this gun is nice
by Russell C. on 11/25/2008
"Great GBB shoots hard and will take any 5.1 Hi-Capa Mag style. I haven't had any problems other than accidentally breaking off one of the slide safeties due to my owne stupidiy, thankfully i went to kjw's web page and sent them an E-mail about the part I broke and with in a couple of days the sent me an email back. They said I can order the part i need through pa pal and the part was like six bucks. The quality of this gun is great for the price you pay and since KJW will lets you buy replacement part from the factory I highly recommend this gun
by andy m. on 11/11/2008
"All you have to do is buy a threaded barrel and mock silencer and then switch out the barrels then attach the mock silencer annnd thats about ya.
by cathi R. on 10/02/2008
"dude this is the best 1911 on the market hands down! i stick with the co2 mag and im makin friends bleed. The only thing I would suggest is getting an engraving from a major company like Kimber for instance.
by jesse c. on 09/26/2008
"i just got this gun about a week ago and right out of the box ot performed great. shot very straight even with no hop up adjustments. great pistol for the money. co2 clip works great and so does green gas. very happy with the purchase!
by Michael G. on 09/07/2008
"I got this gun last week and just got done with our sunday war of 6 rounds of 45 minute combat in woodland and CQB and the gun performed flawlessly. with red gas and .25's the gun was accurate and powerful. sending bb's much farther and more accurately than any of the other pistols by alot. the custom grip is great and gives the gun a very solid feel and was admired by everyone who held the gun.
full metal slide handles abuse well and the Real safety features in the grip add to the feeling you are holding a real 1911 not just a bbgun.
blowback is powerful and the gun feels solid and reliable with very little rattle or wiggle in the slide.
magazines are metal and solid. handle abuse well and are reliable.
the gun can shoot nearly 2 magazine clips worth per fillup on red gas
CO2 is about the same.
Excellent Gun! thank you Evike!!!!
by Matthew E. on 09/04/2008
"I got the gun i thought under neath the grip would be metal but its plastic but it makes sence because when you have the magazine in the gun it will balance it out instead of having a top heavy gun i havent used the green gas magazine but i probally wont i will stick with the CO2 mag.Nice gun pistol shoots as far as my JG M4 and M16's.
by Juliet R. on 08/23/2008
"WOW, was expecting a WE Hi-CAPA (which is really nice) with a special grip, but this pistol has a much more explosive blowback, much more accuracy and looks so much better! Definately worth the few dollar extra! Magazine is compatible with marui and WE Hicapa series.
by Reid W. on 01/07/2014
"Love this gun! Works and fires like a dream. Only problem mag release is a little sensitive :(
by Kirby P. on 09/16/2013
"This is a solid sidearm. I have been using it for about 10 months now with no broken parts. Since most of you just like pros and cons I will go into that straight away.

relatively accurate
hi cap magazines are very skirmishable
nice texture on the grip
low maintenance on the gun*

loud. I am a sniper so having a loud sidearm has given me away sometimes
no threaded barrel
magazines fall out with every holster I have tried. The only remedy to this is to buy a SERPA holster or a serpa clone
high maintenance magazines*

*this gun is amazingly easy to clean up... But I have spent hours on end trying to keep the magazines from leaking on me (and they still are leaking right as I post this review)

5 stars for solid 1911. -1 star for awful magazines
by samer s. on 08/29/2013
This pistol is amazing When i picked up this gun i was surprised by the weight. Its full metal except for the plastic grip. I disassembled it and found that its lubed up very good, it the internals and mag are greasy from the lube. The mag was leaking slightly, but i disassembled it and put it together which fixed it. It kicks like crazy, even with propane! I shot it alot then realized the front sight was missing:( the recoil must of took it. the C02 mag is good and even kicks crazier. Overall, its a great pistol and with the $10 co2 mag and the $3 holy cow mag, its an unbeatable price.

Construction (full metal)
range and accuracy(shoots amazingly straight with hopup off)
many upgraded parts
lubed up well
c02 ready

grip is plastic and not rubberized
grip is big
mag slightly leaks (very eazy to fix)
by John H. on 05/22/2013
"This is a great gun! It is full metal about 300 340 fps it is an amazing side arm for a sniper or just an assault player. I personally have got on out 25 kills with this gun and probably 75 kill with my sniper in just 8 mil sims..... I strongly recommend not to use the co2 mag I leaks like CRAZY use the gas. I use propane because it is sooooo cheap thanks for reading please don't use the co2 mag it stinks and I can not stress that enough
by Andrew B. on 05/21/2013
"I've had this amazing gun for about two months now and the only problem was that the firing pin was broke but I sent back and had another one in about a week which is pretty fast considering I live in Tennessee so I am really amazed by the helpfulness of the evike staff

Shoots hard
Slick look
Weight (can be a con)
The durability
The slide lock
Magazine capacity
Rail space

Weight (can be a pro)
Co2 mag sucks
Gas usage (it gets about two mags)
Constant lubing
Safety is a little weird
by ronald t. on 03/03/2010
"This is a very nice pistol it's got a great feel 2 it but the only prob as soon as I pulled it out of the box the co2 clip that I bought for 10 bucks extra stop punturing the co2 I only got 60 rounds and then I went 2 refill it with another co2 and it keep like not working so I kept tighting it and the co2 like exploded in the mag and this happened about three times and I called evike up and talked 2 them and they said that I must have frozen or cracked the o rings in the mag but i still have warranty so I requested for a new mag but for the short time I shot it, it was very very powerful and good but I yet 2 try it with gas or propane.
Very nice gun evike
by Alexander a. on 01/07/2010
"I've used this gun for a few weeks now, and its great. It shoots pretty accurately, has great kick with propane, and seems like its made of very high quality materials. Its accurate up to 80-100 feet depending on the bbs. (I use .23s but its more accurate with .25s.) Its very realistic in the fact that the slide locks back when its out of ammo, and then flies back forward when you put another magazine in. It seems reliable, and feels very solid, but it certainly has its cons.

Oh, and kudos to evike's customer service team. My gun's mag broke 2 days after I got it (but I got it for Christmas, and so the warrenty expired the day that I emailed evike), but none the less, that same day, I got an email back saying that they had shipped a new mag to my house, no charge. You may have heard bad things about them not responding to emails and such, but just send the emails through the warrenty section, and it will all work out great.


Pretty accurate

Heavy for a pistol, very solid.

full metal, except the grip, which is a super duty plastic.

shiny barrel =)

Loud and intimidating (could be a con, but I love it.)

Looks sexy.


lots of barrel wobble, and no way that I could figure out to fix it. I've read that lots of people have this problem, and there really isnt a solution to it. It throws off the bullets a little.

The orange tip is painted on to the outer barrel, so you could get the paint off with some paint thinner and sand paper, but then you have 6mm of barrel sticking out.

The mags suck. The first mag mine came with, the seals broke in like 2 days of use, so it wouldnt hold any gas, but the second mag (that evike sent me for free) Still works, but has a slow leak, so after an hour or 2 after you fill it up, pretty much all the gas will leak out and you'll get like 2 shots before it runs out.

The slide gets caught on the hammer when you run out of gas and the slide only goes part way back, and so that gets annoying, but if you just pull the slide all the way back and let it fly foreward, it uncatches it.

Ok, well I havent used it with CO2, but from all the reviews and forums I've read (which is most of them, on tons of websites) Everyone says that CO2 will break your gun, and that the mags suck even more than the green gas ones. So I highly reccomend not using co2.

This gun is definately worth buying, but there are probably better guns out there if you are willing to spend a few more dollars.